45+ Sweet Happy Birthday Valentine Messages for Anyone

If you're celebrating someone's birthday on Valentine's Day these messages will show them all the love in your heart.

Published January 18, 2024
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Saying happy birthday to someone born on Valentine's Day is just a normal birthday wish packed with extra love. You don't have to overthink it or make a big fuss. Just let your loved one know that their birthday isn't eclipsed by St. Valentine and you're happy to take an extra moment to wish them a day full of love and happiness. 

Cute Happy Birthday Valentine's Wishes for Friends

Hey, you get cake and chocolates today. Lucky you!

Sharing your birthday with the day of love could be a blessing or a curse, but you can let your friend know it's a day worth celebrating in your eyes. Whether you're sending along a birthday card or a quick Valentine's Day text, these messages will let the birthday person know they're loved every day of the year. 

  • I already have a Valentine, but I can still wish you a happy birthday!
  • Don't let that winged baby steal your thunder. Happy birthday!
  • I got you a box of chocolates for your birthday, but some are missing. Happy Valentine's birthday! 
  • I'd rather celebrate your birthday than look for a date anyway. 
  • I love being your friend and celebrating you every day. Happy Valentine's Day & birthday! 
  • Can't believe I have to pause my passionate Valentine's love affair to wish you a happy birthday. 
  • Happy birthday, Valentine bestie! 
  • You've been there for every crush, every broken heart, and every lonely Valentine's Day. Happy birthday, bestie. 
  • Hey, you get cake and chocolates today. Lucky you! 
  • You could have been born on any day, but you chose a day dedicated to love and candy. Smart move. 
  • Thanks for being born on Valentine's Day. It gives me at least one person to buy candy for. 

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Romantic Birthday Wishes for Your Valentine

You're in love, it's Valentine's Day, and you get to spend the day celebrating your sweetheart's birthday. What could be better? These sweet Valentine's message ideas might just be the cordial cherry on top of this special day.

  • I get to celebrate you and our love all in one day. Happy birthday, Valentine!
  • My heart could burst with my love for you every day. Happy birthday!
  • I celebrate you and love you each day. Happy birthday, Valentine. 
  • Celebrating you is easy. Loving you is even easier. 
  • Happy birthday, forever Valentine. 
  • As if you weren't special enough, you share a birthday with the day dedicated to love. Happy birthday, Valentine.
  • Of course you were born on the day of love. Nothing could be more fitting. Happy birthday & Valentine's Day!
  • I couldn't dream of a better day than getting to celebrate you and celebrate my love for you. 
  • As everyone celebrates you today I hope you'll still choose me as your Valentine. Happy birthday. 
  • You're my favorite person to celebrate and the one I love most. Happy birthday, Valentine. 
  • The best part of Valentine's Day is celebrating my love for you.
  • Happy Valentine's Day. Will you be mine on your birthday?
  • Falling for you was the real gift. Happy birthday, Valentine! 
  • You + Me + Chocolate = the best Valentine's Day ever. Happy birthday! 
Helpful Hack

Add a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates to that romantic birthday gift. Double the reason to celebrate means double the thoughtful gifts. 

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Say Happy Valentine's Birthday to Family Members Born on the 14th

You make so many hearts full every single day. Happy Valentine's Day birthday!

You can have fun or be serious when it comes to wishing family members a happy birthday. If they're celebrating their day on Valentine's they might appreciate a message packed with extra love. 

  • Can't believe you share a birthday with Cupid.
  • I was going to get you a Valentine but I thought a birthday card was enough. Happy birthday!
  • You're worth celebrating every day. Have a wonderful birthday and a Happy Valentine's Day! 
  • Poor St. Valentine. He has to share a special day with you. 
  • Happy Valentine's birthday. Everyone has to love you today! 
  • Hope you have a day full of feeling loved and celebrated. 
  • You may have been born on Valentine's Day, but you deserve love every day. Happy birthday! 
  • You make so many hearts full every single day. Happy Valentine's Day birthday! 
  • Hope you get as many chocolates in your box as there are candles on your cake. Happy birthday! 
  • Hope your heart is full this Valentine's Day. Happy birthday! 

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Fun Happy Birthday Valentine's Messages for a Cake

If you're in charge of baking or ordering the Valentine's Day cake for the birthday celebration, here are a few ideas for the message on top. Remember to keep it short, simple, and full of love. 

  • You're sweeter than cake. Happy birthday, Valentine
  • Loving you is easy. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to you & Cupid
  • We Heart You! Happy birthday! 
  • Baked With Love. Happy birthday! 
  • Happy B-Day on V-Day 
  • I love you more than words. Happy birthday!
  • You stole my heart. Happy birthday, Valentine
  • Be Our Valentine, [name]? Happy birthday!
  • You're so loved. Happy birthday!
Quick Tip

Go the creative route and write a message conversation heart style for a Valentine's birthday cake. Try something like "Thx 4 being U" or "Happy B-Day XOXO." 

Wish Them Love & Celebration 

Sharing your birthday with the day everyone devotes to love and relationships isn't always easy. But you have the chance to let your loved one know that they are anything but overlooked on this special day. Wish them a happy birthday and a Valentine's Day full of feeling loved and celebrated. 

45+ Sweet Happy Birthday Valentine Messages for Anyone