50+ Bachelorette Party Themes for a Bridal Bash to Remember

Celebrate the bride with a bachelorette theme that fits her style and party personality.

Published May 22, 2023
women at a bachelorette party

When it's time to celebrate the bride, go big with your bachelorette party theme. From classy and nostalgic to just plain fun, these bachelorette themes will leave the bride with memories to last a lifetime.

The Bride's Final Disco

If the bride loves to dance and feels like she should have been born in a different decade, disco is the way to go. Have all the bridesmaids dress in sequins and their highest heels. Set up a dance floor and don't forget the epic retro playlist!

Go Glamping

For a bride with a sense of adventure and a love for the finer things in life, a glamping bachelorette bash is the perfect blend of relaxing and roughing it. Set up luxurious tents, serve the best s'mores ever, and tell scary relationship stories for a truly glam camping experience.

Barbie Bride

Come on Barbie, let's go bachelorette party! For a childhood throwback that's still full of glamorous details, it doesn't get much classier than Barbie. Encourage bridesmaids to dress as their favorite version of Barbie and decorate the party setting in nothing but true Barbie pink. Don't forget the pink Barbie drinks!

Drunk in Love

This bachelorette party theme only requires two major details: lots of Beyoncé and lots of booze. For the bride that adores Queen Bey and never says no to a cocktail, this casual theme will turn into an absolute rager.

Last Splash

floating toys in a pool

Though the bride may very well go swimming on her honeymoon, the pun for the pool party bachelorette is too witty to pass up. When you bring all the besties in bikinis together for a pool party, fun and celebration are a given. Have all the bridesmaids wear matching suits while the bride sports white for that perfect poolside photo.

Bond Bride

The name's Ette, Bachelor-Ette. Sultry and sophisticated, just like the bride, a Bond Girl-themed bachelorette is a true classic. Invite the girls for a black-tie affair with tons of martinis and endless Cosmopolitans, a few rounds of Black Jack, and a locked and loaded food spread.

The 80s Are Bach

two women dressed in 80s clothes

Leg warmers, big hair, and shoulder pads make for the perfect 80s silhouette and a fun throw back bachelorette party. Grab the bride, all the girls, and dress up for an 80s-inspired night. Hit the town with Whitney tunes on blast and your brightest blue eyeshadow to celebrate the future Mrs.

Bride or Die

If the bride-to-be is a horror movie enthusiast, she'll love a bride or die bachelorette. Plan a marathon of her favorite thrillers, serve horror-inspired snacks, and let her know that her relationship will have a much longer life than the characters in the films.

The One Where She Gets Married

Whether she's more of a Monica or a true Phoebe at heart, any bride who loves Friends will love a bachelorette party inspired by the show. Serve Joey's famous peanut butter finger appetizers, drink lattes in oversized cups, and take turns guessing Chandler's job. Don't forget to keep the show on a loop at all times and make sure you screen all the famous wedding and marriage episodes.

Napa Valley Sip & Party

Even if you're not jet-setting to Napa Valley, you can still throw your California bride a party inspired by the day and night life of the Napa Valley scene. Spend the day brunching, visiting wineries, and sporting your best summer dresses. After sunset, swap those dresses for club clothes and dance the night away.

Dazed & Engaged

For the retro bride that loves a groovy gathering, a 70s-inspired bachelorette is a real rager, man. Tie-dye, heart-shaped glasses, and all the warm and bright colors will send the bride into a daze of gratitude.

Masquerade Before the Marriage

Planning a celebration for a classy bride who still loves a costume party? A masquerade party is the perfect way to celebrate her. Have all the girls show up in their best masquerade costume and make sure the bride is the only one in white. Decorate with lots of black, gold, and glitter for a girls' night full of upscale mystery.

Sitcom Wife Life

If the bride has a great sense of humor and a soft spot for cheesy sitcoms, this bachelorette theme will leave her rolling in laughter. Have all the girls arrive in a sitcom-wife inspired outfit and see how long it takes the bride to discover who everyone is meant to be. Play her fave sitcom all night long and serve up a traditional sitcom wife dinner - pot roast, anyone?

