10 Cute Mardi Gras Nail Ideas for a Fashionable Fat Tuesday

With these nail looks, your Mardi Gras manicure will be worthy of more than one exciting throw.

Published February 12, 2024

Get ready for Fat Tuesday with these festive Mardi Gras nails. You'll still stand out among all the colorful costumes and glittering garb with these fun ideas and you'll be more flashy than all the throws of the event. 

Try Cute Mardi Gras Marble Nails

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Party today, head back to work tomorrow. That's what these elegant Mardi Gras nails help you do. With trendy marbling and subtle uses of the traditional Mardi Gras colors, you can rock this manicure well after the festival ends. 

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Purple Ombre Nails Are Perfect

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If there's one color in the Mardi Gras lineup that's on major trend right now, it's purple. From soft lavender to rich plum, these shades are all over the runways. With a purple ombre nail look, your Mardi Gras style is effortlessly fashion-forward for the entire celebration. 

Chrome Makes Festive Mardi Gras Nails

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Chrome is still taking the nail world by storm and your Mardi Gras party look is the perfect place to give the trend a try. From gold and green to every shade of purple, a touch of shiny chrome helps your nail look stand out among all the glittering colors of the season.

Gold Is Elegant & Easy

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If you want the festive shine with a touch of classic style, Mardi Gras gold is the way to go. A shade of gold polish is an easy way to sport a traditional Fat Tuesday shade. Since gold is so timeless, you can rock this manicure after the celebration's end.

Add Glitter to Green Nails

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For the classic green of Mardi Gras, glitter is an easy way to level it up. Take a fashion cue from all those beads and bring the shimmer and shine to you favorite shade of green. 

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If a full hand of glittering green isn't your thing, try one glittering nail on each hand or skip the full manicure and try glitter-coated French tips.

Add Jewels to Your Mardi Gras Nails

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If you really want the flashy take on Mardi Gras nails, be bold with nails covered in jewels. From one bedazzled finger to a hand full of sparkling rhinestones, your Mardi Gras manicure will be anything but boring. 

Dress Up Your Nails With Stickers

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If rhinestones and jewels aren't your thing, give nail stickers a try. Shimmering stickers in the classic Mardi Gras colors make any manicure stand out during the celebrations. Add them to any base coat your like or even a clear top coat to give your nails a stylish nod to the holiday.

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Add Color & Sparkle to French Tips

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French tips are always in style, but this is a fun take on the timeless look. Add gold, silver, and colorful glitter to your French tips to use your classy fashion taste in a new and exciting way for the Mardi Gras celebrations. 

Give Geometric Nails a Go

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You'll probably see quite a few geometric patterns at your Mardi Gras event. Lean into the classic prints of the season with geometric nails in classic colors. From a full nail wrap print to a single geometric decal, your nails will be party-ready for all your Fat Tuesday festivities. 

Graffiti Nails Are a Y2k Throwback

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Remember the Mardi Gras college days of the early 2000s? Here's a throwback to those unforgettable moments of young adulthood.

Graffiti nails fit in with the bold colors and exciting patterns of Mardi Gras and they're a fun throwback to the unmatched style of Y2k. Give them a try and embrace the return of your favorite trends from an unforgettable decade of style. 

Celebrate Carnival In Style

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Whether you're celebrating at home or traveling for an exciting parade, these nail looks will keep the part going for Mardi Gras. Sport them leading up to the big celebration and rock your manicure with confidence from the parade to the after party.

10 Cute Mardi Gras Nail Ideas for a Fashionable Fat Tuesday