Baby Shower Signs to Help Guests Find the Party

Updated November 21, 2018
Baby shower sign

If you're hosting a baby shower, it's a good idea to use yard signs to tell guests they're in the right place. You can also place a fun welcome sign on your front door, or add a banner to the baby shower decorations to enhance the festive mood of your gathering. There are lots of resources for purchasing these signs, or you can make a sign if you're feeling crafty.

Yard Signs for Baby Showers

Yard signs are large markers that tell guests where the party is, or inform them of the best place to park. If you have a baby shower theme, you can purchase a yard sign to go with it. Alternatively, you can choose a sign that advertises the baby's gender or has a cute motif. There are lots of great options.

Purchasing a Yard Sign

If you're planning to purchase a sign, consider one of these great options:

stork wind wheel yard sign
Stork wind wheel yard sign
  • Woodland Animals Yard Sign - This sign from Zazzle is a fun, affordable choice. It measures 12-inches by 18-inches, and you can customize the text and have it printed up and shipped to your door. This custom sign costs about $25.
  • Shower Yard Sign - For an easy, affordable choice, pick a sign that you don't need to personalize. This 12-inch by 15-inch yard sign, sold by Amazon, has gender-neutral colors and cute teddy bears. It reads "Baby Shower." It's only $4.
  • Stork Wind Wheel Yard Sign - If you really want to catch people's attention, this stork sign from Party at Lewis is the ultimate choice. Available in pink or blue, it features a 31-inch by 48-inch white stork with a tail that spins in the wind. It retails for $15.
  • Custom Lawn Sign - This custom design from VistaPrint features a gender-neutral color scheme and a white stork. You can choose your message as well as customize the sign with the name of the mom-to-be. If you want, you can even add a photo. The sign is 12-inches by 18-inches and retails for about $14.

Making a Rustic Yard Sign

rustic baby shower yard sign
Rustic baby shower sign

It's easy to make a DIY painted yard sign. All you need is some scrap 1 x 4 lumber and a post, white spray paint, colored paint, brushes, and a hammer and nails. You don't have to be particularly handy with tools since the idea is for this sign to have a rough, rustic appearance.

  1. Cut the 1 x 4 lumber into three strips, each around 18-inches long. There's no need to be exact in your measurements or have your cuts be neat.
  2. Nail one of these pieces near the top of the post, nailing roughly through the middle of the board. You'll need at least two nails to hold each board. Nail the other two boards beneath it.
  3. Go outside, and spray paint the entire sign white. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
  4. When the paint is dry, hand paint the words on the sign. A good choice is "Welcome to" on the first board, the mom-to-be's name on the second board, and "baby shower" on the third board. Choose a paint color that's easy to see and that goes with your theme or the baby's gender.
  5. Allow the paint to dry and then put up your sign. Decorate the sign with flowers, ribbons, or tissue pom-poms to give it a fun, festive appearance.

Making an Easel Yard Sign

An inexpensive kids' easel makes a great base for a yard sign. The Mala Easel from Ikea is only $15 and makes a great choice for a yard sign. It can even double as a gift for the baby. You'll also need wide-tipped, chalk markers, like Magic Pens, as well as a bunch of helium balloons. This is how to create your sign:

  1. Place the easel where it will be easy for guests to see it.
  2. Create your message using the chalk markers. You can use water to erase any mistakes.
  3. When you're happy with your message, tie a bunch of balloons to the corner of the easel. Guests won't be able to miss it!

Making a Poster Board Yard Sign

Baby shower poster board ideas take inspiration from classic signs you might have made for a high school election or sporting event. All you need are a piece of poster board, some poster markers, glue, and craft supplies such as printable new baby clip art, paint, and printable borders. Two paint stir sticks and two wooden skewers help hold the sign in the ground.

  1. Paint the stir sticks to match your sign.
  2. Use hot glue or wood glue to attach the skewers to the bottom of the stir sticks.
  3. Print and glue borders around the entire outside edge of the poster board.
  4. Write "Baby Shower" in the center of the poster.
  5. Cut out and glue baby clip art around the empty space of the poster.
  6. Glue the poster to the top half of the stir sticks so the skewers are visible and pointing down.
  7. Once dry you can stick the sign in the ground so the decorated side faces the road or parking lot and the undecorated side faces the building.

Door Signs for Baby Showers

Door signs are a great way to add a little extra welcoming touch to the outside of your home or the entrance to a pavilion or rented room. You can choose colors to complement your home's decor, or you can match your baby shower theme. There are lots of great signs available for purchase, and it's fun and easy to make your own.

baby shower door sign
Baby shower door sign

Purchasing a Door Sign

Consider one of these fun door signs for your shower:

  • Sea Pals Door Sign - This handmade door sign from Etsy shop MossAndTwigPrints is a fun choice for a gender-neutral shower. It's available as an 8 by 10 or 11 by 14-inch print, and you can customize it with the name of the mom-to-be. It retails for $8.
  • Script Door Sign (pictured) - This foam sign from measures 16-inches high and features royal blue script on a white background. It retails for about $30.
  • Ocean Door Sign - This poster-style door sign from BirthdayDirect is totally customizable and would make a great option for decorating a baby shower. You can print it with the baby's or mom's name, as well as the details about the shower. It retails for about $5.50.
  • Baby Boy Shower Door Hanger - This stork-themed door hanger features a cute stork carrying a blue baby bundle that says "It's a Boy!" The fabric is chalkboard fabric so you can personalize it with the included white chalk. It's a cute way to welcome guests and retails for about $25.

