8 June Nail Designs That Celebrate Sunny Skies

Our June manicure ideas are filled with bright, juicy colors and fun nail art that celebrate the onset of summer.

Published May 21, 2024

June is bustin' out all over, and we're all about the longer hours of daylight, sweet sunshine that doesn't scorch, and the official start of summer. With June in full bloom, we have some great June nail ideas to ease your way into summer with style.

Sweet Succulent


How cute is this cool green mani? Represent for the sun-loving succulents with a quick and easy mani using Echeveria-green polish. We think OPI nail lacquer in $elf Made is the perfect succulent shade. It's a June nail color that's cool and hot, all at the same time. 

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


You probably won't want to spend too much of your June time doing your nails, so we're down for a quick and easy solution like this pretty lemon-yellow color that gives fresh lemonade vibes. And we're not looking for subtlety here... just a bright yellow color that dries fast and reflects the carefree vibe of sunny June days. Fortunately, we have just the thing... Revlon's Ultra HD Snap polish in Marigold Maven. This bright yellow only needs one coat, so you'll be heading out the door in a flash. 

We Scream for Ice Cream


How pretty is this ice cream parlor pink for a June mani? This soft pink manicure is perfect for summer, and it'll look pretty wrapped around an ice cream cone. We love Essie's pale pink polish in Ballet Slippers as the ideal shade to share the sweetness of June. 

Orange You Glad It's June?


We love a juicy nail, and these orange-themed nails add the perfect pop of color for June. Nail decals make it easy squeezy to add the adorable nail art. 

Get the look:

Quick Tip

Apply nail decals on top of the dried polish and finish with a clear top coat. 

Be Fruitful


Orange you glad we didn't just stick with oranges for our fruit-themed June nail designs? We think these tiny pieces of fruit on top of pink jelly nails are so cute and summery.

Get the look:

Pride Rainbows


Brilliantly Beachy


Sea blue plus seahorses? What's not to adore about that? And the best part of these beachy nails are the adorable 3-D seahorse charms.

Oopsie Daisy


Is there anything more June-ish than a bright gerbera daisy? How about these nails! So cute with their gerbera daisy colors and glitter green tips. 

Get the look:

Rock Your June Nails


With sunnier days ahead, get ready to rock these pretty June manis. Whether you go for a single color or opt for something a little fancier, these June nail polish ideas go perfectly with plenty of sunshine and summer fun. 

8 June Nail Designs That Celebrate Sunny Skies