9 Juneteenth Party Decoration to Celebrate Freedom & Family

These Juneteenth party decorations will help you create the perfect celebration with your family and friends.

Published June 5, 2023

You're planning a Juneteenth celebration that guests won't soon forget, so you need some creative and clever Juneteenth decor ideas to complete the plan. Try these DIY Juneteenth decorations to make sure your gathering is everything you want it to be.

Juneteenth Balloon Garland


If you want guests to see just how big your Juneteenth celebration is going to be, you need a statement piece among your party decorations. A Juneteenth-themed balloon garland in red, yellow, black, and green sets the stage for the rest of your celebrations. This one comes with a striking gold balloon banner that commemorates this day of freedom.

Juneteenth Hibiscus Decor


Hibiscus flowers are often associated with the Juneteenth holiday, and they make beautiful arrangements for your celebration. Use hibiscus flowers in an arrangement with greenery as centerpieces on your tables. When your guests leave at the end of the party, send them each home with a hibiscus arrangement to remember the celebration.

Juneteenth Tablecloths


Before you can place those beautiful hibiscus arrangements on the tables, you'll need Juneteenth-themed tablecloths to be the foundation of your beautiful tablescape. Look for a tablecloth that sports all the Juneteenth colors and maybe even wishes your guests a happy Juneteenth.

Vintage Decor for Juneteenth


One of the main focuses of the Juneteenth celebration is family. As you're honoring this important day, you're likely celebrating with your family members. Here's your opportunity to use beautiful vintage decor in your table settings. Ask family members for glassware or ceramics that have been in the family for generations or pieces that are typically used for large events like weddings. Juneteenth is worthy of a big celebration, so bring the best dining pieces for your gathering.

Wooden Juneteenth Centerpieces


If flowers aren't your vibe or you want Juneteenth centerpieces that you can use every year, these wooden Juneteenth decorations are the perfect choice. Not only are they ideal for your party centerpieces, but they can also double as seasonal decor on your fireplace mantel or your office desk through the entire month of June.

Juneteenth Wreath


Greet your guests with a Juneteenth-themed wreath on your front door so they can start the celebration before they even ring the doorbell. This Juneteenth wreath DIY is easy to follow and will look stunning on your front door long after the party ends. The best part is that you can use it every single year to help you honor this important day.

Juneteenth Bunting


This Juneteenth decor idea is perfect for your party or for giving your porch a Juneteenth upgrade. Hang Juneteenth bunting around your tables, on your porch railings, over your porch, or anywhere else in your home for a decorative detail that guests will recognize right away.

African American History Items


You may already have some items in your home that would work as thoughtful Juneteenth decor. Books about Black history, decor that represents or depicts Black historical figures, or any other items that help you reflect on heritage and history will add important details to your gathering's decor. Display your items on a table for observing or use them as centerpieces for conversation as you dine.

Juneteenth Party Banner


Perfect for wrapping around your food table, hanging over your doorway, or using as a backdrop, a Juneteenth banner celebrates freedom, unity, and heritage. This banner features the Juneteenth flag as well as offers the option to customize the design so it fits in with the rest of your party decor.

Celebrate Freedom With Your Juneteenth Decor


Whether you're celebrating indoors or out, these decorations will set the stage for your Juneteenth gathering. With dear family members present, your party is complete. Enjoy the day and keep your Juneteenth decor up all month long to keep honoring this important holiday.

9 Juneteenth Party Decoration to Celebrate Freedom & Family