23 Simple Ways to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You

Help her to see how much you care and build your connection with these tips.

Updated July 6, 2023
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Finding yourself falling in love is like lightning in a bottle, all fuzzy and electric. If the chemistry's blooming between you and that girl who you can't stop thinking about, make sure you're showing her you're a partner worthy of falling in love with.

Although there's not really a way to make a girl fall for you, there are some things you can do to engender her love and affection.

Accept Her As She Is

It's important to create an environment in your relationship where your partner can be herself around you. Avoiding put-downs and reminding her every once in a while why you love a particular quirk of hers can help her feel comfortable being exactly who she is.

While there may be things you'd love to see her improve for her own well-being and for your relationship, letting her know you take the good with the bad goes a long way in making her feel your love for the real her - flaws and all.

Be Vulnerable

In order to truly love you, a person needs to know who you are at your core. If you want a woman to fall in love with you, you're going to have to show some vulnerability in private and be open with your thoughts, fears, hesitations, and struggles.

When someone knows and understands how you feel in different instances, they'll feel comfortable sharing that part of themselves, too. Model the love you want, and it'll come around to you.

Put Her First

Many women appreciate feeling like they're the most important person in your life, at least the majority of the time. Putting her first doesn't mean disregarding all friends and family or even yourself. It means finding moments where you can put her needs, desires, or feelings before your own.

This showing of selflessness lets her know she truly matters to you. And if the two of you are interested in having kids, it's a sign that you'll be a great parent someday.

Understand and Honor Her Love Language

Dr. Gary Chapman created the 5 Love Languages, which explore how a person gives and receives love. You can work on making her fall in love with you every day by knowing what her love language is and "speaking" it. For example, if she prefers acts of service, try to cook dinner for her frequently. Taking the time to understand her and cater to her unique needs shows that you have a genuine interest in making her happy.

You're trying to foster her falling in love with you, so don't romance her with how you want to be shown love. It might be bumpy at first if her love language is totally opposite to yours, but so long as you keep trying, the effort'll be appreciated.

Be Confident and Passionate

People don't want to be in relationships with someone who needs constant caretaking, so be confident in who you are and what you do. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so tread lightly.

One way to show confidence is by sharing your passions. Seeing you have a passion for your life and hobbies shows her it's possible for the connection between the two of you to become something you're just as passionate about.

Show Appropriate Affection

From hugs to care packages, you can show affection in a relationship in lots of different ways. Knowing your partner well will help you determine what type and level of affection is appropriate to help her feel love for you.

If she's into PDA, then hold her hand whenever you're out in public. If you know PDA makes her uncomfortable, save the snuggling for your couch. At the end of the day, you want her to feel just as physically connected to you as emotionally.

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Lighten Her Load

Adults carry heavy loads between working full time, cooking, and caring for the home and family members. Finding ways to lighten your partner's load on a regular basis without any prompting from them or any expectation of reward can show them that you want to take care of them too.

Although women are traditionally viewed as caretakers, you should be balancing the responsibilities in any relationship, no matter your gender. Taking the time to recognize that hard work and doing even the smallest of tasks they usually do will go a long way.

Show You're Reliable and Dependable

People thrive best in relationships with others that are dependable life partners. If she knows that you'll be there to pick her up when she falls or work in tandem to dig out of a deep hole, she'll definitely feel a deep connection with you.

Need to Know

Asking for help is hard, so make sure you're there with a positive attitude and willing spirit when she asks to show you're reliable and dependable. Actions really speak louder than words here, and the more you show her that you're dependable, the more she'll trust you to be.

Create Intimate Moments Frequently

Sex and intimacy aren't the same thing. You can have sex without intimacy and intimacy without sex. Studies have shown by staring into each other's eyes then answering deeply personal questions, you can make someone get the warm and fuzzies for you. This intense closeness is a kind of intimacy.

In every relationship, intimacy manifests in a different way. But, the important thing is taking time to be close, whether physically or emotionally, with your partner outside of the bedroom. This will build those connective layers that'll keep your relationship alive for years to come.

Show Your Generous and Caring Side

Without a doubt, most people are a little turned-on by kindness. Whether you're being nice to her, her family, strangers, or even animals, look for ways to show that you are naturally thoughtful. Your investment in showing kindness on a daily basis shows her that life with you will be positive and nurturing.

