Jellyfish Hair: Is This Cute & Quirky Cut Right for You? Take a Look & Decide for Yourself

Jellyfish hair is a look that goes way beyond your average hairstyle. Discover why this deconstructed mullet's taken the world by storm.

Published February 2, 2024
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In the 2020s, experimental haircuts are the new breakup bangs, and one of the latest quirky cuts to hit social media is cutesy jellyfish hair. Get the details on this anime-esque hairstyle, ideas for different looks, and how to decide if it's right for you. 

What Exactly Is Jellyfish Hair?

Jellyfish hair comes on the heels of the big mullet revival and amps up this play on levels and disconnected layers. While it's a futuristic hairdo, you can see remnants of 1960s bouffant layering and early '00 Taiwanese cuts in its foundation. And we think that Florence Henderson might have been the first to rock this disconnected 'do in the 1970s. 

This severe top-layer bob with long hair underneath gets its name for its floating jellyfish-like appearance and entranced TikTok in 2023. The jellyfish was a natural conclusion for the progression we were already heading towards starting with the mullet, moving to the octopus, and landing here.

5 Style Suggestions to Make Jellyfish Hair Your Own

There might be other fish in the sea, but there's only one jellyfish on your head. Make your trendy haircut stand out with these style suggestions.

Bring It to Life With Colored Tips  

If you're going for a disconnected bowl cut bob, then you might as well go all the way and add some flaming tips to the bowl’s edge. For vibrant party colors to last though, you're going to need to get the tips of your hair to a nice bright white before adding the semi-permanent dye.

From blues to reds and everything in between, these colorful tips will give your head a captivating edge ala neon lights and industrial style.

Fuzz Out the Shape With Gradual Layers

Not everyone wants a flat bob on their head, and you can still have a jellyfish without one. Fuzz out the shape with texturing around the bob, starting higher on the head and adding length towards the bottom. This should give you the perfect Pomeranian mane to go with your long locks underneath.

Go Wacky With Exaggerated Rat Tails

When you've got a sharp bob and a lot of hair hanging underneath it, you've got a great opportunity to pull out the rat tail of the century. Simply braid your underneath layer and leave your top one hanging free.

Embrace the Funky 'Do by Curling the Bob

An easy, but unexpected, way to style this cut is by curling the top layer and leaving the bottom untouched. This might give you a bit of a half-permed look, but it could fit right in with your unique vibes.

Step Bangs Give You the Look Without Fully Committing

Stepped side bangs, which are cut straight across and high on the face, are the baby steps you can take before jumping headfirst into this severe chop. And, if you absolutely hate them, you can always pin them underneath the rest of your hair until they grow out. 

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4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Jellyfish Cut 

With every hot ticket trend, there are always a few people who take the plunge without thinking things fully through. Make sure you don't wake up the next day regretting your big chop by going over these considerations first.

Growing It Out Can Be Challenging

Just trying to grow out your bangs is hard enough, let alone an entire bowl-cut bob. This only gets worse the longer your hair underneath is. However, if you're vibing with adding layers back in, it’ll be smooth sailing for you.

It Rounds Out Your Face

When you've got a chin-length bowl cut that hangs right against your face, people's eyes are going to be drawn to said face. So, if you don’t want to emphasize your round face shape or give the illusion of a rounder face, this might not be the cut for you.

Styling Is a Must (& a Time Commitment)

This isn't a haircut that many people can get out of bed and feel like it’s ready to walk out the door. To get that voluminous contrast, you will have to style it. And we get it — that's just not something everyone's up for.

Not Every Stylist Will Know How to Cut It

Your regular hair stylist might not be comfortable working in this severe style, or they may not even know where to start. And with such a dramatic decision, you want the person cutting it to be fully confident in their skills.

Wade Through the Water With Jellyfish Haircuts

If there's one lesson these ultra-cool hairstyles have taught us, it's that hair always grows back. So, if you're feeling like it’s time for a big change, maybe these cute jellyfish cuts are the perfect solution.

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Jellyfish Hair: Is This Cute & Quirky Cut Right for You? Take a Look & Decide for Yourself