She Found Her Main Squeeze

Citrus fruits

Citrus-themed parties are trending, and this witty bachelorette idea is the perfect opportunity to try it. Citrus cocktails, elegant table settings, and an outdoor setting are the perfect bachelorette party plan for a southern or summer bride.

Tropical Glam

For the most glamorous bride who loves any excuse to take a vacation, tropical glam is the party theme to choose. Palm leaves, pineapples, and glittery pink details make for the girliest tropical decor. Serve fresh and fruity cocktails for a glam bachelorette celebration in paradise.

Wife of the Party

Most brides love a traditional bachelorette with all the diamonds and white. If the bride-to-be is also one who loves any excuse to party, you can mesh the two aesthetics for a "Wife of the Party" celebration. All the glittering white details and diamond motifs blend into the club attire, mixed drinks, and an irresistible dance playlist for a classic bachelorette bash that's always a hit.

Mamma Mia, Here Comes the Bride

An ABBA playlist, a setting inspired by the shores of Greece, and all the dancing a girl could ask for: it's the perfect bachelorette bash. Inspired by the movie of the same name, a Mamma Mia bachelorette is all about love between friends as one lucky girl plans to say "I do."

Princess Bride

bride with balloons

The bride may be well past the years of her childhood, but she's still a princess at heart. Throw her a sophisticated and grown-up Disney princess bachelorette. Feature all her favorite girls from the princess lineup in the decor. Have all the bridesmaids arrive dressed as a version of their favorite princess who's ready to party. Serve treats inspired by the princesses and host a special viewing of the bride's favorite film - her final time viewing it before she's officially a wife.

Final Fiesta

Taco-bout a bachelorette bash, a true fiesta is a great way to celebrate the bride on her final night of freedom. Decorate with bright and bold colors and set up a margarita bar that the "I do" crew will never forget.

My Big Fat Greek Bachelorette

It's a classic wedding movie with hilarious quotes that somehow find their way into everyday life. Host a My Big Fat Greek Wedding-themed bachelorette for the bride who loves a laugh. Go over the top with decor and make sure it's authentically Greek. Serve a spread of Mediterranean cuisine and watch the quotable film on repeat throughout the night.

Spa Night

What better way to prep for the big day than to spend the night getting pampered? Plan a luxurious spa party to help the bride destress before she walks down the aisle. Set spa stations for all the girls and sport matching loungewear for the occasion. A light food spread and refreshing cocktails complete the night.

Classy Tea Party

Spilling the tea with your girls takes on a whole new meaning when there's actual tea involved. Plan the most elegant tea party for a posh bride with a love of all things dainty. Start the festivities at noon, offer a full course of tea, and tell all the ladies to arrive in their best high tea attire.

Final Flamingle

For a bachelorette bash near the water - whether it's the beach, lake, or pool - you need the perfect theme to celebrate the bride-to-be. A final flamingle includes fun on the water, all the flamingo details, and a plan to party at all costs. Hit the beach, the dance floor, and the bar all in one day for one epic send-off for the future Mrs. If you're hosting the festivities at home, break out all the pink flamingo decor and make all the foods, desserts, and drinks as pink as a flamingo feather.

Slumber Party Send Off

adult slumber party

One last sleepover before things change forever! Host a nostalgic slumber party for the bride and her best girls and recreate your younger years before that final step into adulthood. Makeovers, cheesy movies, junk food, and matching pajamas are staples for a slumber party bachelorette. You'll still giggle about boys all night long, but this time is forever.

Let's Go Girls!

It's the girl anthem of a generation - or maybe two! For the powerhouse bride, Shania Twain inspires a legendary bachelorette bash. Have all the girls dress in their favorite Shania persona, saving first choice for the bride, of course. Rock out to Shania's classics and make bags or tumblers for the whole crew that sport the unforgettable Shania chant, "Let's Go Girls." Cowgirl hats are also a must. White for the bride and hot pink for the bridesmaids.

What Happens in Vegas

If you can't plan an actual trip to the ultimate bachelorette destination, just make your own version of Vegas right in your own home. Casino games, lots of dancing, a buffet of appetizers, and the best drinks for partying help you bring Vegas to the bride even if you can't take the bride to Vegas.

