Feng Shui Rooster Symbols for Well-Being and Prosperity

Published September 14, 2020
Rooster Statue

Feng shui rooster symbols can be used to activate your health and prosperity luck sectors. The rooster is an auspicious feng shui symbol with several meanings of prosperity, good luck, and specific feng shui applications for professional and career protection.

Effective Feng Shui Rooster Symbol Uses

The rooster is an effective feng shui symbol when placed in specific bagua sectors. If you are experiencing career and personal problems, especially ones that impact your professional reputation, feng shui offers a quick cure with this Chinese zodiac animal.

Auspicious Placements for Feng Shui Rooster Symbols

The rooster element is metal. This means you want to consider the element of the sector you wish to place the rooster. Keep the productive cycle in mind when making these choices. A metal or water element is the best sectors for placing a rooster.

These include the following:

  • Northwest sector (metal) placement will enhance your mentor luck.
  • West sector (metal) placement will enhance your descendants' luck. This is especially helpful for discipline issues with children.
  • Southwest sector (earth) placement will strengthen the bonds of your marriage/romantic relationship.
  • North sector (water) placement will fortify your career and embolden you to be assertive in climbing the corporate ladder.
  • Northeast sector (earth) placement can boost your educational goals, such as taking exams, applying for scholarship, applying for your dream college, and any desire or goal that is academically related.

Boost Your Prosperity With a Golden Rooster

In feng shui, it is believed that a golden rooster can activate your abundance and prosperity luck. Place the rooster in one of the auspicious sectors. You can place a rooster on a dining table that falls in one of the auspicious sectors. You want to follow feng shui rules by placing a mirror to reflect the dining table and double your abundance.

Use a Feng Shui Rooster Figurine to Stop Office Gossip

The most common use of a rooster figurine is to stop office gossip and protect you from backstabbing office politics. If you're being victimized by political gossip or malicious attacks on your reputation at work, a rooster figurine can stop it. This is especially effective as a cure for anyone who works in an open area without partitions/cubicles where desks are in rows behind each other. If the gossip is severe, you may want to invest in a large rooster figurine.

Feng Shui Placement of Rooster Figurine

You need to position your feng shui rooster so it is diagonally facing the office entrance. This allows it to peck away any gossip coming towards you. This prevents the negative energy from reaching you, stopping it dead in its tracks.

Best Placement for a Feng Shui Rooster Picture

A large painting of a rooster can be used in lieu of a figurine. Hang or place the rooster picture directly behind your desk and chair or on the wall beside you. Both positions allow the rooster to assess who is gossiping and causing you problems at work, so it can begin pecking away to eradicate the gossiping and problems.

What the Feng Shui Rooster Symbolizes

Knowing what the feng shui rooster symbolizes can help you gain a greater appreciation for this feng shui cure. When you select a rooster for your office, make sure it has a large peak to peck away at the gossipers.

wooden rooster figurine

Physical Attributes and Characteristics of Feng Shui Roosters

Make sure the rooster you choose has a big crown. Both prominent features and attributes make your rooter symbol formidable.

  • The crown demonstrates literary passion and passion for learning.
  • Spurs on rooster's feet reveal a brave, strong, and courageous spirit.
  • The rooster is reliable and crows every day to announce the dawn.
  • The rooster is a faithful and never derelict in his duties.
  • The rooster has a powerful yang element.
  • The rooster possesses the warmth and life found throughout the universe.

Feng Shui Rooster for Marriage Fidelity

The rooster is a symbol of fidelity in a marriage. You can take advantage of this symbol by setting a rooster figurine, so it is facing diagonally across from the main entrance to your home. It is believed this placement protects your marriage from extramarital affairs.

Helpful Tips for Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign Rooster

In Chinese astrology, it's believed those born under the sign of the rooster are imbued with great luck. This means there is great potential for the rooster to gain fame and reap the respect of peers and superiors alike.

gold rooster

West Is the Rooster's Direction

The west is the direction for the rooster zodiac sign. You can place a rooster figurine or painting on the west wall of your living room or office to enhance your personal wealth and abundance. Rooster and rabbit are natural enemies.

A Few Don'ts for Feng Shui Rooster Symbol Placements

Sometimes people believe that more is better when it comes to feng shui cures. They forget that feng shui is all about balancing chi energies.

  • You should never use more than one rooster, since the yang energies will become too great and generate conflict and unrest.
  • You don't want to place a rooster in a bathroom since it will magnify the inauspicious chi of wastewater.
  • You should never place a rooster in a bedroom since the yang energy is so powerful it will create an imbalance in the chi energy and cause restless sleep.
  • You should never place a rooster on the floor since this is considered a disrespectful placement.
  • A rooster should never be placed in a cluttered room or home, since it will amplify the negative and stagnant chi energy.

Feng Shui Rooster Symbols and How Best to Use Them

There are many ways you can take advantage of the powerful auspicious energies of the feng shui roost symbol. Decide on the use that best fits your need and don't overuse this feng shui remedy.

Feng Shui Rooster Symbols for Well-Being and Prosperity