Making a Diaper Wreath Welcome Sign

You can make a diaper wreath welcome sign for your front door and then after the party, give the wreath to the mom-to-be. You'll need a wreath form from the craft store, diapers, curling ribbon, scissors, cardstock, a hole punch, and markers. Here's how you do it:

  1. Start by creating the cardstock sign. Cut the cardstock so it will easily fit inside the center of the wreath. Punch a hole in each of the upper corners.
  2. Write your message on the cardstock, such as "Welcome to the shower!"
  3. Open one diaper and wrap it around the wreath form. Tie it in place on the outside edge with a piece of curling ribbon. Repeat with all the diapers until the wreath form is covered.
  4. Tie ribbons through the holes in the sign. Tie the sign to the center of the wreath.

Making a Circle Banner for Your Door

A circle banner is fun and easy to make, and there's no need to invest in lots of expensive materials. For this DIY option, you'll need white and colored cardstock, markers, a pencil and two circular objects to trace, glue, a hole punch, scissors, and some curling ribbon. This is all you have to do:

circle banner
Circle banner
  1. Choose two circular objects to trace. One should be slightly larger than the other. Bowls from your cupboard work perfectly.
  2. Trace four smaller circles from the white cardstock and four larger circles from the colored cardstock.
  3. Glue the smaller circles onto the center of the larger circles. Allow the glue to dry.
  4. Punch two holes in the top of each circle.
  5. On one circle, use the markers to write a "B." Write "A," "B," and "Y" on the remaining circles.
  6. Cut a piece of ribbon that's slightly wider than your door. Thread the ribbon through the first B circle and knot it in place behind it. Add the rest of the circles to spell "baby."
  7. Tape both ends of the ribbon to your door.

Making a Baby Shower Welcome Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard signs are great because they can be reused for other events or by the family at home. You'll need a large picture frame - at least 16 by 20 inches, and chalkboard paint that can be used on glass to create your sign.

  1. Cover one side of the picture frame glass with chalkboard paint. Do multiple coats if needed to completely cover the glass.
  2. Once dry, insert the glass back into the frame with the chalkboard side facing out.
  3. Write a baby shower message of "Welcome" in white, pink, or blue chalk on the new chalkboard and hang on the main door.

Banners for Baby Showers

Banners are a high-impact way to decorate for your baby shower. You can use them inside or outside to add to your theme or welcome guests. There are lots of great banners available for purchase, but you can make one if you can't find something to buy that fits the bill.

Purchasing a Baby Shower Banner

Consider one of these great banner-style signs:

  • Burlap Baby Shower Pennant Banner - This burlap and white banner is a great choice for both genders. It's made up of pennant flags, each with a letter, and it spells out "baby shower." It retails for $10.
  • Personalized Baby Shower Banner - This gender-neutral banner from Oriental Trading Company can be personalized with the name of the mom-to-be. It's made of vinyl for easy use inside or outside. This banner retails for $16.
  • Bee Baby Shower Banner - This adorable yellow, white, and black banner from Zazzle has bumble bees and reads features whatever text you choose. It retails for $30.
  • Congratulations Banner (pictured) - This jointed letter banner from Party Cheap is perfect for any shower. It says "Congratulations," and "B is for Baby." It retails for under $1.
    B Is For Baby Banners
    B Is For Baby Banners

Make a Pennant Banner

You don't have to be an experienced seamstress to sew a pennant banner. All you'll need are some scraps of fabric, a piece of cord, and a sewing machine. You can paint on the letters of your message after the banner is finished. This type of project doubles as a nursery decoration.

Making a Yarn Letter Sign

Cardboard letters from your local craft store take on a whole new look when you decorate them with yarn, and string them together to create a sign for the shower. You can make the sign say anything from "baby" to "welcome." All you'll need is some sturdy rope or twine, the letters in your message, lots of brightly colored yarn, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Here's how you make this sign:

  1. Hot glue the end of the yarn to the back of one of the cardboard letters and wait for the glue to dry.
  2. Wrap the letter entirely in yarn. On the back, create two hanging loops by knotting the yarn. Hot glue the end of the yarn to secure it.
  3. Repeat with all the letters.
  4. String the rope through the yarn loops you made to create your sign. You can hang it inside or outside.

Printable Baby Shower Signs

Free baby shower printable sign templates give you the basics and still leave room for a little creativity like what kind of paper to print on or how you display the signs.

Printable Baby Shower Table Signs

You get seven signs in this one printable document all featuring an adorable gender neutral baby image that could be used for any kind of baby shower. Included signs are one for the guest book, favors, gift table, drinks, food, desserts, and a sign with no words you could use as part of each guest table's centerpiece.

Baby Shower Table Signs
Baby Shower Table Signs

Funny Baby Shower Welcome Sign

If you want to inject some humor and make your shower light-hearted, this funny baby shower welcome sign sets the tone from the start. Featuring altered baby-theme lyrics inspired by the cult classic song "Ice Ice Baby" this sign tells guests what to expect when they walk in the door. The modern color scheme is perfect for boys, girls, or gender reveal parties.

Funny Baby Shower Welcome Sign
Funny Baby Shower Welcome Sign

High-Impact Decoration

There are so many fabulous baby shower sign ideas from which to choose! No matter which type of sign you select, you'll love the way it adds lots of festive style to your party. Whether you make it yourself or purchase the perfect option, your guests and the mom-to-be will love this high-impact decoration. Take a picture of the signs you use and share them on Pinterest to help others brainstorm for creative baby shower signage ideas.

Baby Shower Signs to Help Guests Find the Party