75 St. Patrick's Day Drink Names That'll Be Your Lucky Charm

Your party will be shamrocking 'round the clock with these fun St. Patrick's Day inspired names.

Published January 25, 2023
Close-Up Of Green Drinks In Jars On Table

It's March, and everything is green. Opportunities seem to be a little luckier than usual, and you can't miss the shamrocks and pots of gold. Oh, and when we say everything is green, we mean the beer too. And the cocktails...you can't do St. Patrick's Day without green cocktails. And if you're not doing green cocktails, then dress your usual drink up with these St. Patrick's Day drink names. You'll find that your standard old-fashioned becomes a lucky old-fashioned once there's a St. Patrick's Day cocktail name ahead of it.

Punny Saint Patrick's Day Drink Names

Sometimes you just need to lean into the mischief and jovial attitude of holiday, and these St. Patrick's Day cocktails do just that.

Literary St. Patrick's Day Drink Names

The Irish excel at many things, and while literature may not jump to the forefront of your mind, these will tickle any book worm on St. Patrick's Day.

For the Love of the Irish Cocktail Names

Your love for the Emerald Isle and all those who carry its blood is front and center with these St. Patrick's Day names.

These Saint Patrick's Day Drink Names ShamRock

If you're aiming for a lucky, green cocktail name theme, these names are a pot of gold.

St. Patrick's Day Mocktail Names

Most bars in Ireland used to close on Saint Patrick's Day, while many headed to church for services. You can still raise a glass with any of these happy-go-lucky Saint Patrick's mocktail drink names.

Setting Your Saint Patrick's Day Cocktails Apart

Don't let your Saint Patrick's Day celebrations fall flat at the drink name. You've donned all the green, and you deserve a drink that's just as fitting. Bust out your favorite toast and get to cheersing your day away.

75 St. Patrick's Day Drink Names That'll Be Your Lucky Charm