25+ Nightstand Ideas: Unique Alternatives for Any Bedroom Decor

Create a uniquely you bedroom space with these nontraditional nightstand ideas. From quirky to chic, we've got you covered.

Published October 16, 2023
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Bedside table and night light in a new home

Are you looking to enhance your relaxation and give yourself a nice little boost at the end of the day? Consider adding one of these non-traditional nightstand alternatives as a quick and creative bedroom improvement. Whether you're a Boho believer or an Art Deco aficionado, nightstands that aren't made from nightstands can be fun, great for odd spaces, and give your bedroom that little extra oomph you'll just love.

Floating Shelving

Floating nightstand

If space is at a premium at your house, or you just hate cleaning under all the things, consider investing in a floating nightstand shelf. These are easy to DIY, but premium and economical options are available in any style you can think of.

Great for:

  • Anyone who loves a quicker job vacuuming or mopping all those pet-hair dust bunnies (like at my house)
  • Clutter bugs who need something with drawers to fill your need-to-stash

Options include:

Extra-Large Headboard With Storage

Bed with headboard in white room

If you've got more room in your room, or are looking for a sleek and stylish design splash, consider a statement-style headboard with storage options in place of nightstands.

Great for:

Anyone looking for a statement piece. A single, extended piece can add drama, simplicity and flair to an otherwise large and bland or cluttered wall. Plus, you'll save on the nightstand purchase itself.

Options include:

Over-Bed Tray Tables

Over-bed nightstand wooden table

Work-from home folks who prefer a comfier work setting can select an adjustable-height tray table in lieu of an ordinary nightstand.

Great for:

Those of us who like to work from bed, read a great book, or have a spouse predisposed to breakfast in-bed surprises (I wish!).

Options include:

Micro Nightstand

Person using micro nightstand

Depending on your needs, a micro nightstand could be an unexpected and interesting piece at the side of your bed.

Great for:

Anyone with minimalist tendencies, or anyone looking to keep themselves confined to clutter-free bedrooms

Options include:

Any tiny and unique table could do here, but options that keep a coffee cup safe from spilling (like the one above), or display a love for reading, can add in some additional personality.

DIY-Upcycling Old Treasures

If you're like me, you have a thing or forty lying around that you just don't know what to do with. Consider repurposing a few to make truly one-of-a-kind nightstands that stand out. The sky's the limit here, so think about what you love and what you have on hand. 

Great for:

  • Us DIYers who just can't let go of those "someday" projects
  • Anyone looking for something that simply won't be found elsewhere

Options include:

Hobby Spotlights

DIYer or not, a non-traditional nightstand can be a great spot to really show off your hobbies and things you love. Bookworms, music-lovers, animal geeks (like me), and quirky folks looking for a spot of levity can find a wealth of options that infuse their unique personalities with bedside functionality.

Great for:

Anyone looking to show off what deeply matters to them — or even just what helps them smile and relax

Options include:

  • Music-lovers can find musical-themed table tops and even some made of iconic materials, like this re-purposed record table and this drum-turned side table.
  • Gearheads can find an assortment of car-part tables that would fit the bill.
  • Movie-lovers and those who have a soft spot for Hollywood will have a hard time turning down these movie-reel options.
  • Travel and culture folks can find an assortment of delicately designed and painted tables, like this elephant design.
Quick Tip

Etsy is fantastic for finding nightstands and side tables around almost any niche or theme. 

Celebrating the Wonderfully Bizarre

Bear sculpture nightstand

Finally, if the odd, bizarre or even creepy is your jam, a plethora of non-traditional nightstand options may be your perfect accompaniment.

Great for:

Themed bedrooms, stylized hotels, and anyone looking to throw a great haunted hotel party.

Options include:

Get Everyone's Buy-in Before You Purchase

While non-traditional nightstands can be as fun, funky, and unique as you'd like, I suggest you share your ideas with anyone you're also sharing your bedroom with. I'm not sure what my wife would do if I suddenly redecorated our room with a bird-leg theme. It's definitely something you can take a bit too far — unless that's what you're both into!

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25+ Nightstand Ideas: Unique Alternatives for Any Bedroom Decor