Best Bathroom Plants for Favorable Feng Shui

Published September 18, 2020
Hanging plants in bathroom

Choose bathroom plants feng shui oriented for the best result. You can neutralize negative chi energy in a bathroom with the right feng shui plants.

12 Best Bathroom Plants for Good Feng Shui

There are three main criteria for feng shui bathroom plants. You want to avoid pointed leaf plants since they create poison arrows. You also want to select plants that can take high humidity and don't require direct sunlight since most bathrooms don't have a lot of windows to let in an abundance of light.

1. Baby Tears

Pilea glauca aquamarine, known as baby tears, thrives in high humidity, making it an ideal bathroom plant. You need to mist this plant on a daily basis. If misting a plant isn't your favorite pastime, consider setting the potted plant on top of a 1" deep tray, filled with pebbles and water. This setup will provide the moisture the plant requires.

baby tears plant

2. Begonias

Begonias also enjoy the humidity. If your bathroom has indirect bright light, place your begonias near the window, but not in direct sunlight. Some practitioners don't like flowering plants in bathrooms out of concerns the flowers might symbolize some aspect of your life that the bathroom energy will interrupt or interfere with. However, if you have a spa bathroom that features a water closet toilet that's separated from the rest of the bathroom, a begonia plant will be a good feng shui addition and add a splash of needed color.

Yellow Begonia

3. Ficus Microcarpa

Also known as Chinese banyan tree or ficus ginseng, ficus microcarpa is an evergreen plant that's used for small bonsai plants. This plant doesn't require high maintenance to keep it from growing too much. It will have a height between 16" to 40" when full grown. It prefers an indirect sunlight environment. This plant is super sensitive to its environment, so once you place it in your bathroom, leave it in the same spot to thrive.

houseplant ficus microcarpa

4. Golden Pothos

Golden pothos is a trailing vine featuring variegated yellow and green or white and green hearty-shaped leaves. It can survive in a bathroom with very little natural light or bright sunlight but requires indirect light. The preferred way to use golden pothos in a bathroom is in a hanging basket. It is easy to divide and transplant. If left untrimmed, the plant can grow to a mature length of 6' to 10'. Older plants can grow as long as 30'.

Golden pothos in a white pot

5. Little Fiddle Leaf Fig

Little fiddle leaf fig, ficus lyrata, is a glossy green leaf plant. It is the compact version of the fiddle fig. You'll need room for it to grow since it will eventually climb to four feet in height. This plant will flourish in the steamy environment of a bathroom and soak up the negative energy.

little fiddle leaf fig

6. Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair fern is an elegant plant that makes a great hanging plant, freeing up valuable floor and counter space in your bathroom. This fern thrives on the high humidity of a bathroom. Place it to receive indirect sunlight. If you have a space near the shower or bathtub, it will enjoy either placement.

maidenhair fern

7. Peace Lily

The peace lily can't take direct lighting, even though it prefers a sunny bathroom. If you have a spot by the shower, it will grow and flourish there. This plant loves long drinks of water and humidity. Just be careful not to overwater. The peace lily has glossy dark green leaves and produces beautiful white flowers. It will grow large and you may eventually need to move it to a bigger space. This is also an excellent air scrubber. It can absorb harmful chemical such as formaldehyde and gobbles up carbon monoxide to transform into healthy, clean oxygen.

Peace Lily

8. Peacock Plant

The calathea peacock plant has beautiful paled to dark green foliage reminiscent of peacock feathers. In addition, its oblong variegated leaves earned it the nickname, cathedral windows. It longs for humidity and like baby tears, you can place it in a pebble filled tray with water so it can absorb the moisture all day long. This plant will grow up to 2' tall with an 18" spread. Water only with distilled or filtered water to preserve its delicate leaves.

Peacock plant

9. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo makes a great choice for a bathroom. Transplant it in a clay or ceramic pot to reinforce its cleansing power. Set it on the back of the toilet or on a shelf above the toilet to cleanse the sha chi generated by waste water.

Lucky Bamboo

10. Philodendron

Philodendron has glossy leaves and can either be a climbing vine variety for another great hanging basket plant in your bathroom or a sedate non-climbing plant. You can use the latter for a potted floor or sink counter decoration to your bathroom. You may decide to plant a sprig in a pot and allow it to tumble over a wall shelf. This plant prefers a sunny bathroom but should always be kept out of direct sunlight.

philodendron houseplant

11. Rubber Plant

The rubber plant, also known as a rubber fig or Indian rubber tree, comes from a tropical environment of high humidity. However, it can easily survive in a typical bathroom. It does require a consistent temperature. If your bathroom temperature fluctuates from hot to cold, this isn't the right plant for this room. Its leaves are large and oblong-shaped. The texture is thick and waxy. When the leaves first emerge, they are a pale coral color that gradually turns dark green. This plant can eventually reach 6'-8' in height with a spread of 18".

Rubber plant

12. Swedish Ivy

Swedish ivy is a gently trailing plant that is ideal for a hanging basket. The leaves are small and glossy with pale green coloring and dark green veins. The edges are scalloped, and the underside of the leaf is purple. Swedish Ivy produces white or pale purple blooms. While it loves a bright sunny bathroom, direct sunlight wills scorch its leaves. It enjoys a humid environment and makes a great display.

Swedish Ivy

Feng Shui Plants Provide Wood and Earth Elements

If you want to stimulate the wealth sector in your bathroom, then a plant is the ideal choice since it represents the wood and earth elements. The wood is the most important element.

Water Element Feeds Wood

You can set a potted plant in the southeast corner of your bathroom. The water element in a bathroom will feed the wood element and stimulate the energies to attract wealth. When adding plants to your bathroom, you want to keep the feng shui rule of balance in mind so you don't create a jungle.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Plants for Feng Shui

There are many feng shui plants you can use in a bathroom. Keep feng shui principles and practices in mind when you shop for the perfect plants for your bathroom.

Best Bathroom Plants for Favorable Feng Shui