Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors for Your Personal Energy

Updated April 29, 2021
Blue Bedroom with Flower Linens

The best feng shui bedroom colors cover a wide range of hues. While each compass direction has an element that activates chi energy, each element has several assigned colors. Colors alone cannot activate chi energy, but they are a strong symbol that can be used to enhance your overall feng shui bedroom décor.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors Enhance Chi Energy

Colors, like the elements they represent, are either yin or yang chi energy. Yin is the female energy, and yang is the male energy. The ideal is to create a balance between both energies. Some feng shui practitioners believe the bedroom should have more yin than yang energy to induce rest. Yin energy is considered nurturing, passive, and loving, while yang energy is energetic, aggressive, and excited.

North: Blue, Black, Teal, Gray

Colors for the north sector (career luck) are blue, teal, aqua, and gray. The north element is water. Water is yang energy and disrupts sleep. It's best to stick with lighter shades of the color you select. Having just a hint of color, such as a pale blue or teal is preferable to royal blue walls or dark gray walls.

North Bedroom Feng Shui Colors
  • Select the main bedroom color from the metal element since it produces the water element.
  • Metal colors include silver, white, gold, brass, copper, and pewter.
  • Be careful with the color intensity. Examples of good choices include off-white, pale gold, pale yellow, or light gray.
  • The water element color black is too intense for the main color. However, you can use black as an accent color. For other accent colors, choose from the water or metal element color palettes.
  • Use various feng shui art objects to repeat your accent color, such as a matching pair of blue lamps or a painting of a pair of feng shui blue birds.
  • Wavy lines represent the water element, so you can use a few subtle shapes to represent this element, although you don't want wavy lines to be a prominent pattern in your bedroom.

Northeast, Southwest, and Center: Ochre, Yellow, Brown, Light Gray

Colors for the northeast sector (education luck) and southwest sector (love and relationship luck) are ochre, yellow, brown, and light gray, which are earth element colors. The center of your home is also ruled by the earth element and works with these colors. Use all or a combination of two or three of these earth element colors in your feng shui bedroom décor.

Northeast Bedroom Feng Shui Colors
  • Sprinkle in an accent color from the fire element since it produces the earth element. Choose your accent color from red, pink, orange, or peach.
  • The square represents the earth element, so you may wish to select patterns of plaids, checks, and squares for your bedding, pillows, draperies and/or upholstery. Choose these in your main colors with a smattering of your chosen accent color.

East and Southeast: Green, Brown, Tan, Lime

The feng shui bedroom colors for the east sector (health luck) and southeast sector (wealth luck) are green, brown, tan, and lime. The element for both directions is wood.

East Bedroom Feng Shui Colors
  • The water element nourishes the wood element. If you wish, you can use an accent water element color of blue or black for your bedroom décor.
  • Introduce a blue, aqua, teal, black, or gray accent color within your bedroom color design.
  • The rectangle represents the wood element, so you can use various green, brown, tan, or lime colored rectangle shapes throughout your bedroom décor to reinforce the wood element.

South: Red, Pink, Orange, Peach

The feng shui bedroom colors for the south sector (fame and recognition luck) are red, pink, orange, and peach. The element for the south is fire.

South Bedroom Feng Shui Colors
  • The wood element feeds the fire element. If you wish to add an accent color, choose one of the wood element colors of green, brown, tan, or lime.
  • The triangle represents the fire element. You can use the triangle shape in your bedding patterns of color or add a couple of triangle art objects in your bedroom.

West and Northwest: Gold, Silver, Pewter, Bronze, White

The feng shui bedroom colors for the west sector (descendants' luck) and northwest sector (mentor luck) are gold, silver, pewter, bronze, white, and other metal element colors.

West Bedroom Feng Shui Colors
  • The metal element is produced by the earth element, so you can include an accent color from the metal element color palette. These colors include ochre, yellow, brown, and light gray.
  • The circle represents the metal element and makes a great design pattern for a west feng shui bedroom décor. You may decide to stencil stylized circles above your headboard, choose a pair of wall medallions to hang over a dresser, or a pair of accent color bed pillows.

