47 Things to Do on Mother's Day Beyond Breakfast in Bed

These activities for Mother's Day show Mom that you put a ton of thought into what you can do together to celebrate her.

Published March 29, 2022
Happy family at the amusement park

Looking for amazing and original things to do on Mother's Day to really make mom feel loved on her special day? By tapping into your creative spirit and thinking outside the box, you can enjoy plenty of incredible Mother's Day activities with the maternal figures in your life. The following ways to celebrate mom are sure to warm her heart, bring a smile to her face, and make her day one to remember.

Fun Things to Do on Mother's Day Around the House

Sometimes the best way to celebrate Mother's Day is by staying at home; but staying indoors doesn't mean you should scrimp on your celebratory endeavors for that special mom in your life. Rather, the familiar setting can serve as the gateway to sharing a memorable Mother's Day.

Mother and son preparing sweet pie together
  • Finish her least favorite chore - Every mom has a chore that she hates doing, and one way you can show her some love is by taking it upon yourself to see that it gets done. Don't forget to fold those loads of laundry and clean out the refrigerator while you're at it.
  • Help her complete some home renovations on her to-do list - With both of you working in tandem, you'll be able to knock off one or two of the home renovation items on your mom's to-do list that the hustle and bustle of life has prevented her from completing.
  • Work on a textile craft together (macrame, crochet, knitting, etc.) - Whether your mom is a seasoned crafter or new to the textile world, there're a ton of easy kits out there that you and your mom can spend hours working through.
  • Arrange a few bouquets or potted plants - For moms with a green thumb, there's no greater fun than arranging the perfect bouquet or pot of plants. Share in her botanical love and help her make a custom arrangement that she's sure to take extra special care of.
  • Take a virtual cooking class together - Food is the way to many people's hearts, and one way you can dive right into your mother's is by setting up a virtual cooking class for you two to attend. She'll appreciate getting to experiment with new flavors and dishes in the comfort of her own home for sure.
  • Marathon her favorite films - Often our parent's favorite movies aren't our own, but you can sacrifice a few hours of your time by sitting through a marathon of your mom's favorite movies.
  • Recreate a favorite family recipe together - Get two for one with this activity; you can finally get a grip on how to make that beloved family recipe and spend extra time with your mom.
  • Watch old family movies - Bring a tear to your mother's eye by queuing up the old VHS or cassette tapes from your toddler years. Thanks to the camcorder generation, there's sure to be a lot of beautiful moments you and your mom can relive together.
  • Challenge each other to making a charcuterie board - A challenge where everyone wins a platter of fresh snacks at the end? Sounds like the best kind of Mother's Day gift any mom could ask for.
  • Put her family china to good use - Whether you order in or cook a homemade meal, setting out your mother's chinaware can elevate your Mother's Day meal into the special occasion that it really is.
  • Pamper yourselves with an at-home spa day - Lotions, face masks, and bath bombs, oh my! You don't have to go to a spa in order to have a spa day. In fact, there are all sorts of luxurious bath and spa potions you can try out on Mother's Day.
  • Set up a mid-day tea party - High tea is a traditional practice you can bring back this Mother's Day. Set out your favorite light snacks and an array of delicious teas for your mom to sit back and enjoy.
  • Put together a family tree of your mother's family - On a day when you're supposed to be remembering her, you can help your mom honor her mother, and those that came before her by drafting up her family tree. Don't forget to add fun anecdotes and facts that your mom wants to remember for years to come.
  • Create an updated family scrapbook - It's super common for moms to scrapbook their kids first few years, but once they settle into elementary school, the hot glue guns and glitter are almost always tossed back into the closet. Break out those craft supplies and your newest family photos and put together an updated family scrapbook that celebrates the people your mother helped you and your siblings become.
  • Try to complete a jigsaw puzzle - Your mom might feel like her life's in pieces throughout the year, but you can help her put some of those pieces back together by working on completing a challenging jigsaw puzzle or two.
  • Craft a memories box - Similar to a time capsule, you and your mom can create a memories box to commemorate the year you've had and the things you love about each other. In a few years' time, you can look back at your old memories box and see just what has changed, what has stayed the same, and how much your love for each other has grown.

Outdoor Mother's Day Activities and Shenanigans

There's nothing like sunshine on a bright Mother's Day morning. Get your mom out for her daily dose of vitamin D and some outdoor shenanigans carefully picked out by your loving hands.

Happy mother and little girls picking flowers
  • Plan a scrumptious picnic - Instead of the tired old 'breakfast in bed' tradition, get your mom outside on her designated day with a picnic for two (or more). Take her to one of her favorite spots, break out the lunch spread you carefully constructed, and see how her eyes light up.
  • Collect and press wildflowers together - For an idyllic, restful afternoon, you can take your mom wildflower hunting. Later, press the beautiful blooms to preserve them forever.
  • Settle in for some local bird watching - Birds abound in the springtime, making bird watching a great option for changing up your usual Mother's Day traditions.
  • Explore your local farmer's market - Heading to your local farmer's market is a fun way to support your community and buy delicious ingredients to enjoy later, as long as your mother is naturally an early riser and won't revolt against the wee morning hours.
  • Take the afternoon to meditate in the park - Recenter your minds together with a lovely afternoon spent meditating in the park. Wear some comfy clothes and bring your favorite blanket for an extra cozy, restorative session.
  • Stage an outdoor glamour shoot for your mother - Turn your mom into the model you think she is by setting up an outdoor glamour photoshoot for her. Let your imagination run wild and give your mom some photographs she'll love forever.
  • Enjoy the evening with a huge bonfire - Finish off your Mother's Day celebrations with a huge bonfire (if you have the proper space) and relish in the crackling flames together.
  • Go camping or RV'ing - If your mom is a big fan of the outdoors, then she'll be one happy camper if you take her on a camping adventure. There's nothing like braving the wilderness with your mom to remind you of how awesome she really is.
  • Attend an outdoor yoga class or workout - If you live in a populated city, chances are high that there're are a few outdoor yoga or workout classes available. Take your mom to one of these events and enjoy together how delightful the extra stretching and moving feels.
  • Practice weaving flower crowns out of wildflowers - Flower crowns may feel like a thing of the past, but no mother out there would turn down the chance at weaving a daisy chain with you on her special day.

