10 Signs of a Fake Hermès Bag

Published May 27, 2020
Red Hermes Bag

There are 10 signs you can look for to determine if a Hermès bag is fake. If you find a couple signs don't match up with an authentic Hermès bag, then you can be fairly certain it is a fake Hermès bag.

1. Real Hermès Bags Use High Quality Leather

Hermès bags have soft and supple leather due to the high quality of leather used. You can feel the quality of the leather as well as the subtle smell of leather. A fake Hermès bag won't be soft and supple to the touch. It will have a stiffness as well as a chemical smell to it.

2. How to Spot Fake Hermès Bag by Hardware Quality

You can spot a fake Hermès bag by the kind of hardware used. Precious metals are used in all the hardware for these luxury, expensive handbags, such as plated gold or palladium plated. The weight of the hardware will feel heavy. If the hardware is lightweight, flimsy, flaking, chipping, or isn't highly polished, these are good indicators the bag is counterfeit.

3. Zippers on Hermès Bags: Real vs Fake

Zippers are a true way to tell the difference between a real Hermès bag and a fake one since authentic zippers are easy to open and close. The pull is always parallel to the zipper. If the zip pull hangs down and is difficult to pull, then the bag is fake.

Model walks the runway during the Hermes Menswear Fashion Show

H Zip Stop

The Hermès zipper features an H at the zip stop. This is made of one piece and matches the rest of metal hardware. Counterfeit Hermès bags use a clunky thick H that often features a seam where the two pieces are joined.

4. Shape of Handles and Purse

When you hold the handles, they should be sturdy and stiff. They should stand up above the bag in an oval shape. If the handles are soft and flop over the bag is a fake. If the handles are rounded and short, the bag is a fake.

Shape of Purse

The bag should stand up when set on a flat surface. If it collapses upon itself or no longer holds its shape, then it isn't an authentic Hermès bag.

5. Authenticity Cards Are Fake

Hermès doesn't issue authenticity cards for their purses. However, some fake Hermès bags often include an envelope with a printed card and an orange plastic card the size of a credit card with the Hermès logo printed on them.

6. Color Verification to Spot Fake Birkin Bags

You should always check the bag against the one on the Hermès website to ensure the designer bag's features and colors are identical. For example, the Birkin bags can be color-matched to the year they were produced since each year has a specific color. In addition, each year has a specific leather that can also be matched to the color for authentication of your Birkin bag.

Alexandra Lapp is wearing a yellow Kelly bag from Hermes during Paris Fashion Week

7. Lining Tips

Some Hermès bags are lined with leather (chevre) while others may have goatskin. Other types of linings are possible in authentic Hermès bags. The main thing to look for in determining if your bag is a real Hermès or a fake designer one is the quality of material and construction. The lining should have flawless stitching. There should be no loose or snagged threads.

8. Saddle Stitch on Hermès Bags

The stitching where the handle joins the bag is double stitched. Stitching is straight and even. If your bag features irregular seams or uneven/crooked stitching, then it is a fake Hermès bag. Hermès uses the saddle stitch. This stitch has a natural slant to it. If the bag doesn't feature the saddle stitch, you should take it as a sign the bag is a counterfeit.

9. Hermès Logo

The Hermès logo is stamped on each bag. The wording is, "Hermès Paris Made in France." You can verify the font style and size against the Hermès website. The logo should not be crooked or irregular. You want to double check that the logo is centered.

women wearing an Hermes bag and a Chanel bag and heels

10. Dust Bag

The Hermès dust bag should have the Hermès logo printed on it in dark brown. The handbag should be made of a high-quality fabric. The dust covers have a cotton drawstring that is brown, like the logo color.

Two Colors for Dust Bags

The Hermès dust bag is produced in two colors. One is orange and features a dark brown Hermès logo while the other one is a light beige with the dark brown Hermès logo. Some fake dust bags are gray with burgundy logos.

Recognizing the 10 Signs When a Hermès Bag Is Fake

Once you understand the 10 signs to look for when examining a Hermès bag, you can easily determine if it's a fake. When you take the time to look closely before purchasing a Hermès bag, you can be assured you aren't swindled with a counterfeit bag.

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10 Signs of a Fake Hermès Bag