Gym Bunny Bachelorette

For the fitness-focused bride and her crew, a gym bunny bachelorette is as fun as a spin class. Hit the gym together, sporting matching workout gear, of course. Afterwards, head home for a spread of protein-packed food, fitness-inspired cocktails and a celebration of the bride while the endorphins are still pumping.

Old Money Mrs.

The bride with more class than anyone you know deserves an old money soiree that screams sophistication. Black tie dresses, a pristine dinner table, and more Champagne than you know what to do with are a great start for an old money themed bachelorette. If there's time for a few rounds of croquet before the sun sets, that's just a bonus!

Final Tour

Know a bride who rocks hard and loves even harder? Throw her a final tour bachelorette before the big day! Rock and roll attire, skull and guitar motifs, and tons of opportunities to rock out will help you host the bachelorette party of a lifetime for a rocker bride. If you can schedule in time for an actual rock concert stop, you might have the bride crying off her jet black eyeliner!

Bachelorette Bash

cake with raspberries & red roses

Everyone gets a rose at the end of this episode! For a bride-to-be that will always be a Bachelorette fan, a viewing party of the reality show hit is a must. Plan for an all-nighter of rewatching the best episodes - here's an opportunity to throw in a fun drinking game or a hilarious version of Bachelorette Bingo - and celebrate the bachelorette who has already won the attention of her real life heartthrob. Rose-flavored cocktails are a must for this casual bachelorette party.

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

It's hard to believe the original fanbase of the Lizzie McGuire show is getting married, but it's definitely an excuse to host a nostalgic bachelorette party. Throw it all the way back to early 2000s Disney Channel days with crimped hair, butterfly tees, and a nonstop inner monologue animation. Everything is neon pink with no shortage of sequins for this gathering. Hey now, hey now, don't forget to watch the Lizzie McGuire Movie five times before the night is over.

Rainbow Rager

Bridesmaids sporting every color of the rainbow and a bride in her cutest white garb are just the starting point for this colorful bachelorette party. Go all out for decor, get rainbow pedicures, and serve only the brightest and most colorful food and drinks. This bachelorette party theme is perfect for the bride that lights up everyone's life.

Trading Her Tail for a Veil

For the bride that loves the sea and all things magical, a mermaid bachelorette is a dream come true. Decor in shades of pink, periwinkle, and sea-foam green are the foundation of this mythical celebration. Serve mermaid-themed foods and desserts and drinks that resemble magical ocean water. If you can plan a trip to the beach or pool, you'll get the chance to rock mermaid-inspired swimsuits!

It's a Love Story

She's written the song for every breakup before prince charming popped the question, so throw a Taylor Swift-themed bachelorette for the bride who fangirls over every new album. Come dressed in your fave Taylor-era garb and get ready for a night of shaking off the lovers of the past and helping the bride embrace her fairytale of today. You can host a party centered on one hit from the blonde pop star or celebrate with every single she's released. Whatever you do, don't forget to serve Taylor's famous chai cookies.

'Til Death

If the wedding is in late October, you can't pass up the opportunity to plan a Halloween-themed bachelorette party. Zombies, skulls, pumpkins, and a costume contest are all on the agenda for this spooky soiree. Serve scary looking foods - eye ball deviled eggs anyone? - and dish out the best Halloween candies for dessert. If you're feeling extra brave, head out for a night of dancing in your spooky costumes.

Y2K Before the Big Day

Low-rise jeans and flip phones are back for this 2000s themed celebration. For the bride who grew up in the Y2K era, this throwback bachelorette is an opportunity to experience childhood for one more night. Set up a food table with classic junk food snacks of the decade and keep a 2000s pop playlist on a loop for nostalgic dance parties all night long.

Last Rodeo

If the bride is a country girl at heart, she'll love one last rodeo with her girls before she gets hitched. Cow print pants, cowboy boots, and a country playlist are the only way to pregame for this bachelorette party. If you're hosting at home, serve up the most classic southern foods the bride loves and don't forget the sweet tea.

Country Club & Cocktails

It's the final swing for this bride, before she starts her brand new married journey. Celebrate your country club chick with an upscale bachelorette party that's as classy as she is. Tennis skirts, racket details in your decor, and shades of white, green, and pink set the tone for this posh party. Argyle print and stripes are also fun details to include. Serve traditional cocktails and help this bride celebrate her final game, set, match.

