20 Things to Say on Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

Updated October 30, 2018
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You're so excited to celebrate your boyfriend's birth. But how do you make him feel special on his birthday? It's going to depend on whether he likes his birthday or not. No matter what, there are cute things to say to your boyfriend on his birthday to make him feel amazing.

A Few Things to Say to Your Boyfriend on His Birthday

There are two types of men: those who enjoy birthdays and those who do not. Things that you can say to your boyfriend on his birthday differ depending on which type of guy he is. You may want to send a love letter or you may want to send something sweet. Consider your boyfriend's personality before you decide what to say or do.

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A Few Phrases to Say on His Birthday

A few great phrases you can say or things to talk about to make your boyfriend feel special are:

  • I love you. How did I get so lucky to have you?
  • Let's make this the best birthday yet for you!
  • Here's to many more birthdays together!
  • You're my favorite person in the world and deserve to have the greatest birthday ever!
  • You mean so much to me and I feel blessed to spend this special day with you!
  • You are an incredible person! I am amazed by you and so proud of you. Thanks for sharing your special day with me.
  • How can I make this day extra special for you?
  • I have a special day planned for your birthday because I love you so much!
  • You deserve the best on your birthday!

A Guy Who Enjoys Birthdays

For the boyfriend who likes celebrating, you can say and do the following:

  • Obviously, you can tell him "happy birthday," and give him a huge hug.
  • Keep calling him the birthday boy throughout the day. Talk about how special the birthday boy is (or birthday man, if you feel more comfortable).
  • Tell him all the wonderful things you love about him. Spread them throughout the day rather than lumping them all together, and he is sure to feel special.
  • If you are in a serious relationship, his birthday can be a great way to tell him where you would like the relationship to go. You can say, "I love being in a relationship with you and can see us spending our lives together."
  • Plan a fun activity for him and tell him you have a special surprise for him later. You can tell him, "I've got something awesome planned for you later and I can't wait for you to see it!"
  • You can say, "I love you so much and can't wait to celebrate you today!"
  • You can let him know, "You mean so much to me and I want to make sure you have a perfect birthday."

A Guy Who Does Not Like Birthdays

Some people just don't like birthdays. No matter how much you may love your boyfriend, he may not want you to remind him of his birthday. A few things that you can say to your boyfriend who doesn't like birthdays are:

  • You can tell him how much you love him. No matter what day it is saying, 'I Love You,' is always a great idea. You can say, "Have I told you today how much I love you?" If you aren't in love you can say "... care about you."
  • Don't tell him it's his birthday but don't make it obvious that you are trying to avoid the topic either.
  • If you must mention it is his birthday, just call it his special day. You can say, "Let's have a great day together and enjoy this special day."
  • Birthdays are a good time to discuss how much you mean to each other. Even if he isn't into celebrating, you can still spend quality time together. You can say, "I love spending time with you."
  • You can mention, "You make me so happy. I appreciate what a great boyfriend you are."
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Why Are Birthdays Special?

At some point, you may find yourself asking what makes birthdays so special. After all, everyone has one annually and thousands of people share the same birthday. However, many people value birthdays as more than just a simple day of the year. The following are a few reasons why birthdays matter:

  • Everyone grows older on a birthday. When you are younger, this is exciting (getting closer to getting your license or drinking) and when you are older it's not as delightful. However, birthdays signify aging and that everyone is human.
  • In astrology, a birthday is (in most cases) the only time of the year when all the planets fall as they did on a person's birth date.
  • Many cultures celebrate birthdays more than they do actual births.
  • Birthdays are a great opportunity to celebrate your relationship.
  • Birthdays offer a chance to express how much you care about someone.

Birthdays Are a Great Time to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

If you are reading this article or others like it, you are probably interested in making your boyfriend feel special and wanted. A few reasons why include:

  • If he's a great boyfriend year round, birthdays give you a chance to show how much he means to you.
  • On birthdays, most people get treated special. Caring about your boyfriend as much as you do makes you want to continue this idea.
  • Why not? Birthdays are a great excuse to shower your boyfriend with love!
  • Birthdays are the perfect chance to do something romantic with your boyfriend.
  • You can use this occasion to surprise him with his favorite treats and activities.
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A Few Things You Can Do For Your Boyfriend on His Birthday

If you are interested in things you can say to your boyfriend on his birthday, then reading a few tips on how to make the day even better for him are sure to be welcomed. Some cute things to do for your boyfriend's birthday are:

  • Use the day to do things he loves that you normally wouldn't. For example, "Honey, would you like to play that video game you love all day long?"
  • Get him a gift that he's been wanting recently.
  • Use the day to do something special for him such as making him a glorious meal or baking him a cake. An example of how you can say this to him is: "What do you want me to cook for you--whatever you want, you've got it!"
  • Take the guess work out of what you think he would like and just ask him. For example, "Honey, what can I do to make today a special day for you? What would you like?"
  • Ask him why he loves his b-day and use his answer to give you clues for a b-day surprise. You can say, "Love, tell me what you like best about your b-day."
  • Wake him up with breakfast in bed. You can say, "Birthday breakfast for the birthday boy!"
  • Take him out to his favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner.
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The Best Tip of All

The best thing you can do for your boyfriend on his birthday or any other day is whatever feels natural to your relationship. Honor the bond that the two of you share, and he's sure to feel special.

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20 Things to Say on Your Boyfriend’s Birthday