50 Santa Quotes to Spread the Holiday Cheer

Santa sayings are the perfect way to put some ho-ho-ho in your holiday this year. Caption the magic of the season or share a cute quote about Kris Kringle!

Updated November 27, 2023
santa claus by Christmas tree with gift

Christmas wouldn't be complete without jolly old Saint Nick! If you're looking to spice up your holiday creations and Christmas cards, original Santa quotes can add some good cheer. From believing in Santa to exploring the magic of Christmas to highlighting the joy that Kris Kringle brings every year, these Santa sayings are sure to ignite everyone's holiday spirit and make things merry and bright.

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are original and written by LoveToKnow Staff. 

Sweet Santa Quotes to Share

There is no greater sound in the world than the rustle of Santa's sleigh bells on Christmas Eve.

When it comes to holiday figures, Father Christmas is king. With his red cap, rosy cheeks, and holiday cheer, Santa is pretty hard to miss. These original Santa Claus quotes are as jolly as the big guy himself! Add them to a Christmas card or a holiday snap with your friends. After all, Christmas is all about spreading joy.

  • Santa Claus is the magic of Christmas. He promotes happiness and good cheer.
  • Santa Claus is goodness and kindness wrapped in red velvet. He devotes his entire being to bringing children joy.
  • Santa is the magical spirit of Christmas that sparks the giving in our hearts.
  • The joy of giving and family are the true gifts that Santa brings.
  • Santa is the sparkle, shine, and jolly that every holiday needs.
  • There is no greater sound in the world than the rustle of Santa's sleigh bells on Christmas Eve.
  • Ever wonder why Santa wears red? It's to get you to stop and remember to show love this season.  
  • When you hear a ho, ho, ho, it takes you back to the enchanting memories of Santa Claus during your childhood. Santa is more than magic: he's a tradition.

Fun Quotes About Believing in Santa

Believing in Santa is believing in the magic of Christmas.

You don't have to be a child to believe in Santa. Not letting go of that magic is important for both parents and kids during the Christmas season. Share how you believe in the power of Santa and Christmas magic through a few cute believing in Santa quotes. These can even be fun to add to a chalkboard in your dorm or even to an ornament for friends. The true magic of Santa is the joy and giving he creates in your heart.

  • Believing in Santa is believing in the magic of Christmas.
  • I choose to believe in Santa Claus. He is more than a gift-giving spirit. Santa is the magic of Christmas that spreads joy and happiness around the world.
  • Believing in Santa is believing in love, light, and magic. Spread joy on Christmas by keeping Santa alive.
  • The spirit of Santa always lives in your heart. Never stop believing.
  • Believing in Santa is a joy for every girl and boy.
  • Santa is more than just a story. The spirit of Santa is a feeling. A wondrous feeling of giving, receiving, joy, and light. Santa brings magic to the holidays.
  • A belief in Santa can soothe your soul and fill your heart with love.
  • It's not a question of believing in Santa, it's about believing in the magic Santa brings to the season.
  • Not believing in Santa is like not believing in joy. He is the spirit of the season — you don't need to see him to feel the happiness he brings.

Quotes About the Magic of Santa Claus

The enchanting spirit of Santa Claus brings joy to revelers every Christmas.

Magic surrounds Santa. From the reindeer to the elves to his dive down the chimney, Santa is so often the center of Christmas magic. Share some of this enchantment with others via these cute Christmas quotes. You can spread your love of the season and get your friends and family as excited about Christmas as you are this holiday.

  • Santa is the Christmas sugar and spice for girls and boys who are nice.
  • The heart of Christmas isn't the presents Santa puts under the tree, it's the family surrounding it. That's Santa's true magic.
  • Christmas loses a bit of magic the moment the belief in Santa fades.
  • Santa is the magic of making wishes come true.
  • Santa exists within the hearts of children and adults alike.
  • The enchanting spirit of Santa Claus brings joy to revelers every Christmas.
  • Santa symbolizes the love we give one another and the importance of happiness.
  • Santa is the perfect reminder of the reason for the season — this jolly guy chooses kindness, and we should do the same.

Funny Santa Sayings to Spread Some Silliness

I'm tipping my hat to Father Christmas—being that jolly deserves a round of Santa-plause!

Looking for some ho-ho-larious Santa sayings? We have you covered! These silly Santa Claus quotes are an un-fir-gettable way to show off this season's fun!

  • I'm tipping my hat to Father Christmas — being that jolly deserves a round of Santa-plause!
  • I don't want to get Santa-mental, but making Christmas memories is the best.
  • If you give joy, you get it! Simple Claus and effect!
  • Take Note: Santa is an elf-made man. 
  • Sleigh it ain't so?! Santa already dropped off this year's presents!
  • I’m Claus-itive that Santa will be putting us on the nice list this year!
  • Santa is the king of elf-determination! 
  • No need to claus a scene! Santa will be at the mall every day until Christmas Eve!
  • Santa: The man who sleighs all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
  • Think Santa with grace us with his presents soon? If he doesn't, it would be quite rude-olf him, claus we were very good this year!

Short Santa Quotes for Christmas Smiles

Every gift is a little piece of Santa.

Christmas is a time for pictures. From photos of your child on Santa's lap to snaps of your Christmas trees, it's a season that we always aim to remember. The lights are beautiful and the feeling is festive. Add a little pizzazz to your snapshots by sharing a short and sweet Christmas caption or Santa saying.

  • Every gift is a little piece of Santa.
  • Santa works his jolliness right into your heart.
  • The heart of Christmas is Santa.
  • Smile! Santa's coming to town.
  • Find joy in Santa's jolly smile.
  • Sadly, Santa only comes once a year.
  • Santa spreads the true meaning of Christmas with every gift: love!
  • Santa is a jolly reminder of the power of kindness

Famous Santa Claus Quotes to Remind Us of the Joy & Magic 

“Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing." - Paige Tamada as Elf Judy in The Santa Clause

Another exciting part of the Christmas season is the many Christmas songs and movies that showcase the best (and worst parts) of the holiday. Old Saint Nick is obviously a big part of these classic forms of entertainment, which means that Santa sayings are easy to find. 

Fast Fact

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the most popular Christmas movie is Meet Me in St. Louis, with a 100% Tomatometer score. Miracle on 34th Street ranked #5, Elf ranked #26, and The Santa Clause ranked #41. Surprisingly, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation came in at #75 and Home Alone at #88. My favorite — Die Hard, which many refuse to believe is a Christmas movie, ranked #11!

Santa Quotes for the Season

Santa evokes wonder, joy, happiness, and kindness. He brings Christmas cheer to make the world a little brighter. Share a few unique Santa quotes with the world to spread his jovial spirit.

50 Santa Quotes to Spread the Holiday Cheer