Rom Com Night

Dedicate an entire night to all the romantic comedies that carried the bride through the relationship rollercoasters leading to this day. Make dishes inspired by her favorite films and encourage the bridal party to dress as their most beloved rom-com starlet. An all-night movie marathon of the most classic romantic comedies is also in order.

Boho Bach

boho woman dancing on the beach

Sunset colors, twinkle lights, and a laid-back vibe are the foundation of this bachelorette gathering. Go upscale with a stunning tablescape, outdoor setting, and as many floral details as you can manage.

Bach to the 90s

Many of the brides today were just little tots in the 90s. Celebrate the decade that defined a generation with this throwback-themed bachelorette party. Whether you go grunge or Baby Spice in the decor, include nods to the most memorable parts of the 90s. Play M.A.S.H. while sporting your bridal bucket hats and chilling in your inflatable chairs (in pink, of course). Show this bride that she's all that and a bag of chips.

She's Getting Lei'd

Call it a luau, a tiki party, or a Hawaiian soiree. Either way, you have an excuse to enjoy a tropical party and a lineup of tropical drinks. Flamingos, palm leaves, and pineapples reinforce your theme, and rocking your best bikinis by the pool will help the bride feel like she's stepped into a tropical paradise.

Harry Potter Party

You're getting married, Harry. Or...well, whatever the bride's name is. This bachelorette celebration is only for the most devoted Harry Potter bride, and it will require an extensive knowledge of the series for the maid of honor in charge of planning. Wizard robes, a showing of the movies, and a food table inspired by details in the series are a good place to start.

Royal Wedding Bachelorette

There's a reason royal weddings are cultural highlights in every decade: they feel like a fairy tale come to life. This wedding may not be royal, but you can certainly help the bride feel like a princess. Give her an English bachelorette party as memorable as any royal marriage. High tea, British flag colors, and traditional English foods will set the royal mood. Offering the bride a tiara might also help.

Nautical Nuptials

champagne toast on a boat

Whether the ceremony is taking place by the sea or the bride just loves all things nautical, this bachelorette party theme is simultaneously novel and classy. You'll need decor with anchors, navy and white stripes, and all things ocean themed to pull off this sea-sational theme. Don't forget a scrumptious seafood party menu!

Bookworm Bride

Books, books, and more books for this bridal bash. Throw a bachelorette party with pages of classic book themes for a literature-loving bride. Stack books on the food table loaded with literature-inspired dishes and give the bride the low-key bookworm bash of her dreams.

The Hike Before the Hitch

For an active bride who would much rather party on a mountain, a girls hiking trip is the way to go. Swap traditional party planning for packing a backpack and hitting the trails. Treat the bride to a new hike she's been wanting to try, sport matching tees as you make your way up the mountain, and surprise her with bridal-themed trail snacks.


woman at a music festival

Coachella and a bachelorette celebration all at once? Even if you're not heading off to an actual Coachella event, you can still make the bride's day with this bachelorette party idea. Instruct the bridesmaids to arrive in their best Coachella outfits and decorate your setting in as much fringe and floral details as you can. Crank up the Coachella vibes with a bride-approved playlist, fun cocktails, and a spread of food truck treats.

Parisian Party

What's more fitting for a romantic wedding than a Paris-themed bachelorette party? Throw your timeless bride a timeless event complete with French pastries, Eiffel Tower details, and classic French cocktails.

Neutral Nuptials

For the bride who loves all things beige and basic, a neutral-themed bachelorette party is just plain funny. Plus, it's an opportunity to design the whole party around the bride's favorite aesthetic. Neutral everything - from decor to food - is the goal of this bachelorette fete.

Bach on the Beach

Bikinis, tanning, and one of the most beloved bachelorette themes of all time: it's the beach bach. Pack your matching swimsuits, make some sangria, and set out for a day of celebrating the bride in the sand and sun.

Spoil the Bride

Whatever bachelorette party theme you choose, remember the main goal: spoil the bride all night long. Choose a theme she would choose for herself and make it an absolutely unforgettable celebration with her best girls.

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50+ Bachelorette Party Themes for a Bridal Bash to Remember