Best Practices for a Bed Under a Window in Feng Shui

Updated March 8, 2021
Bed under window feng shui

A bed under window scenario presents several feng shui challenges. The good news is feng shui offers you easy remedies if you must place your bed under a window.

Feng Shui Remedies for a Bed Under Window

In feng shui, windows and beds don't mix. The easiest feng shui remedy for a bed under a window is a headboard. The headboard will block the rushing chi energy flowing in and out of the window that can negatively impact your health.

Headboards to Improve Feng Shui for Bed Under Window

When you use a headboard for a bed under a window, you create a wall effect between you and the window. There are two things you must consider when taking this approach.

Headboard against window

Type of Headboard for Bed Under Window Remedy

You can't use just any headboard in a feng shui bedroom cure for a bed under a window. You must select a tall and sturdy headboard.

  • Don't use a headboard with slats or openings.
  • Don't use a storage or bookcase style headboard.
  • Don't choose a headboard that is divided in shapes, halves, or patterns.
  • Don't select an iron or other metal headboard.

Allow Space Between Headboard and Window

You need to make sure that you leave enough space between the window and headboard so the chi energy can still flow into your room. The rule of thumb is to leave enough space so you can walk behind the bed. However, if all you can manage are a few inches between the headboard and window, this will be sufficient.

Feng Shui Cure for Bed Against Window

There are other feng shui cures if you must place your bed against a window or under the window. You can use various window treatments to slow down or even stop the flow of chi energy coming through the window.

Cover Window With Heavy Draperies

The most obvious cure for a bed against a window or bed under a window is to hang thick, heavy draperies that completely cover the window and block any light. You can open the draperies during the day to let in positive chi energy, but when you sleep, make sure the draperies are pulled tightly closed. This will in effect block the chi energy from rushing over your bed while you sleep.

Install Window Blinds

Another remedy is to install mini-blinds or plantation style blinds over the window. This will allow you to redirect the chi energy by positioning the blinds in an upward direction. This is best used with draperies, so you can completely block the window opening while you sleep.

Where to Put a Bed in a Room With Windows

You can put a bed in a room with windows but must consider the pattern flow of chi energy. The chi energy needs to flow freely in and out of your bedroom. Doors and windows are the openings where chi energy enters and exits your home.

Feng Shui Bed Placement Avoids Path of Chi Energy

With this visualization, you can see how a bed placed directly in this pathway would receive the brunt force of the chi energy and too much yang energy, making a restful sleep impossible. The ideal bed placement in a room with windows is to avoid the path of chi between the windows and the door.

Bed Between Two Windows

A bed placed between two windows with a solid wall also behind it isn't in the path of chi energy. The symmetry of this placement is auspicious and allows the chi energy to flow freely in and out of the windows without disturbing your sleep.

Bed between two windows

Bed by a Window or Sharing Window Wall

A bed by a window or a bed next to a window may be a good placement when the bed rests between two windows. However, if the window is diagonally across from a door or another window, then your bed may be in the pathway of chi energy moving between the window and door or the two windows.

Solution for Inauspicious Placement of Bed by Window

In addition to an auspicious window treatment, when your bed placement is between a window and door or two windows, you can use bed curtains. The bed canopy style curtains or a poster bed with a curtain frame are a great way to block the rushing in and out of chi energy. You can tie back the bed curtains when you aren't sleeping.

Bed Next to Window

If your bed is next to a window, so that it shares the same wall as the window, then the chi energy entering and leaving your bedroom won't be flowing directly over you while you're asleep.

Bed next to window

Bed in Front of Window: Feng Shui Solutions

You can use the same feng shui solutions for a bed in front of a window that are commonly used for a bed under a window. The feng shui goal is to create a false wall between the bed and the window. This can be done with a high and sturdy headboard without any openings. The next solution is window treatments that effectively block the chi energy while you sleep.

Feng Shui Cure for Bed Facing Window

If your bed is opposite a window, you can use any of the window treatment options with the best one being heavy draperies closed at night. In addition, you can place a folding screen opened flat to serve as a barrier between the window and bed.

Avoid Bed Under Window Placements

There are several feng shui remedies that can weaken the negative effects of a bed under a window. However, the best feng shui practices for a bed under a window is simply to avoid it and always have the support of a solid wall.

Best Practices for a Bed Under a Window in Feng Shui