7 Memorial Day Nail Ideas: Must-Try Manis That Salute Summer

Our cute Memorial Day mani ideas are a perfect balance between patriotic to honor the sacrifice of heroes & sunny to celebrate summer.

Published May 1, 2024
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Memorial Day weekend feels like the first official day of summer, but it's about so much more than that. And while you're feeling that three-day-weekend magic, make sure you have some super cute nails to match. From patriotic themes that honor the fallen to dreamy summer-themed nails, our Memorial Day nail ideas are the perfect inspo for your weekend.

Red for Remembrance


How sweet are these poppy-red nails? They not only have a summery vibe, but red poppies are an international symbol of remembrance for heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. It's a great way to honor the day without going over-the-top patriotic.

Get the red poppy Memorial Day nails look:

Quick Tip

When working with nail decals, place the decals on the top layer of dried color and then paint over with a glossy top coat. 

Stars & Stripes Forever


We're all for patriotic nails to celebrate our nation's heroes, but we like to do it in a fun way. Like with these cute stars and stripes nails that definitely say "America," while still being adorable.

Get stars and stripes Memorial Day nails:

Hello Summer!


It may be a few weeks until the calendar officially says summer, but can we agree that once Memorial Day happens, it feels like summer? We definitely think so. And these juicy yellow nails welcome summer with a splash of sunshine all over your fingertips.

Get the hello summer nail look:

10-Toe Salute


Since it's (unofficially) summer, don't forget to bare your toes. You can make them pop with this cute flag-themed Memorial Day pedicure. If you've got a steady hand (and are bendy enough to paint little flags on each toe), then you can use the nail polish below. Or, take a slightly quicker route by painting your nails in your favorite red, white, or blue and then using flag decals.

Challenge accepted? Here's what you need to paint flags on your toes:

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Anchors Aweigh!


Anchors Aweigh is the unofficial march of the US Navy, and it's the theme of your Memorial Day nails. We think this nautical theme is adorable, and it's a perfect way to mark this three-day weekend.

Get Anchors Aweigh-themed nails for Memorial Day:

For the Love of Lemonade


How much do you love that first lemonade of summer? Memorial Day is the perfect time to have that first refreshing sip. And these lemony nails represent the ultimate refreshment.

Get our refreshing lemonade nails:

Red, White, and Blue Matte


We think matte nails are super cute, and they work especially well with these adorable red, white, and blue-themed nails for Memorial Day.

Get the matte look:

Memorial Day Nails for a Perfect 3-Day Weekend Look


Whether you're remembering fallen heroes or celebrating the unofficial start of summer, our Memorial Day mani ideas will keep your fingers looking cute all weekend long. 

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7 Memorial Day Nail Ideas: Must-Try Manis That Salute Summer