What Your Eye Color Might Reveal About Your Personality

Does your eye color mean more than you think? See what your baby blues or beautiful brown eyes might hint at when it comes to your personality.

Published October 25, 2023

With the eyes being the window to our souls, it’s only natural that a little bit of our personality would bleed out into our colorful peepers. While eye color is predictably genetic, what lies behind the iris's hues is something special. In fact, your eye color might reveal some very interesting things about your personality.

Brown Eyes Are Approachable & Confident


Buckle up brown-eyed folks, your eye color doesn’t get quite enough love. Though you’re one of many, being blessed with brown eyes can make you seem more approachable and trustworthy. All that gooey warmth in those chocolatey hues doesn’t make you a pushover, though. You’re likely very confident and go for the things you want in life.

Hazel Eyes Are Independent & Spontaneous


When you’ve got a starburst of color parading around in your eyeballs, it’s unsurprising that you’d be pulled in a totally independent direction. Your eyes can’t be tamed, and neither can you by society’s rules and expectations.

Similarly, you’re more likely to be a bit spontaneous, bordering on mischievous. And thanks to that mix of colors in your head, your personality might shift and change depending on what colors your eyes are reflecting more of that day.

Amber Eyes Are Unique & Confident


Amber eyes can lean more yellow or red, but they’re a super unusual offshoot of brown eyes. Amber-eyed people typically have unique personalities to match their equally compelling eye color. But being rooted in the brown family makes them a confident bunch.

However, not being full-on brown means that they might fall shy of the personal exuberance that brown-eyed people embrace.

Blue Eyes Are Cautious & Sensitive


When a blue-eyed person looks your way, there are a few different feelings that they invoke. Icy blue can stir up a sense of ethereal otherness, while deep blue can bring up feelings of oceanic calm. But your blue eyes might be revealing an inner cautiousness and sensitivity that shows itself in a barrier-building way.

There also may be a connection between handling pain better than other eye colors, though that resistance stops when bright light attacks your sensitive little peepers.

Grey Eyes


Grey eyes are exceedingly rare, but they do pop up sometimes. If you’ve got eyes of steel, then you’ve likely got a personality to match. You might keep people at a distance and struggle with being vulnerable. You probably appreciate a quieter, less bold existence than your more vibrant-eye colored cousins.

Need to Know

Another rarity is when people have two different eye colors. This is referred to as heterochromia and can be caused by heredity or certain types of injuries. Some myths say that having two different eye colors allows the person to see Heaven and Earth at the same time. 

Green Eyes Are Passionate & Jealous


Green eyes are one of the most striking colors you can have, perhaps because they’re a pretty rare mutation. Funnily enough, you don’t get the phrase green with jealousy from nowhere and it seems that green-eyed people are more prone to being jealous. However, you could chalk it up to their passionate and lively personalities.

Don't Put Too Much Stock In It


While it’s fun to try to pin down what makes people the way they are, it’s very difficult to isolate personality traits in correlation to eye color. Far too many factors are at play in any study that you see concerning the connection.

For example, one study published in 2013 found that brown-eyed faces were perceived to be more trustworthy than blue-eyed ones. However, they concluded in the end that it wasn’t necessarily brown eyes themselves that indicate trustworthiness, but rather the facial features associated with brown eyes that create that subliminal messaging.

So, be mindful of the few psychiatric and behavioral studies you see that tout with absolute surety that their findings correlate entirely to eye color. After all, correlation does not equal causation, so more of one eye color group doesn’t necessarily mean eye color is the factor causing the thing.

You're More Than Your Eye Color


It’s all well and good to be curious about why you behave the way you do. Is it nature or nurture or some secret third thing? But be careful about reducing yourself to one personality profile. Remember, there’s more that makes you — well, you — than the color of your eyes.

What Your Eye Color Might Reveal About Your Personality