Skin Tone Colors

Skin tone colors are excellent yin colors for a bedroom. In fact, one of the more popular feng shui trends is to use skin tones in bedrooms along with corresponding element colors.

  • These feng shui skin tones include blush, bronze, cocoa, coral, cream, ivory, peach, rich chocolate, tan, terra cotta, and other light earth colors.
  • The skin tone colors are believed to provide soothing, nurturing energies conducive to rest, relaxation, and sleep.
  • Skin tone colors can often become the canvas for the rest of the feng shui bedroom colors you choose, or they can be used as accent colors.

How to Determine Bedroom's Sector

Traditional feng shui works off of true compass directions, whereas Black Hat (BTB) feng shui uses the bagua in a cookie cutter style of one size fits all. Classical feng shui relies on elements to activate chi energy while the Black Hat Sect adheres to the principle that color can be substituted for an element to either adjust or enhance the chi in your home. Black Hat sect feng shui practitioners believe that since colors are also found within the elements they represent, then colors must also contain element properties. Regardless, the school of feng shui you use, you'll use the colors assigned to each direction.

  • If using traditional feng shui, determine your bedroom's direction by taking a compass reading.
  • For Black Hat feng shui, overlay a black hat bagua chart over your home to determine your bedroom's sector.

Yin and Yang Bedroom Color Balance

The type of bedroom you're decorating can help you make color choices based on the balance of yin and yang energies. It helps to understand what properties go with each color to achieve an auspicious room design. That way, you can select colors based on the desired result you wish to achieve.


Black, blue, aqua, teal, gray Soothing bedroom colors
Brown Connect to earth energies and rhythm, balanced
Green Refreshed and energized
Yellow Glowing and basking in sun energy
Purple, red Excited and invigorated
Pink, orange, peach Energetic and creative
White, mauve, gold Love
Silver, pewter, bronze

Active and playful; good colors for couples trying to conceive

Wall Paint

Yang colors are vibrant and bright, while yin colors are darker. The difference between yin and yang colors is easy to distinguish when you consider the yin (black) and yang (white) symbol. For a balanced chi energy, you want to offset bright walls with darker and contrasting colors and hues for furnishings and vice versa for true auspicious room decors.

Bedding Colors

When making choices of bedding colors, keep them within the color family for the room's sector and purpose.

Choosing the right color for the wall

Master Bedrooms

A master bedroom serves two purposes. One is for romance and the other is for rest. A couple may prefer to have more yang energy in their bedroom color choices.

  • Create a cozy love nest and retreat for couples by using light colors (yang), such as red, pink, and peach with a balance of darker colors (yin). The purpose of this bedroom differs from other bedrooms where yin energy is dominant.
  • The focus for a master bedroom should be a healthy balance of yin and yang color energy. You might combine red and light gold or peach and light green for a balanced chi energy bedroom décor.

Guest Bedrooms

For a guest room, you need to promote a more yin-dominant, restful haven for those visiting you. In fact, you may opt to go with an imbalance of chi, so the guest room has more yin energy than yang energy.

Children's Bedrooms

Yang energy isn't appropriate for a child's bedroom. Children of all ages typically have high energy (yang), so their bedrooms should offer an engaging chi energy tempered with yin energy to promote a restful area. This is especially important for younger children since their senses are easily stimulated. Where a master bedroom might feature bright yang colors, the décor of a child's bedroom should feature a pale value of the yang color and contrast it with darker colors (yin).

Girl reading book on her bed

Bedroom Colors and Feng Shui Design Principles

Selecting the ideal color(s) for your bedroom is key to creating a bedroom that is enjoyable and nurturing after a long day. Your bedroom is your haven and should be a place of fun and rest. You want to implement other feng shui principles in your overall bedroom design to ensure you have the best bed placement and use the correct elements to activate auspicious chi energy.

Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors for Your Personal Energy