Don't go out of your way to be artificially kind to people. Instead, be inspired to be a more kind and compassionate individual with or without her around. If you breathe it, she'll believe it.

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Be Faithful

If you want someone to fall in love with you, you need to be faithful in whatever way that looks like for the two (or more) of you. Consensual non-monogamy and polyamorous relationships are totally valid expressions of love, but you need to make sure you're respecting whatever expectations you all have set for the relationship.

Need to Know

Don't be afraid to ask her where her boundaries are and what things bother her. Some people are more than fine with casual flirting outside of the relationship and others it's a major trigger for. Create the safe space you want by following the rules you both set.

Surprise Her Once in a While

Adventure and excitement in a relationship are important since it keeps the connection dynamic. When you create memorable dates or bring her fun surprises, make sure they're safe surprises that won't push her too far outside her comfort zone or you too far outside yours. Blindfolding her to drive to a romantic picnic is an example of a good, easy surprise that should go down smoothly.

Be a Good Listener

Be an active listener in both everyday life and your relationships. People aren't compelled to fall in love with someone who can't remember the little details they said. Ask questions that will help you get to know each other better and listen to her answers.

Quick Tip

If you really struggle with memory, maybe write a note to yourself after important conversations. This will help you keep track of what you talked about, and will let you recall the little tidbits you can incorporate into other acts of love.

Offer Sincere Compliments

Give the object of your affection sincere compliments designed to help her feel special. Recognize a new outfit or a flattering new hair cut.

Compliment her work, her attempts at something new and the things you genuinely like about her. Don't be overly dramatic as this can come off as disingenuous, but be heartfelt in each one you say.

Earn and Expect Trust

For many women, trust is the most important factor in falling in love. Some women give their trust up front, but you should still show her that you're working to earn it.

Earning trust is a long process where you need to be honest, follow through, and keep information private when requested. If you lie or cheat, you'll lose trust and may never get it back. Trust her and you can expect that trust in return.

Be Confident With Your Own Look

There's no one style that makes all women fall in love with you, but having the confidence to rock whatever style you connect with can be incredibly attractive. Caring about what you look like and how you're perceived if just another way to show someone that you can take time to put effort into something.

Be Polite

Chivalry doesn't have to be dead. Open doors for her. Offer a hand up or hand down when it is needed. These simple acts show her that she's special and you want her to be happy and cared for.

Respect Her as an Equal

In today's world, men and women are more equal than ever in terms of responsibilities. Honor her role in your relationship, her role at work, or anything else she's involved because all work - whether it's monetized or not - is hard work. It's an equal partnership, and you need to treat it like it is.

Send Sweet Correspondence

The things you say in person or even via text can help make a girl fall in love with you. Share your thoughts and say sweet things to her from time to time so it feels genuine and not contrived. Everything from funny romantic notes left on the kitchen counter to a simple "thinking of you" text can go a long way.

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Give Spontaneous Tokens and Gifts

Thoughtful gifts that show you were listening or know who she is can help make a girl fall in love with you. Elaborate gift-giving all the time won't be as effective as giving great gifts on holidays and a few other random times throughout the year. From romantic gifts to sending flowers, spontaneous reminders of your love can work wonders for fostering positivity in your relationship.

Be Romantic in the Bedroom

Sex isn't a prerequisite to a valid relationship, but for people who do enjoy having sex with their partners, it's important to remember to give as much as you receive. No one wants to feel like they're putting in all the work and getting none of the payoff, so talk with your partner about the different ways she wants you to put that effort in.

Make Future Plans

People gravitate towards relationships because they often offer stability. A nonverbal signal that you're in it for the long haul is making plans for the future. Everything from planning a vacation together for next year to talking about your future goals as individuals can help your partner feel secure in your relationship, and love needs a safe environment to thrive in.

Be Genuine

Finally, be genuine and show her who you really are. While it's always good to put your best foot forward, letting her know the real you can bring you closer, and if it's meant to be, it will work in your favor. Not being authentic to who you are won't turn out well in the long run in any relationship.

Show Her You're the Love of Her Life

Being in love with someone and wanting them to feel the same depth of emotions for you it totally understandable. But, making a girl fall deeply and madly in love with you isn't a matter of force, it's about being the best version of yourself you can be.

Exude love, positivity, and safety, and if it's meant to be, you might have the same sentiments radiating back towards you.

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23 Simple Ways to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You