How to See Auras: Training Tips & Techniques  

Updated July 30, 2021
man doing yoga with orange aura

A person's aura can tell you a lot about them, providing information about their current emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical energy. While some people naturally notice them, others need some help to learn how to see auras. Try simple techniques to open your eyes to the world of energy.

Unfocus Your Eyes to See Auras

The easiest method for learning to see auras is to take your eyes out of focus while looking at another person. You'll need a volunteer to help you practice.

  1. Have someone sit with their back against a light-colored wall, either white or light beige. (Suspend a cloth or sheet if the wall is too dark.)
  2. Use enough lighting so they aren't sitting in shadows, but don't shine a spotlight on them.
  3. Sit directly across from them about four to five feet away.
  4. Take three deep breaths and relax your shoulders.
  5. Look at the person's head.
  6. Find a focal point, such as the third eye region (center of forehead) and slowly allow your eyes to go out of focus.
  7. As your eyes lose focus, you should begin to see a radiance around the person's head and possibly shoulders. This is often a type of fluorescent-colored or yellow-white glow.
  8. Congratulations, you've just seen the first layer of the human aura.

Try to Sense Energy Flow

Some people are aware of all kinds of energies, especially the energy in other humans. You can learn how to sense this energy. Learning this technique paves the way to seeing auras.

  1. Go into a meditative state.
  2. Search within your body the energy radiating from each of your chakras.
  3. Feel the energy spinning through these power centers.
  4. If you can't sense the energy, visualize each chakra with one wheel spinning clockwise and the other one spinning counterclockwise in unison.
  5. Visualize each chakra with the color it generates.
  6. Watch with your mind's eye as the colored energy spins from chakra to chakra, changing color as it works its way up to your crown chakra.
  7. See the crown chakra pull new energy from outside your crown chakra and send it back down through your chakra system.
  8. When it reaches the root chakra, visualize sending the energy back into the earth and pulling new energy up through the root chakra and passing up through each chakra once again.
  9. Feel the surge of energy from the root chakra release the built up energy to climb to the next energy center and the new energy that the crown chakra draws into your body to travel down through your chakra. This cycle is continuous.
  10. Once you're able to feel this energy pulsating and moving up and down your body, try to see it in another person.
  11. For example, when you see someone, train your senses on feeling the energy surrounding their body.
  12. As you focus on this energy, clear your mind and allow yourself to see the color(s) radiating around the individual - their aura.

Use Your Peripheral Vision to See Auras

Some practitioners use a peripheral vision method to see auras. This method is similar to taking your eyes out of focus since you don't observe the subject directly. Instead, you will look at the person using your peripheral vision.

woman after exercising with purple aura
  1. Focus your eyes on a point in front of you.
  2. Have the person step into your peripheral field of vision. It doesn't matter which side. The wall behind the person should be white or light beige.
  3. You can stand while doing this exercise, but it is far more comfortable for both of you to pull up a chair once you've established your positions.
  4. The peripheral vision technique, like the out-of-focus technique, allows you to see the person without looking directly at them.
  5. Just like other methods, this one will take practice to master. You should be able to see the halo effect of the aura fairly quickly, and then advance to seeing a wider aura and colors.

Halo Outline Technique

Practice this technique to see the narrow halo-like outline of the person's body. As you advance in seeing auras, you'll find one or more techniques that work bests for you.

  1. Partner with someone who also wishes to see auras.
  2. Each sit so a light-colored wall is in the background.
  3. Position so you're facing each other about four to five feet apart.
  4. Take three deep, relaxing breaths before starting.
  5. Focus on the each other's third eye region (middle of forehead).
  6. When you see the other person's aura, describe how wide it is.
  7. Describe the color(s) you see. Is the person's aura a mix of colors?
  8. Be patient. Just like learning any new skill, you need to practice and train yourself to see beyond your normal vision.
  9. With practice, the auric field will grow wider each time you do this exercise.
  10. Eventually, you'll begin to see various colors. You may be surprised by streaks or patterns of colors, such as purple, green, or yellow radiating around the other person.

Tips and What You Can Expect

In the beginning, you may not see auras. This is normal, so don't be frustrated. It takes time to train your vision. It's easy to grow tense as you practice these techniques. Stop and take a break every few minutes. Take three deep breaths and consciously relax your body. You have a better chance of seeing an aura when you are relaxed and not tense. Never force yourself to see an aura; it doesn't work that way. Only the relaxed body and mind are open enough to perceive energy and auras. The more you practice, the better your skill will become.

Learn How to See Auras

You can try more than one method to see an aura until you find one that works best for you. The key to seeing auras is to practice and not give up. Then, once you can see them, learn each aura color meaning.

How to See Auras: Training Tips & Techniques