Using Feng Shui to Choose Your Business Location

Published October 18, 2019
Downtown Salt Lake City view

You can choose your business location using feng shui principles to guide you. It helps to know what things to look for in an auspicious location and what things to avoid.

Location Is Key

You've probably heard when it comes to real estate, it's all about the location. In the western world, this adage meaning is different from what it means in the feng shui world. While you want to follow all helpful real estate information, you also want to avoid locations that are considered inauspicious in feng shui applications.

Locations to Avoid

In feng shui, you want to avoid locations where the activity is questionable, undesirable or negative. This includes real estate beside or within eyesight of a cemetery, prison, police station, rehab center, hospital, buildings with spires (church steeples), landfills, or power stations. All of these locations are considered inauspicious because of the type of activity and energy they contain or attract.

High Risers and You

If the building you're considered is surrounded by tall high risers that tower over your building, then keep looking. This effect can stunt your business growth and create losses.

Street Locations

The yang energy needed to bring business to your company comes via the streets. You want a busy street on at least one side of your building. This will generate beneficial yang energy. Locations to avoid include:

  • If you are underneath a bridge or the streets bypass you, then money will bypass your business.
  • Locations where the street dead ends at your door should be avoided.
  • Skip over buildings located at an intersection or a T-junction.
  • You don't want to be located on the outside of a curving road. Instead a building on the inside of a curved road is auspicious
Historic Main Street

Inadequate or No Outside Lighting

Your business needs good landscape and building lighting. If there are no security lights or streetlights to illuminate the surroundings of your business, such as the parking lot or front entrance, this can have a negative impact on your success. Your signage should be well lit and the front entrance as well as the building with up lighting.

Bright Hall at Building Front

You want to find a building that has a bright hall on the outside or one on the inside. This is an empty space that allows chi energy to pool and then enter your business. This can be an open area in front of your building, preferably green and nicely landscaped. The inside bright hall is like a foyer in a home.

Previous Business at Location

Just as you would investigate the previous owner of a home, you want to do the same for the owner and/or occupant of the building you're considering. Just as buying a foreclosed home may have ominous warnings signs, so can a commercial building.

High Energy Locations

You want to find a location where the businesses are booming and there's a high energy that generates high production. You will instantly feel this lively energy. You'll see a lot of activity going on in the area and it will most likely be noisy.

Business Longevity

A very positive sign of an auspicious area is an area where there are long-established businesses. A business district that has businesses that have been prospering there for years is a great location. The chi energy is charged and being constantly fed with more positive energy.

Architectural Insight

Some types of architecture are not conducive to a financially sound and secure business. If a building doesn't have symmetry with a good balance between the entrance and placement of windows, this can signal the type of imbalance you'll have in business finances and operations.

Exterior of the office building

Inadequate Facility

If the office space is inadequate for your staff, this cramped space will be reflected in your business. It will show up as more work than your company can handle.

Room to Grow

If you'll need to rent storage buildings or freight cars for additional storage space, then the location isn't right for your business. It could manifest as an inability to expand and stunt your company growth. Pass this space up and opt for a space larger than you need, so your company has room to grow.

How Too Many Windows Leach Finances

If the architecture features expansive large windows, this could inadvertently create a sieve effect for your money. Windows can be reflective and create a mirror effect that will bounce good chi energy away from your business.

Poison Arrows

Poison arrows come in the form of surrounding building corners pointed at your building, streets, pillars, and utility poles or long trees. Anything that obstructs your front entrance will have a negative impact. If a water fountain that sprays upward is between your business entrance and the poison arrow, you can be reassured the negative effects are dispersed by the water. If you live in a mountainous region, avoid a building where a mountain is directly in front of your building entrance and blocks your view.

River Locations

A river and a street are very similar carriers of chic energy. If you choose to be near a river, you need to determine in the river flow (chi energy) is auspicious or inauspicious. This determination is made using the facing direction of the building.

cafes and restaurants at riverside

Sarn He' Formula

In feng shui, the Sarn He' formula is used to determine if the river flowing near your building is auspicious or inauspicious. This formula is based on the facing direction of your building. You can conduct a compass reading to ascertain the facing direction.

  • If your business space is on the ninth floor or above, you'll need to take a compass reading using the largest widow overlooking the river.
  • If the facing direction of your building is north, south, east or west, the auspicious water flow is left to right.
  • If the facing direction of your building is northwest, northeast, southeast, or southwest, the water flow needs to be right to left to be an auspicious location.

Land Formation Guidelines for Building

You can use the feng shui land formation guidelines to help you find the ideal property, especially if you plan to build.

  1. Stand in the front entrance of the building and look out.
  2. The land on the right (white tiger) should be lower than the land to the left (green dragon).
  3. The land in front of the building (red phoenix) should be lower than the land in the back of the building (black tortoise).

Helpful Tips for Land and Choosing Locations

There are a few tips that can help you decide if the land is appropriate for your business. You can determine immediately if the location is auspicious or eliminate those that are inauspicious. These include:

  • A hill or mountain behind the building is auspicious since it provides support.
  • Never choose a business location that is below the street level. This will lead to constant financial stress and eventual financial loss.
  • Avoid a building on top of a hill, since your business won't have any support and will be exposed to all kinds of unforeseen and undefendable circumstances.

Helpful Tips for Using Feng Shui to Choose Your Business Location

A few helpful feng shui tips can guide you through the property search for the ideal business location. When you apply these simple feng shui rules and principles, you can avoid selecting an inauspicious business location.

Using Feng Shui to Choose Your Business Location