32 Absolutely Amazing Dates That Start With A

Start your alphabet date right here with these awesome A-date ideas for every night of the week.

Published March 7, 2024
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Let the first letter of the alphabet inspire your next great date. ABC dating — or dating according to the letters of the alphabet — is an awesome way to shake up your standard routine of dinner and a movie. Whether you're asking someone out for the first time or the 500th, these dates that start with A are sure to get you an A+ for awesome creativity.

Weeknight A-Dates for Busy Evenings

You don't always have a ton of time to plan something fancy and make it happen, but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring. These weeknight dates all start with A and are perfect for those busy evenings after work or school.

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  • Antique shopping - Hit the shops before they close for the evening.
  • Arcade - Stop by and play a few games together.
  • Artisanal bakery - Try that amazing new scone flavor.
  • American diner - Bonus points if they play music from the 50s.
  • After-dinner drinks at a fancy bar - Put on your best cocktail attire and head out for a couple of drinks.
  • Air hockey tournament - If you have a table to play at, you have everything you need for a tournament of two.
  • After-dinner couple's massage - Book a weeknight couple's massage at a nearby spa.
  • Adventure board game - We're voting for Ticket to Ride, but any game you love is fun.
Quick Tip

We absolutely love the idea of taking turns making an alphabet-inspired date plan. One person in the couple picks "A" and comes up with an A-date, and the next person does "B." Keep on going through the alphabet for a super fun and creative dating routine shake-up.

A-Dates for Out on the Town

When you have some more time on your hands, that calls for an A-date that really shines. These are mostly weekend-only ideas that might take a few days to plan ahead, so grab your phone to make some reservations.

Volunteers with homeless dog at animal shelter outdoors
  • Art gallery - If a new show is opening in town, go to the opening.
  • Art classes - Book a class to make a project or learn a new skill.
  • Animal shelter - Spend a weekend day volunteering together.
  • Aquarium - Grab some tickets and go see the undersea creatures for a great rainy or snowy A-Date.
  • Art museum - Get your fill of the masters and then go for dinner afterward.
  • Architectural tour - Take a tour of your own city's best architecture — either guided or on your own.
  • Arts festival - If there's a film festival or art fair in town this weekend, hit it up.
  • Artisan glass-blowing or ceramics class - Learn a new skill and take home a piece you'll love forever.
  • Authentic pizza or Chinese cooking class - Don't settle for the standard fare; learn to make your favorite food exactly the way it should be made — together.

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At-Home Dates That Start With A

Not in the mood for Netflix but still want to do something fun with your special someone? Stay home and have a party for two with these fun date ideas that start with A.

Caring young woman massaging her girlfriend at home
  • Amazon Wish List - Set a budget and shop together or buy surprises off your list to exchange on date night.
  • Astronomy - Head outside and gaze at the stars.
  • Aroma therapy - Pick up some essential oils and experiment with different products or massages.
  • Afternoon tea - Go all out with a fancy tea: scones, snacks, and all your best dishes.
  • Adventure movies - Go for a series or just some faves and have a movie marathon at home.
  • Artisanal chocolate taste test - Shop for the best chocolates and have a blind taste comparison on your couch.
  • Avocado toast picnic - Mix up some creative avocado toast toppings and have a rooftop, patio, or balcony picnic right at home.
  • Alcohol-free mocktail mixology night - Embrace the mocktail with a mixology party for two.
  • At-home massage - This is one of our very favorites because it's so romantic and special without any fancy preparation.
  • Adult coloring books - Grab your best markers and some adult coloring books and have a quiet A-date at home.

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Adventure Dates Ideas That Start With A

Need a date that starts with A that isn't easy to forget? Even the word "adventure" starts with A, so you've got this covered.

Happy man hipster making selfie photo on phone background hot air balloons in Cappadocia.
  • Amusement park - Plan a weekend day at your nearest park to ride the rides and eat the things.
  • Agate hunting - If you love rockhounding as a couple, you can't beat the thrill of hunting for agates.
  • Airplane lesson (or ride) - Go for a ride in the sky (or try your hand at flying) with a tour from a local pilot.
  • Air balloon ride - Book a hot air balloon ride to see your city from above.
  • Apple picking - In the fall, it's hard to beat apple picking (and donuts) for festive fun.

Have an Awesome, Amazing A-Date

There are so many great date ideas starting with A that chances are good you can go through the alphabet a few times and still not repeat an activity. No matter what you choose to do, it's all about having fun with your person and changing up your routine a bit. We guarantee you're going to have an awesome, amazing, beyond-acceptable time!

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32 Absolutely Amazing Dates That Start With A