14 Things You Can Use Right Now to Bring You Good Luck

We all need a little extra good fortune, so layer these items to boost your positive vibes.

Published November 27, 2023


There's a lot of uncertainty in the world, and the truth is, we could all use a little more good fortune in our lives. Whether you have a big presentation, a first date, a significant life decision, or just need some good juju in your life, there are a few things that bring good luck and fortune (or at least don't hurt your chances).

Lucky Penny


You've heard that old saying, "Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day, you'll have good luck." Well, keeping that penny can make the luck last longer than 24 hours. If you don't have a penny you've found, choose one from a year that represents something important (your birth year, the year your parents got married, the year you got your dog, that kind of thing). Keep the penny in a coat pocket or your purse so you have it with you all the time.

Jade Plants


Sometimes also called a "money plant" (we like the sound of that), the jade plant is a popular good luck symbol in feng shui. It's a great choice to give as a gift to someone who needs a little good luck, and it's also nicknamed the "friendship plant" for this very reason. Put a jade plant in your dining room or home office to make your house a little luckier.

Turtle Figurines and Decor


A classic Chinese good luck charm, the turtle symbolizes long life and good health. It's a great choice if you want a little bonus luck in this area of your life. Pick up a turtle figurine, a throw pillow with a turtle on it, or even turtle-printed linens. We love how it's easy to incorporate a few good luck turtles into your decor without it feeling kitschy.

Jar of Good Luck Gems


Gemstones can be lucky, too, and each gem has its own type of good fortune. We like gathering the gems together in a jar to display in your living room or on your desk. These are a few of the good luck stones you might want to include:

  • Turquoise for good health
  • Amber for success
  • Jade for financial good fortune
  • Malachite for luck in business
  • Hematite for travel luck
Quick Tip

You can also use gems in other ways, such as bookends, paperweights, or a strand of beads. You might even want to carry a few special ones in a pouch.

Shamrock Plant


The shamrock, or four-leaf clover, is a lucky symbol for the Irish and many other people. You can wear a shamrock charm or hang a four-leaf clover botanical print on your wall, but one of the easiest ways to add this good luck charm to your decor is a shamrock plant. You can find these at garden stores, and they're very easy to grow.

Barn Star


If you live in Pennsylvania, the Midwest, or really any rural state, you've probably seen barns with wood and metal stars or quilt blocks on them. Known as "hex symbols" or "barn stars," these are more than just decoration. Early settlers may have believed they warded off evil, and today, they're seen as an object that brings good luck.

You can incorporate a barn star inside or outside your house. Hang one on the wall of your living room or the front of your garage to make your daily life that much luckier.

Aquarium With Goldfish


Adding a fountain or water feature is a quick way to get good luck, according to feng shui. A modern and easy option is to buy an aquarium and place it in the southeast corner of your house. Goldfish are another thing that brings good luck and fortune, so we like the idea of putting goldfish in your lucky aquarium as a double dose of positive vibes.

Horseshoe Over the Door


A symbol of good luck for centuries, a horseshoe over the door is an easy decorating move that might pay off with a little extra good fortune. Most people believe you should hang the horseshoe with the prong side up so the luck doesn't flow out of it. You can put it inside or outside your house over the front door.

Pair of Owl Figurines


Some cultures view owls as a sign of good fortune, especially when you have them in a pair. Pick up a set of owl figurines or bookends to test this for yourself.

Pig Decorations


In addition to being totally cute, a pig is another powerful good-luck symbol in many folklore traditions. There are tons of ways to work a pig decoration into your home, too — from pig-shaped cutting boards in the kitchen to pig art prints or figurines in the living room. Pigs are said to bring prosperity and happiness, so we think you should go hog wild for them.

Ladybug Art


Photos, prints, and paintings featuring ladybugs are also things that bring good luck and fortune. This reputation might come from the ladybug's ability to destroy farming pests like aphids, but it has grown to include good luck in love and money, too. Hang ladybug art anywhere you need a little positivity in your life.

Good Luck Bells


A string of bells is a great good luck gift for anyone, including yourself. Bells can symbolize good health and financial fortune, but they also serve the practical purpose of ringing whenever someone comes in or out of a door.

Herb Garden


There are actually several herbs associated with good luck, and we really like the idea of growing an herb garden specifically for this purpose. What you choose to grow might depend on what kind of good luck you want to foster, but these are some that could be great to include:

  • Mint - good luck in love and money
  • Oregano - financial good fortune
  • Rosemary - good health
  • Lavender - luck in love and health
  • Basil - good luck in your career

Bowl of Lemons


Among some feng shui believers, a bowl of nine lemons is considered an object that brings good luck through positive energy and wealth. The bowl should be glass, and you should use real lemons and replace them as they get old. The number nine is used here to magnify the power of the lemons as lucky symbols.

Quick Tip

It's a good idea to rotate the lemons out before they start to dry out or get moldy. We like the idea of using them in a lemon mocktail or other recipe when it's time to replace them.

Layer Good Luck Items


There are so many good luck items out there, and there's no reason you need to choose just one. Stack your luck by layering lots of symbols at once or bring different types of good fortune and positivity to each room in your home.

14 Things You Can Use Right Now to Bring You Good Luck