11 Pictures of Bright Wall Colors to Inspire You

Green Tranquil Bedroom


Add color to your life with bright colors in your home decor. The best place to start is with the walls. Don't be afraid to be bold!

This lime green bedroom offers a tranquil retreat. The comforter introduces a brown accent color showcased against light green linens. Wall art and furniture add needed contrast.

Design tip: Use accent colors to add contrast and break up main color.

Dramatic Red Moodsetter


This dramatic room features a red ceiling, a dark accent wall and white accent objects. The slat wall creates a striped contrasting effect.

Design tip: Use shapes, such as circles and orbs to soften harsh lines.

Retro Den


The green and brown walls create a light and dark effect in this retro style den. The area rug repeats the colors using repetitive shapes to tie the room together.

Design tip: Introduce a large pattern to combine the main colors used in a decor, such as draperies, upholstery or area rug.

Purple Bedroom


This room design uses colors and geometric shapes, such as the tall rectangle windows and red squares of the headboard. The bench cushion softens the straight lines and repeats the three main colors in a bolster pillow effect.

Design tip: Break up large spaces of colors with a neutral accent color, such as a white or beige colored rug.

Tangerine Bedroom


Orange sets the mood in this bedroom with bright white linens and gray striped pillows. The recessed niche above the bed is painted with the complementary color of blue. Dramatic green wicker hanging lamps complete the look.

Design tip: Use complementary colors for contrast.

Pink Master Bedroom


Pink takes on a masculine flair in this bedroom design by pairing it with a gold ceiling and brown walls. The striped comforter and pillows are a perfect way to tie all the colors together and further emphasize the masculine decor.

Design tip: Introduce an architectural feature, such as a recessed archway, to highlight a contrasting color.

Bright Entrance to Meditation Room


Colors have psychological effects. Blue bestows the same sense of tranquility as water. The beige carpeting is reminiscent of a sandy beach. The space is framed with a sunny yellow.

Design tip: Use complementary color combos, such as blue and yellow, to frame a wall or space for a dramatic emphasis.

Orange Den


Orange and tan are used as an effective color combination in this modern den decor. The brick texture adds depth along with the accent color of the dark brown couch.

Design tip: Use texture, such as this brick fireplace to add dimension to colors and room design.

Purple Den


This living room design uses several hues of purple with white accents. The wall space is broken up with different shapes of white squares and rectangles.

Design tip: Use objects, such as floor planters, to repeat shapes and colors.

Green Den


This modern living room design has several design features, such as a recessed wall, an elongated niche and three square niches. Green and white contrast each other with a bold marigold added for a dramatic accent color.

Design tip: Create unique architectural features for displaying art objects. Add a contrast color to highlight.

Pink Home


The two pink hues are unexpected and create a bright contrast in this modern home. The darker color highlights unique half-wall architectural features, weighting them to the overall decor.

Design tip: Color can be used to break up spaces by creating visual effects to accent the architectural design of your home.

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11 Pictures of Bright Wall Colors to Inspire You