Feng Shui Rules for TV in the Bedroom

Updated March 14, 2022
Modern bedroom interior with TV screen

Having a TV in your bedroom is considered bad feng shui, but that rule is not always compatible with a modern lifestyle. TVs are a popular feature in the bedroom as a way to help you unwind and relax after a long day, or to help you fall asleep. While you may choose to remove the TV in your bedroom to enhance feng shui, there are ways to improve or diffuse the energy it produces so it doesn't disrupt the chi energy of the space.

Why Is a TV in the Bedroom Bad Feng Shui?

There is more than one feng shui principle that guides the use of TVs in the bedroom. You'll probably notice that some of the rules make sense even outside of feng shui beliefs, as they relate to energy and distraction in the bedroom. One consideration in the feng shui of a TV in your bedroom is reflectivity. TVs are considered mirrors in feng shui, so the same principles apply, especially when the tv is facing the bed.

Misguided Chi Energy

A TV in the bedroom, like a mirror, can disrupt the flow of chi in the room. The reflective surface can bounce the flow of positive chi right out of the room, through a door or window. Positive chi is necessary for sleeping and enjoying a rejuvenating sleep.

Astral Projection Risk

A common feng shui belief about mirrors and TVs in the bedroom makes the connection to astral projection. It's believed that when the soul steps out of the body during sleep, a reflection might startle the soul and risk physical harm to the body.

Invitation to Third Party in Marriage

A feng shui belief advises against mirrors and TVs that reflect the bed, as it can foster infidelity. The reflection of the couple sleeping in bed is viewed as an invitation for a third party (represented by the mirror or TV) to join the couple. This is commonly viewed as an open invitation for infidelity.

Yin and Yang of a TV in a Feng Shui Bedroom

All bedrooms are considered yin spaces in feng shui. Yin spaces are quiet, relaxing, and should be considered as a retreat from a busy and chaotic day. A TV in a feng shui bedroom can overwhelm yin energy through reflection, and through its strong yang energy as an electronic device.

Yin energy is beneficial for bedrooms, but too much yin energy in a bedroom is just as inauspicious as too much yang energy. If your bedroom has too much yin energy, you will feel it as difficulty waking up each morning and avoiding the room when it's not bedtime. A TV in your bedroom can add yang energy, but you will want to weigh the benefits and consequences of the yang energy it produces.

A TV in the bedroom produces an enormous amount of yang energy. When there is too much yang energy in a bedroom and it overpowers yin energy, it can encourage insomnia, as you won't be able to settle down enough to rest peacefully. Sleep is vital to your health, and feng shui principles discourage having a television or any electronic equipment in a bedroom, if possible.

Couple laying in bed watching television

Feng Shui Remedies for TV in the Bedroom

If you choose to have a TV in the bedroom, there are a few remedies you can try to counter the yang energy and mirror effect it generates.

Cover TV When Sleeping

The easiest way to block the mirror effect of a TV is to cover the screen with a towel or blanket before going to sleep, or choose a decorative shawl or pashmina. Covering your TV can enhance your yin energy and improve sleep.

Use a Media Cabinet or Armoire for Your TV

Built in Lcd TV and Wardrobe Closet

Media cabinets and armoires are popular choices for keeping a bedroom TV out of sight when not in use. You can place the TV inside an cabinet and simply close its doors before retiring for the night. This is the best solution for those who wish to have a TV in the bedroom, but would like to enjoy the benefits of balanced chi energy.

Remedy for Wall Mounted Television

Portable folding screen

Special considerations are needed for a wall mounted TV in a feng shui bedroom. Draping a cloth over a wall mounted TV may be difficult or simply inconvenient. An easy solution is to place a portable folding screen between the bed and TV to block the TV screen.

Feng Shui for TV in Front of the Bed

Home Interior Bedroom With TV

Much of the concern about a TV in a feng shui bedroom is magnified when it's placed in front of the bed. Because of the reflective quality that activates strong feng shui energy and the vibrant yang energy that an electronic device generates in your yin bedroom, covering or enclosing your TV will be the best way to balance any negative energy.

Remedy for TV in Front of Windows in Feng Shui

Placing a TV in front of a window in feng shui can negatively affect the flow of positive chi into your bedroom. The reflective quality of a TV can also intensify yang energy coming through the window, disrupting the peaceful yin needed for a relaxing space. Positioning a TV in front of windows should be avoided for good feng shui, but if it's impossible to avoid, closing the drapes behind the tv can help to diffuse the yang energy when in use.

Following Feng Shui Rules for TV in the Bedroom

The goal of feng shui rules for a TV in the bedroom is to encourage relaxation and balance. A TV in the bedroom is not considered ideal for good feng shui, but you can soften its impact with simple adjustments for a peaceful space. And, you can also use some of these ideas for a peaceful night sleep when there's a TV in a hotel room and you need to feng shui it.

Feng Shui Rules for TV in the Bedroom