Break Some Rules on Mother's Day

For mothers who want to walk on the wild side for a day, or just live life on the edge, these Mother's Day activities fit the bill.

Daughter dying her mother's hair at home in bathroom and mother taking a selfie
  • Dye your hair together - You and your mom should kick off spring in style with a new look, and some semi-permanent hair dye can do the trick.
  • Get matching tattoos - There's no greater act of love - or, some would say, insanity - than going under the needle together. Yet, for some moms, getting a matching tattoo with their kid is exactly the kind of activity that would warm their heart.
  • Go see a psychic - Take your mother to see a psychic and find out exactly what sorts of interesting adventures are in store for her.
  • Get matching piercings - From earlobes to belly buttons, you're never too old to add a new body piercing to your collection. If your mother is already a fan of body modification, she'll probably love you offering to get a matching piercing with her.
  • Get destructive in a rage room - Give your mom the space to let out all of her frustrations by taking her to a rage room. The catharsis and physical activity might be exactly what she needs to blow off some steam.
  • Make custom cocktails for the special day - Any cocktail can turn into a Mother's Day cocktail, as long as you don't forget to add the love to it. Ask your mom what her favorite drink of the day is, and try to whip one up for her to enjoy.
  • Have fun at a paint and sip session - Get tipsy and artistic this Mother's Day by taking your mom to a paint and sip session. After you're finished, you can find the perfect place in her house to hang up her drunken masterpiece.
  • Go skydiving together - Take a leap of faith with your mom by jumping out of a plane this Mother's Day. Not for the faint hearted, skydiving might be just what your mother had in mind for the day that's all about her.
  • Embarrass each other at a karaoke bar - The best thing about a karaoke bar is that you don't have to be a good singer to have a blast; and if you can convince your mom that it's okay to make a fool of yourself every once in a while, she's sure to have a great time.
  • Take an impromptu trip - Grab your passports and your carry-on luggage, because you and your mom are heading on an impromptu trip. Take the hassle out of planning and let your mom just enjoy the adventures of traveling the world for a weekend.

Mother's Day Activities That Last All Day

Whoever said you had to be your mother's entertainment on Mother's Day? Leave the entertaining up to the professionals who've cracked the code for providing a full day of family fun.

Family Hiking next to a Lake
  • Visit an animal shelter - Spending the day with some fluffy and furry creatures can only bring your mom an extra dollop of joy on Mother's Day, and there's no better place to visit with these pets than at a local animal shelter.
  • Take your mother on a hike - You and the whole family can suit up and get to hiking the day away. With the sun on her back and your family around, your mom won't want the day to end.
  • Go antiquing - Shopping for antiques and vintage goods is a cheap and fun way to enjoy an afternoon together with your mom.
  • If the carnival is in town, visit for the day - For some people's areas, Mother's Day coincides with the spring carnival. If you're lucky enough to have one come to town during Mother's Day weekend, take advantage of the whimsical place and take your mom for a spin around the fun mirrors and Tilt-a-Whirl ride.
  • Take a tour of the nearest big-city - Even if you live in a big city, there're still parts of it that you've never explored. You can take your mom on a guided tour of town and see what unique historical and spooky mysteries you can uncover.
  • Do an escape room - Test your mother's wits by taking her to an escape room, and see how well the two of you fair against the game master's machinations.
  • Attend an arts performance - Celebrate Mother's Day with a cultural performance. For instance, you can take your mom to see a theatre production, a ballet, or a symphony.
  • Get family portraits - Make sure that your mom can remember this special day for years to come by setting up a family portrait session. Since traditional portraits aren't as common as they once were, she'll appreciate your efforts to make her day memorable.
  • Host a party with her childhood decade as the theme - For some added fun on Mother's Day, you can take your mom back to her glory teenage years by hosting a party with her childhood decade as its theme. Get everyone into roller skates if she grew up in the 1970s, or tease your hair to the ceiling if she grew up in the 1980s.
  • Challenge your family to a few rounds of putt-putt - Pick your favorite color putter and challenge your family to a few rounds of miniature golf. Depending on how competitive your mom is, this might be the best - or the worst - idea for her Mother's Day celebration.
  • Book her a massage - Your mother deserves to be pampered, and booking her a massage will get her to relax all of her troubles away. Make sure that you act as her chauffeur to and from her appointment for an added personal touch.

Make Mother's Day Unforgettable

The most important thing to remember when it comes to this celebratory day is that it's all about spending time with the maternal figures in your life, and making them feel as cherished as they make you feel every day of the year. You can't go wrong with any of these bonding activities if you choose them with love in mind.

47 Things to Do on Mother's Day Beyond Breakfast in Bed