Louis Vuitton Wallet Styles: Timeless Looks Worth the Investment

Updated March 25, 2021
Louis Vuitton Wallet

Louis Vuitton's small leather collection consists of wallets and accessories. These items have bridged the gap between luxury designer elitism and everyday purpose. Wallets can be found in a variety of styles and patterns, making it possible to coordinate your Louis Vuitton wallet with your favorite bag.

The Charm of Louis Vuitton Wallets

Louis Vuitton wallets boast a blissfully understated luxury that makes these products the perfect accessories for a variety of looks. Louis Vuitton fans can indulge themselves in a number of style lines such as the following.

Monogram Options

The Monogram Canvas line remains the signature look of Louis Vuitton accessories. This popular beige-on-brown "LV" bearing design remains the most popular style of all Louis Vuitton products. Some wallets to consider from this line are:

  • Clémence Wallet - This beautiful wallet is feminine and sleek. It has room for all basic wallet necessities and the zipper ribbon comes in several color options outside of the classic monogram pattern, including a rose color and a fuchsia. This classic wallet retails for $570.
  • Zippy Wallet - The Zippy-style wallet is perhaps the most popular Louis Vuitton wallet on the market. It contained compartments for credit cards, identification cards, money, and coins. The wallet is one of the more versatile items offered by the iconic line, doubling as a clutch.
  • Brazza Wallet - The Brazza wallet, offered in the men's section of the designer line, is tall, elegant, and functional. Gentlemen wanting to make a statement can slip this accessory into a suit coat pocket, where it lays ever so sleekly. With 17 card slots and plenty of room for coins, paper, and cash, you'll likely never outgrow this item. This wallet, which retails for $750 is a timeless piece that lets everyone around you know that you are clearly doing very well for yourself.
black Vuitton monogram clutch

Colorful LV Coin Purses

When you make the commitment to a Louis Vuitton purse, you better make sure you adore it and will use it for many years to come. These beauties are pricey! For those who want pops of color on their accessory shelf, but aren't willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a colorful bag that doesn't go with everything, colorful coin purses might be the way to go.

  • Zippy Coin Purses - Louis Vuitton offers stunning coin purses with several colorful twists. For those not wanting to move too far out of the design box, coin purses offer a splash of playfulness that compliments some of the more standard, monogrammed purses. Ranging from $480 to $800 in price, these coin purses come in bright pinks, fun creams, golds, and patterns and have playful embroidery on the outside.
  • Trunk Chain Wallet - The Trunk Chain wallet is structured, classy and stunning. You won't want to hide it away in a purse, this accessory is a showstopper for sure! It comes with an attachment, turning it into a clutch or small shoulder bag. The rose ballet color is a perfect spring hue, and the metal studs and locks give the wallet/bag a contemporary feel. This item doesn't come cheap and retails for over $3,000.

Epi Leather Collection

The Epi Leather Collection contains a variety of wallets all crafted out of the same soft, pleasant Epi leather. The "LV" is subtly embossed on the lower corner of Epi models. There is a range of colors in this collection such as Prune Electric, Menthe, Citron, Indigo, and Fuchsia along with standard understated colors like navy and black.

Epi Leather Vuitton black and white bag

Some Epi wallets to consider include:

  • Multiple Wallet - The Multiple Wallet is made of soft Epi leather and geared for gentlemen. It is understated, with the LV logo hinting at the bottom of the item, and classic all the way. This wallet retails for $620 and comes in a dark navy blue and a black color.
  • Pocket Organizer - Also located in the men's section of the website, the LV Pocket Organizer offers function and beauty to any man about town. Cards, pertinent papers, identification cards, and other important documents all fit snugly in this beautiful item made entirely of Epi leather. The pocket organizer retails for $430 and comes in stately navy or black.
  • Kirigami Necklace - One of the more fun collection pieces offered in the Epi leather is the Kirigami Necklace. This statement mini-wallet comes in black or rose ballerina pink can be suspended from a beautiful chain or tucked away in a complimentary purse. It retails for $765.

Show-Stopping Red Wallets

Nothing says "look at me" like the color red. For a wow factor, consider some of these red statement wallets.

  • Capucines Wallet - The ever elegant Capucines wallet is made from soft Taurillon leather. It boasts a beautiful red hue as well as a large LV monogram clasp. It easily slips into a larger purse or can be toted around without.
  • Pallas Compact Wallet - The Pallas compact wallet combined tradition and eye-popping color to create a wallet that is truly a work of art. The item is both classic pattern and fun, flirty red. It retails for $965.
  • Pochette Félicie - This beautiful wallet/pouchette is comprised of Monogram Empreinte leather. The embossed logo patterns sit in a bright scarlet color, drawing direct attention from all directions. The chain attachment transforms the item from wallet to purse at a moment's notice. At $1,370, you get a wallet and a catchy purse at a decent price.

Where to Find

Authentic Louis Vuitton wallets can be purchased directly from Louis Vuitton stores both online (under the Small Leather Accessories section) and at retail locations. To find a store near you, visit the store locator found on Louis Vuitton's official website.

Louis Vuitton wallet

Shopping Tips

You can often find Louis Vuitton products on sites such as eBay. Beware, though, when shopping online since there are endless designer replicas currently flooding the market. If you do plan to shop online, only purchase from reliable merchants.

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Louis Vuitton Wallet Styles: Timeless Looks Worth the Investment