Creative & Cheap Room Divider Ideas You Can DIY or Buy

From budget-friendly DIYs to designer styling tips, these room divider ideas will instantly transform your space.

Updated June 1, 2023
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When you are looking for a room divider to add to your home, one of the first steps is to do what all great designers do - repurpose! Make your own room divider with simple room divider DIYs or try out an alternative to the traditional folding screen look. These room divider ideas will help you find your ideal room divider project or help you decide on the placement, room, or alternative room divider that works best for your design dreams.

DIY Room Divider Ideas

For a totally customizable and style-specific room divider option, build your own. These DIY room dividers are cute and crafty. Just a few supplies and a bit of creative determination is all you need to make your own room divider.

Build Your Own Wooden Room Divider

Modern home gym with wooden divider

This room divider DIY is traditional in style, but totally customizable to your preferences. Whether you need a specific height, width, or just a budget friendly divider, this cheap room divider project will help you build the perfect accent piece for any room of your home.


  • At least three panels of wood, approximately 12 inches wide and 7 feet tall. The height of your panels may vary based on your home's layout. For decorative purposes, you may be able to go as low as 5 feet tall, while for privacy purposes, you could choose a taller option. Although any wood will do, plywood makes a good choice since it is light and easy to cut and decorate.
  • Patio hinges - enough so that each panel of wood can be joined to another at the top, center, and bottom
  • Screws for the hinges/screwdriver or drill
  • Decorative touches of your choosing - paint, stain, stencils, fabric, wallpaper, and so on.
  • Optional - jigsaw - if you plan to cut the wood for decorative purposes.


  1. Prep and decorate your panels to your liking. If you are painting, staining, or attaching wallpaper or fabric, you will need to let everything dry and set completely before you can continue on with the process. Follow the instructions on the label of your paint/stain/adhesive for correct drying times. If you want to make decorative cuts in the wood, such as scalloping along the top or "window" in the panels to cover with fabric, now is also the time to do that.
  2. Line the panels up side by side. Make sure they are perfectly even. Leave a small gap, big enough to insert the hinges between each one.
  3. Using the screws and a drill or screwdriver, attach the hinges at the top and bottom of each panel attaching each panel to the one next to it. Make sure the hinges line up perfectly across the body of the panels.
  4. Stand your screen up - your project is complete! Note that depending on the type of wood you have chosen, your room divider screen may be too heavy for you to move on your own.

Make Your Own Modern Pegboard Room Divider

This DIY room divider is colorful, chic, and the perfect complement to a modern interior. The pegboard gives decorative options like hanging plants or installing shelves, and you can use all the colors in your room's palette to tie everything together. If Only April gives the full supply and instruction breakdown for this trendy room divider look.

DIY a Light Filtering Folding Screen

For a timeless room divider that can fold away when needed, a folding screen makes a statement at nearly eight feet tall. Follow this DIY from H20 Bungalow to create a traditional room divider that stands the test of style time.

Creative Room-by-Room Divider Options

One nice thing about making your own cheap room divider is that you can make it as functional and as decorative as you want. You can create a room divider perfectly suited to the room you have in mind and make it fit your personal style with just a few adjustments. If you need some ideas for where to place room dividers in your home, this room-by-room breakdown helps you visualize different room divider options.

Office Space for Two

Use tall bookcases as a room divider by turning them back to back to create a functional office space. Cover the sides with faux leather and attach with decorative tacks, staples, or even glue. Place a desk, lamp, chair, and rug off the opposing wall and you have a great attractive room divider.

You can also take two desks (remember your dorm room days?) and turn them back to back. Take a dry eraser board and attach it to the back of one desk to serve as a wall. You can even decorate the other side with cork tiles, thus turning it into a useful room divider for both parties.

Living Room & Dining Area

Art as a room divider

Take a cue from museums and create a room divider with an oversized piece of art. Suspend it using the appropriate sized wire from the ceiling and anchor it to the floor. This creates a breathtaking wall divider and a great conversation piece. You can also face a couch in one direction and back it with an attractive sideboard or credenza. A few tall decorative vases and candles will create the illusion of two separate rooms.

Reading Nook and Bedroom

Reading nook

Clear out a corner of the bedroom and place a comfortable chair and ottoman or chaise, in that space. Divide the area off using tall potted plants. Add a small reading light behind the chair and a small folding table to hold your books, and you have an attractive space that will not disturb your sleeping partner. Now you have a cozy reading nook in your bedroom without sacrificing style or privacy.


Create a movable room divider for your child's playroom to separate spaces for crafts, babies, or even nap areas. Glue foam or plastic blocks together to create a colorful and engaging room divider your kids will love. The best part is, it's easy to pick up and move when you decide to rearrange the space.

You can also use large modular plastic blocks that can be configured into various shapes and sizes and use them as room dividers in a playroom, especially if your kids have been using them for playtime. You might need to purchase a second set to fit the room, but they still come out cheaper than investing in a whole remodel.

Alternative Room Dividers Ideas

If the traditional folding screen or wooden room divider doesn't work for your style or budget, there are plenty of stylish alternatives. Use these as creative ways to divide your room for functional reasons or to just add decorative detail to the room.

Curtains as a Room Divider

curtain as divider

One of the most inexpensive ways to divide a room is to use curtains. You can use curtains you already have or make ones from canvas, sheets, and curtain liners. With so many inexpensive rods in different shapes and sizes, you can put up an artistic and practical divider in little or no time. With a little imagination and by taking your time, you can multiply your living space using simple division - simple room division that is!

  • One innovative trick is to use a curved shower rod and attach it to a corner of the room. Add some café rings and a pretty curtain, and you instantly create a closet or dressing room.
  • Use pleated curtains stapled to pieces of plywood and attached to the floor on a wood 2' by 4' base for a cheap and pretty room divider.
  • Make a basic room divider using PVC pipe.

Slat Wall

Living room with slat wall

Slat walls are trending in wall-application and architectural details for home design, and they make a streamlined and chic alternative to the traditional room divider. Whether you choose wide or slender slats, you can create privacy in a multipurpose room or just add a statement piece to your home's design. A slat wall stylishly divides your living room from your home office or offers a striking break between your kitchen and dining spaces.

Built in Shelving

If your home has large doorways or an open floor plan, a built-in shelving unit breaks up the spaces in a functional way. With the additional storage in shelves and cabinets, this room divider gives you more space while creating those visual breaks in the design you're looking for.

Ceiling-Mounted Shades

If privacy is the goal of your room divider journey, ceiling-mounted shades are the way to go. If you share your bedroom with your baby's nursery or want to create a cozy reading nook in your living room, you can mount light filtering shades to your ceiling. Make sure the length of the shades reaches almost to the floor and mount the shade units as close together as you can to avoid light gaps.

Hanging Plants Wall

Green workplace or home office

If you want a decorative room divider that mostly serves the purpose of adding style and personality to your room, a wall of hanging plants will add color, texture, and life to your space. Mount hooks to the ceiling and stagger your plants according to size. Try alternating the lengths or working from longest to shortest.

Divide Your Room Like a Designer

The perfect room divider is the one that fits your style, space, and budget. Whether it's a DIY, a thoughtful investment piece, or just a project you've been longing to try, a room divider will transform your interior.

Creative & Cheap Room Divider Ideas You Can DIY or Buy