Feng Shui Home Buying Checklist

Published April 16, 2019
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A printable feng shui checklist for buying a home will come in handy as you narrow your house hunting search. A checklist will help you avoid major feng shui issues while assessing those easily remedied with a simple feng shui cure.

How to Download the Printable Checklist

This feng shui checklist allows you to check off items as you make important decisions about possible home choices. If you need help downloading and printing the checklist, you can refer to the Adobe printable guide. While you won't find a flawless feng shui home, this checklist will guide you toward an auspicious home for your family.

feng shui home buying checklist
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House Facing Direction

You can find the facing direction of a house prior to purchasing. The ideal facing direction should fall in one of the four auspicious directions of the family's main breadwinner.

Kua Number Determines East or West Group

You can determine your four auspicious directions by calculating your kua number. You will then find which group you belong to, either the east group or west mansion group. There are instances when a home may be positioned so it benefits a couple in opposite groups. In these cases, a facing direction (front of house) is beneficial to one group while the sitting direction (back of house) is beneficial to the opposite group.

Inauspicious Roads and Bad Street Locations

Things such as poison arrows created by streets or surrounding buildings and natural land formations require more extensive solutions. Poison arrows can be caused by rivers or streams that run toward your front or back door. Not all exterior issues are easily corrected and can often be avoided by selecting a different house.

Other Types of Poison Arrows

In addition to rivers and streets creating poison arrows, other types of poison arrows include, rooflines pointed toward the home or utility poles across from the home. These may require plantings or more costly cures, depending on the location and type of poison arrow.

Sha Chi Surrounding Homes

Energies of a cemetery, landfill, hospital, or prison are said to be sha chi (negative energy). A home near, beside or across from these is considered an inauspicious location. Sha chi can also be found inside a home, such as a laundry room (waste water) beside a bedroom or a kitchen that shares the same wall as a bathroom (waste water).

Land and House

The land formation of the property is vital to the type of chi energy that will be attracted to your new home. The slope of the backyard and front yard can impact the quality of chi energy entering the house. You can follow feng shui landscaping guidelines to avoid an imbalance in the terrain.

Front Door and Entry Way

When you know what to look for in a front entrance of a home, you have a better idea of how the chi energy will enter the foyer. You understand how chi energy enters and travels through the house. For example, a curved sidewalk leading to the front door is auspicious while a straight sidewalk creates a poison arrow effect.

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Feng Shui and Staircases

There are many auspicious things about staircases that can help you decide on a specific home. However, chances are you'll find more inauspicious things that you'll need to remedy. Some feng shui staircase problems are costly to remedy and in such cases, you're better off marking that house off your list.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Bathrooms

A bathroom generates inauspicious waste water. Feng shui has very clear and set rules about where a bathroom should be located in a home. Moving a bad bathroom placement can be costly. Like a negative staircase placement, you're better off skipping over a house with the feng shui mistake of an inauspicious bathroom placement, such as a bathroom over a foyer.

Kitchen Placement

A kitchen is vital to family health. You should avoid purchasing a home with a kitchen located in the northwest (in most cases). Appliance placements that create water and fire clashes can be expensive to move. If you follow feng shui kitchen rules, you can avoid purchasing a home with an inauspicious kitchen.

Living Room and Dining Room

The living room and dining room are important to the family. The living room generates yang energy that benefits everyone. The dining room is where the family is nourished, and it generates the abundance for the family unit. Feng shui states that both rooms should be on the same level as the kitchen. Other guidelines should be adhered when searching for a new home to ensure the health and wealth of your family remains intact.

Using a Feng Shui Home Buying Checklist

You can use a feng shui home buying checklist to assist you in choosing the best possible house. Keep in mind that no house is flawless, and you will need to apply a few feng shui remedies. However, a checklist can keep you from making a bad feng shui home purchase.

Feng Shui Home Buying Checklist