Unique Jack and Jill Shower Ideas for Modern Parents-to-Be

Published August 11, 2021
Friends throwing confetti at baby shower

Traditionally, a mom-to-be is showered with love at a baby shower before their bundle of joy arrives. Women close to the expectant mother attend the celebration, and the father only makes a brief appearance to open gifts or load up presents at the end of the event. A more inclusive way to celebrate parents-to-be is to throw a co-ed, Jack and Jill baby shower, which includes mom, dad and guests of every gender. These amazing Jack and Jill baby shower themes will make the party an enjoyable time for everyone in attendance.

Jack & Jill Showers Inspired by Nature

When hosting a baby shower, you can't go wrong with a nature-inspired theme. These Jack and Jill shower ideas are sweet and gender-neutral and full of fun for all.

Candies, cookies, cupcakes and a cake shaped as a honeycomb with fondant bees flying and yellow cute little flags.

What Will Baby "Bee?"

Throwing a buzzworthy bumblebee shower is always an adorable idea. Decorate with sunflowers and daisies, and with hues of yellow, white, and bursts of black. Serve decadent treats infused with honey and make cozy hot toddies if your shower is during the winter months.

Our Ray of Sunshine

Invite everyone to bask in the celebration of welcoming your baby-to-be at a Ray of Sunshine themed baby shower. An aesthetic of light yellow and cream decor will brighten up the space, and sayings like "Here Comes the Sun" and "You Are My Sunshine" will put an even sunnier spin on this bash.

Behold the Cutest Cub in the Jungle

A jungle theme is a great idea for couples who invite both genders to a baby shower. Go full-on safari, dress in wild prints and get ready to bring your baby cub into the world. Treat guests to baby jungle animal cookies, coconut-flavored cake, and tropical fruit drinks, both boozy and non-alcoholic.

Welcome Little Woodland Creature

A woodland-themed shower is a fitting option for couples who love the forest and the great outdoors. Decorate the space with florals and woodsy elements like branches and fresh-cut pine. Incorporate plenty of cute baby animals such as deer, birds, squirrels, and foxes. Host the soiree outdoors and include games like horseshoes and ring toss.

Table with cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cakepops.

Throw a Shower That's Fit for Foodies

Everyone likes food! Plan a co-ed baby shower with a theme based on your culinary desires (and the mama-to-be's food cravings). The menu takes center stage at these shindigs, and no one will leave hungry.

Welcome to Our BBQ

Throw a baby shower that is filled with great comfort foods and plenty of sunshine. Gather around the grill to roast up your faves and to toast the parents-to-be. Then dine on pulled pork sliders, burgers, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and potato salad. Go full-on picnic style with your decor, and set up lots of adult backyard games.

There's a Baby Brewing

You don't immediately think of beer drinking when you think baby shower, but throwing a party based on craft-brewed beers can be fun, classy, and perfect for everyone on your guest list. Be sure to include various craft beers, root beers, sodas, and a snack bar or buffet that complements the event. Pass out party favors to those who come out to celebrate the major milestone. Consider personalized beer cozies or bottles of brewed beer with special labels on them.

We've Got a Bun in the Oven

The term "bun in the oven" has become synonymous with pregnancy. Play on this term by hosting a Bun in the Oven baby shower. Hold the shower in the early afternoon and serve guests a bevy of baked goods. Think muffins, croissants, sticky buns, and donuts. Personalize chef's aprons for the expectant parents and create cute party favors for guests that reflect life in the kitchen; or choose to give them something homemade and yummy.

Taco 'Bout a Baby

Who doesn't love tacos? Designing a taco bar is simple and fun. Make vegan tacos, shrimp tacos, chips, salsa, and many fixings at your taco bar. Hang taco-shaped balloons and dress your event up with cacti and desert-inspired elements. For dessert, go wild and create dessert nachos. Make homemade nacho chips with cinnamon and sugar and pile them high with ice cream, marshmallows, candies, whipped cream, and cherries. Be sure to provide margaritas for your guests, because tacos will make a person thirsty!

Red, white and blue theme cupcakes with football toppers

More Jack & Jill Shower Themes Perfect for All Partygoers

These shower themes are unique and inclusive to all who attend. No one will feel out of place when celebrating a new baby with one of these party ideas.

Our Little All-Star

Everyone loves a ball game! Play on the All-American classic theme for a fun summer baby shower. Use red and white colors. Design "parent-to-be" jerseys or fun baseball caps that read: Number #1 Dad or Number #1 Mom for the guests of honor. Popcorn, ballpark franks, chicken wings, nachos, and a cotton candy machine will fill everyone's bellies as you celebrate the new lil' slugger.

Little Lumberjack or Lumberjill

Buffalo check is a trendy baby shower decor theme that's perfect for a party where both men and women will be gathering. Have guests put on their plaids. Use mountains, bison, and plenty of woodsy accents to complement the buffalo check vibe. Create a buffet table piled high with pastries, or put out a lumberjack/lumberjill pancake breakfast with a coffee bar, mimosas, and a donut tower.

Touchdown! We Scored a Baby

Invite your friends and family to a tailgate-themed baby shower. Make a pot of chili or grill up hotdogs, set out beers and sodas, and turn the big game on. Decorate your party with football-centric details. This is a great theme to tie a gender reveal into. Spike a football and see if a cloud of pink or blue smoke appears.

All Aboard Our Growing Ship!

If you are all about the nautical life, live near water, or enjoy decor like anchors, navy, and white, and boats galore, consider throwing a nautical-themed Jack and Jill shower. Encourage guests to dress in their yacht-ready apparel or keep it casual with boat shoes and sundresses. Stick to navy and white linens and balloons and add pops of red, navy, and white striping and ships and anchors where you can. Guests can enjoy blue punch recipes, mini lobster rolls, or bites from a stunning oyster bar.

Showered With Love

Play on the word "shower" and throw a party filled with raindrops and umbrellas. Decorate with white, silver and several shades of blue, build a candy bar full of blue, white and silver treats for guests to indulge in. Create DIY centerpieces made from little rain boots stuffed with flowers. After all, April showers bring May flowers.

Once Upon a Time...There Was a Baby

A storybook-themed baby shower is such a stellar idea. Who doesn't love a good book? If everyone brings a baby book instead of a card, your darling's little library will be full before their due date even rolls around. Have a cake that's shaped and decorated like a storybook, and set up displays of vintage Golden books amidst your favorite literary quotes all around the venue.

Someone Is Expecting a Superhero

Put those capes on and celebrate the newest little superhero to join your gang! A superhero-themed baby shower will work for parents expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. Men and women alike enjoy a good Avenger movie, and this shower theme will put everyone in a playful, joyous mood. This is an especially fun shower to consider during the fall months when everyone wants to dress up in costume and have a good time.

Tips for Hosting a Jack & Jill Baby Shower

When hosting a baby shower that includes everyone, the key concept is to keep things neutral and enjoyable for all. Focus on celebrating the baby on the way and the parents-to-be in a fun fashion. Ensure there are entertaining activities and food and drinks that accommodate all of your attendees, and most importantly, have a blast!

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Unique Jack and Jill Shower Ideas for Modern Parents-to-Be