13 Picnic Decor Ideas for Cozy Couples & Posh Parties

Decorating for a pretty picnic? Get the quiet luxury look whether you need picnic party decor for couples or a crowd.

Published August 23, 2023

The most important part of a picnic is probably the food, but the picnic decor matters too. Whether it's a romantic lunch for two or a special picnic party, you want the decorations at your picnic to fit the mood. These are the simple, stylish, and stunning picnic decor ideas that your next gathering needs.

Let Candles Set the Mood


Whether it's just you and your sweetheart or a small gathering of your closest friends, candles help set the cozy mood for your picnic. Add them in groups of two or three on your tables, on risers, and lined up on benches. Choose clear vessels, colorful glass, and even vintage cups for holding and displaying the candles for your gathering.

Need to Know

Most parks and public outdoor spaces won't allow you to have an open flame, so this might be best for picnics at home.

Trade Picnic Benches for Pillows


Traditional picnic tables don't have to be a part of your picnic party. You can swap those for lower tables and cozy stacks of pillows for your guests to enjoy. Who wants to navigate swinging their legs over those stationary benches when you can just plop down on the ground?

Fill Baskets With Florals


Picnic baskets must be a part of your decor, even if they aren't storing the food you plan to enjoy. A basket overflowing with florals looks stunning at the foot of every table or near the entrance to your get together. They're also perfect for weighing down blankets so your guests don't have to worry about their seating blowing away in the breeze.

Neutral Linens Are Simple & Stunning


Checkered picnic blankets are adorable. But there's something so beautiful in the simplicity of soft, neutral linens. Drape them over your tables, use them on the ground, and create gorgeous backdrops for all those party selfies.

Mix & Match Glassware


Disposable picnic plates and cups are great if you need easy clean up. But, if you want to go the extra party mile, colorful glassware is a gorgeous choice. Mix and match sizes, colors, and textures for an eclectic celebration overflowing with vibrancy and whimsy. 

Serve Individual Cheese Boards


If your picnic party includes a larger guest list, this cute idea is worth trying. Include a small cheese board on each blanket or table for guests to enjoy. Serve your selections on wooden risers, small marble boards, or in miniature picnic baskets. 

Choose a Color Scheme


A color scheme for your picnic gives you direction as you're planning. Unlike a specific theme, a color scheme helps you add subtle details to the gathering that point toward a singular vision without being too obvious. Try pastels, monochromatic colors, or a moody palette for your party picnic.

Ground the Party Area With Rugs


Want to add some decorative flair to your picnic? A collection of colorful, vintage-inspired rugs should do the trick. They give your guests something soft underfoot, frame the party area with clear boundaries, and add colorful texture to your decor. 

Style Food Thoughtfully


From a large spread of food on a picnic table to the small blanket you share with your family, make the food presentation pretty for your picnic. The food at your picnic gathering is a large part of the decor. Use trays, baskets, and beautiful platters to display the menu you've spent so much time planning. Don't forget thoughtful vessels for your drinks, desserts, and non-food items like napkins.

Capture Laid-Back Luxury


For the effortless luxury party you're planning, less is often more. As trends like "old money" and "quiet luxury" are continuing to gain popularity in style and home, they're also taking over the party planning world. It doesn't take much to capture the laid-back luxury of these trends. Look for simple, thoughtful dining pieces. Opt for a smaller menu with some traditional items and some unexpected ones. Keep colors and patterns light, soft, and timeless. 

Adopt a Forestcore Theme


Forestcore is the latest aesthetic trend taking over decor and parties, and it's basically made for a picnic celebration. Let nature inspire your picnic decor with wood, floral, and stone details. Look for natural materials — think flax, linen, and leaves — to start layering your decor details. By the time you're finished decorating, you'll all be dining in a forest wonderland. 

Get Cozy for a Couple's Picnic


Planning a romantic picnic for two? Skip the obvious romance details in favor of more subtle, cozy elements. This makes the picnic more inviting and less intimidating for you and your darling. A large flannel blanket sets the scene. Add in comfy pillows, wildflowers, comforting foods, twinkling lights (in place of candles), and an extra blanket for snuggling up together.

Decorate Your Picnic Tables Like a Pro


Your picnic table, or tables, will be the center of your party. Guests will spend most of their time there, and you'll want to make sure they're beautifully decorated. Here are some pro tips for making your picnic tables look dreamy and elegant.

  • Skip flimsy plastic tablecloths and opt for heavy fabrics that the wind is less likely to capture. Make sure your tablecloths are the correct size
  • Even with a tablecloth in place, additional layers add to the elegance. Try a light table runner, placemats, or an additional cloth.
  • A centerpiece is always a good idea. For long tables, a few additional details flanking the centerpiece ties it all together. Try garlands of greenery and smaller vases with flowers, lanterns, and candles.
  • Simple place settings are really all you need. The key is to use plates, cutlery, and glasses that fit your style and theme. 
  • Ambiance is also important. Include candles (real or flameless), twinkling lights, or lanterns on your table.
Quick Tip

If you want to create beautiful place settings without using your own nice dishes, check out a local thrift store. You can often find full sets or even have fun mixing and matching.

Plan a Dreamy Picnic


Whether it's a picnic for two or a party for a crowd, you have all the tools you need to plan the most memorable and dreamy celebration. Relaxing, bonding, and enjoying the fresh air are the goals. With all the right decor, you'll have the perfect setting to kick back and embrace the beauty of a thoughtfully planned picnic.

13 Picnic Decor Ideas for Cozy Couples & Posh Parties