How to Smell Good All Day: 11 Easy Tips to Keep You Feeling Fresh

Ever wanted to ask that one person how they manage to smell good all day long? We found out so you don't have to.

Published September 13, 2023

Do you know someone who just smells heavenly every time you're around them? Even when they've just come from the gym or a long walk? Instead of being all sorts of jealous — though it's tempting — we decided to figure out how to smell good all day ourselves.

These hacks are super simple and fit effortlessly into your routine so you can be the person in your friend group who always smells amazing.

Start by Hydrating Your Skin

Hydration seems to be at the core of everything we want in life, doesn't it? Even smelling good! Hydration for your body and your skin are important factors in how you smell. When you hydrate with water and moisturizer, the scents (like perfume) you use are able to linger on the skin longer.

Look for Breathable Clothing

The way your body reacts to your clothing is another important part of how you smell to others. Spending all day in a top that doesn't breathe is a recipe for less-than-appealing smells if you start to sweat even a little. Look for clothing that's lightweight and breathable. Cotton is usually a safe choice.

Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables

Did you know that the importance of eating your fruits and vegetables isn't just about health? A generous amount of produce in your diet can actually impact the way you smell. Aside from odor-causing things like asparagus and garlic, most fresh fruits and vegetables are thought to cause a more pleasant smell. The fragrant oils inside the produce, especially in citrus fruits, are absorbed into your body and then released from your skin.

Brush Your Teeth After Meals

You can do all the right things when it comes to making yourself smell better, but if your breath is offensive, your efforts won't likely be appreciated. Brushing your teeth every time you have a meal — or even a cup of coffee — helps keep your breath fresh all day. If you can't brush your teeth, mouthwash, breath mints, or gum can also help. 

Quick Tip

Dental health matters too. Keeping up with your regular dental cleanings and daily flossing (floss picks make it quick and easy) can also make a big difference in keeping your breath fresh all the time. Some people also swear by water picks because of how fresh they leave their mouth feeling. 

Create a Scent Foundation

One trick to smelling good all the time is about more than just choosing a perfume that smells nice. It's helpful to start layering scents that work well together before you even get to the perfume stage.

Try soaps, shampoos, body lotions, and other products featuring scents similar to your perfume. Doing this elevates your perfume while giving others the impression that the scent is truly your signature.

Fast Fact

Even your laundry detergent counts as a scent layer, so look for one that complements your favorite perfume.

Spray Your Scent in the Right Places

When the time does come for you to spritz on your signature scent, make sure you're applying it in the most beneficial places. The warm spots on your body, also known as your pulse points, are the best place to add your perfume.

Spritz your wrist, base of your throat, behind your ears, behind your knees, and your inner elbow. The scent will linger much longer in these areas.

Quick Tip

You can use a little less perfume in warm weather, as the warmer temps will help your scent linger longer.

Don't Rely on Perfume to Cover Odors

Perfume isn't meant to act as your own personal brand of Febreeze. It's meant to elevate your naturally pleasant scent. In order to do that, you'll need to take the necessary steps to make that scent pleasant. Bathe regularly, swap deodorant for antiperspirant when needed, and clean your clothing often. 

You can also try some of the newer whole-body deodorant products that are actually designed to neutralize body odors, like Lume or Mando. They have washes, deodorant sticks, and cream deodorant that help eliminate rather than mask odor. With all of these practices in place, your perfume will be able to stand out rather than act as a cover to odor. 

Quick Tip

For situations where you may have can't shower right away (like taking a brisk walk on a sunny day during your lunch break), try keeping some baby wipes and mini deodorant in your bag. 

Try a Coffee Scrub

Add this natural product to your weekly routine. A coffee-based scrub used once a week exfoliates your skin and helps absorb odors. The nitrogen in coffee neutralizes odors in the air and can have the same effect on your skin. Don't worry, you won't smell like coffee all day after using it.

Try the Laundry Stripping Method

Social media reminded us of the importance of this laundry practice. The viral laundry stripping method helps rid your clothing, towels, and bedding of set-in stains and odors. Doing this makes your laundry feel newer and much fresher. Cleaner clothes mean you'll instantly smell better. 

Free Your Shoes of Odors

You've cleaned yourself and your clothing, but don't forget the shoes. Tackle those tough odors coming from your shoes so you smell as fresh as possible from your head to your toes.

Make the Places Around You Smell Good

Smelling good all the time isn't just about what's on your body. It's also about the places around you. Go the extra mile and use some of your personal scent practices in the places you frequent. Your closet, your car, and your entire home are places you can practice odor-elimination and scent hacks. With your entire environment smelling fresh and clean, your own lovely scent will shine.

Be the Person Everyone Talks About (in a Good Way)

Your days of envying the person with the elegant scent are over because now you can be that person. Using these simple hacks in your daily life will make a big impact. Before you know it, you'll be the one people can't stop talking about because you smell that good.

How to Smell Good All Day: 11 Easy Tips to Keep You Feeling Fresh