10 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcements to Bump Up the Gratitude This Holiday

We've baked up some Thanksgiving baby announcements that will give everyone pumpkin to talk about this holiday!

Published October 18, 2023
Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

For future parents who are hoping to make their big baby announcements over Turkey Day, you are likely looking for a holiday-themed proclamation. Thankfully, while you have been busy baking your bun, we have been whipping up some Thanksgiving pregnancy announcements to help you have some fun!

No matter if you are sharing the news in person or on social media, everyone is sure to shout "Are you fall real?" when they hear or see any of these Thanksgiving baby announcements.

1. Fall Letter Board Proclamation

Fall letter boards are a great way to spruce up your entranceway or entertaining space and show off a bit of your personality. This Thanksgiving, make your letter board extra festive with your bit of good news. 

Possible Wording for the Letter Board:

  • A turkey isn't the only thing cooking in the oven this holiday!
  • We are ready to baste and shout! Baby [your last name] arrives [month year].
  • I'm stuffed! And I haven't even had my turkey yet!
  • Got our baking started a bit early this year! Our bun's a third of the way done!
  • Extra thankful this year! Baby [your last name] is on the way!
  • Tried our hand at baking this year. Needless to say, we already loaf our little one! #bunintheoven
Helpful Hack

Fall letter boards are also the perfect centerpiece for a social media photo announcement! Pair your board with some fall decor and put on your best autumn attire. Have a quick photoshoot with a trusted friend e few days before the holiday and then share the news on Thanksgiving morning. 

2. Pie Dish Reveal

If you have the time and the means, this is an absolutely adorable Thanksgiving baby announcement idea! Customized pie dishes have become a recent trend. Typically, a family recipe is printed on the bottom, but you also have the option to print your big news on the base of this staple holiday baking container.

Designate someone to dish out the pie for dessert, and as they do, they will slowly reveal your exciting news! Etsy has an array of vendors who can custom make these one-of-a-kind keepsakes! 

Personalized Pie Plate Pregnancy Announcement

3. Wine Bottle Announcement

This is an easy DIY project that can serve as the perfect Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement! Simply print out a custom label that reveals your big news in a subtle way. Then, when you gift your hostess with the bottle, see if they notice your wine-derful announcement.

Possible Wording for the Bottle:

  • Pairs Well With Grandparents-to-Be!
  • Thankful and Blessed to Be Expecting More Than Turkey This Thanksgiving
  • Celebrating a Wine-derful Blend: [Parent 1] + [Parent 2] are having a baby!

4. Turkey Egg Surprise

Everyone loves making decorative turkeys around Thanksgiving! This year, join in this tradition but do it in an eggs-tra special way. Birdalay is a small company that creates custom quail eggs with a message hidden inside. Choose from one of their signature messages or craft your own. 

Once you receive your egg, take it a step further. Grab some colorful feathers, glue, turkey face stickers, and any other cute pilgrim-style accessories you want your little turkey to don, and make yourself a little turkey egg. For the reveal, give your little bird to the person or people you want to share the news with, and tell them that they can find out what you are most thankful for by simply cracking the egg!

5. "Time Left Until the Turkey Is Ready" Answer

For this Thanksgiving baby announcement, you need to let everyone know the wrong time that you plan to eat. For instance, if you plan to eat at 7 p.m., tell everyone dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m. When the meal isn't ready on time, this will trigger the question "How much time is left until the turkey is ready?"

When guests ask, reply with a silly remark about how many months are left until your due date. For instance: "Let's see, it takes nine months to make one and we are three months into the cooking process, so they should be done baking by the end of May or early June!" It won't take long for those who are paying attention to realize what you are referring to!

6. Outdoor Decor Revelation

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, another easy way to show off your big news is to theme your holiday decor around babies! Carve big hearts into your pumpkins for your jack-o'-lantern designs and then set mini pumpkins inside. Have your scarecrow cradling a baby. Select mums to put along your walkway and set out a fall-themed porch sign that alludes to your news. 

Possible Wording for the Porch Sign:

  • Mum's the Word No More! It's Actually My New Name!
  • We Think You Autumn Know Something...
  • Get Ready to Be Extra Thankful
Helpful Hack

This can also serve as a beautiful backdrop for a fall photoshoot that can later be shared on social media! Hold a sign noting that Baby [your last name] is arriving soon and then use one of the porch sign wording options as your pregnancy social caption.

7. Special Baby Menu

Another fun Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement idea is to prepare your Thanksgiving meal a bit differently. Instead of turkey, consider serving individual Cornish game hens along with an assortment of mini food items like roasted baby red potatoes, baby carrots, pearl onions, and baby portabella mushrooms.

You can also bake mini pies and individual casseroles. When it is time to eat, see if anyone notices the theme of the dinner! 

Pregnant woman holding small gourd
Quick Tip

Mini casseroles and pies are easier to make than you think! Simply snag muffin tins to bake your individual portions. Just remember that these will require less time to bake. 

8. Turkey Trot Shirt Reveal

Running turkey trots on Thanksgiving morning is an annual tradition for many families. If you are part of one of the groups that go above and beyond, coming up with clever team names and shirts for the occasion, consider hijacking the message on your tees to reveal your big news! 

You can print "Mom" or "Dad" at the top of the backsides of your shirts or you can add a clever message like "Ready to get gobblin' because I'm already wobblin'." Add a silhouette of a turkey with a baby turkey inside and then see who is paying attention during the race!

9. Ticket Pregnancy Notice

For the ultimate sports fans, Thanksgiving is a time to go to the game and watch it live and in person. For the folks who enjoy this type of tradition, make a mock set of tickets that announce your big news! Etsy is a great spot to find an array of mock football and concert tickets that announce pregnancy, but you can also craft your own using sites like Canva

Helpful Hack

For those who like to go to plays, musicals, or the ballet over the holiday weekend, you can also hand out everyone's tickets early using the same idea. Make sure to tell them to check out what good seats you got this year to ensure they take a closer look at the ticket!

10. Tree Farm Message

Another tradition that many families enjoy after a big turkey dinner is heading out to the Christmas tree farm to start preparing for the next big holiday. If you go to the same place every year, consider contacting the owners in advance to help you set up a little surprise.


Make a sign that says something like "This is [your name] and [your spouse's name]'s last year filled with silent nights! Baby [your last name] due [month year]!" and drop it off the day before. When you are on the way, text the owner to make sure your sign is all set up. Then, "stumble" upon it while searching for the perfect tree!

Bring Everyone Closer at Thanksgiving With Your News

Making your pregnancy announcement a part of your Thanksgiving celebrations can be a great way to tell everyone all at once and bring a little extra thankfulness to this already grateful day. Use one of these creative ideas or use them as inspiration to come up with your own extra-special Thanksgiving news. 

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10 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcements to Bump Up the Gratitude This Holiday