How to Get Good Luck in Life (Fast)

Updated February 14, 2022
Manekineko for good luck

There are times when everything goes your way and you feel like the luckiest person around, and then there are times when you need to get good luck in your life, quickly. Not sure how to get good luck? You can get your good fortune back on the right path with fast and easy ways to bring good luck into all areas of your life.

Things to Do for Good Luck

Feng shui good luck charms can change your personal luck. Using any or all of these good luck tips can enhance your good fortune.

Chinese new year celebration decoration
  • Coins: Keep a red ribbon with three or five Chinese coin charms on your desk or in your purse for sudden wealth luck.
  • Red envelope: Carry a Chinese red envelope in your purse. Make sure the envelope has a Chinese coin from an auspicious dynasty, or a crisp new bill in any denomination.
  • Wealth and/or career: Place a three-legged toad facing the southeast corner (wealth sector) of your office. If the door is in the southeast corner, place the toad in that sector, so it is facing into the room or towards your desk. The toad should always be looking into the room, never out.

Feng Shui Good Luck

Your home is the perfect place to improve your luck with feng shui. These ideas can also improve the chi energy of your home and make daily life more comfortable.

Add a Water Fountain

Add a desktop water fountain so it flows into your room, never facing a door. A beautiful way to increase luck is placing an aquarium in the southeast sector of your home.

Use the Magic of 27 Cure

The Magic of 27 Cure is a well-known, time-tested feng shui cure for bad luck. Select 27 objects in your living room or other main room and move them. This can be as simple as moving an item just a few inches, or across the room. You can include furniture and move it about three inches from its current position. This simple technique loosens up stagnant chi so it is no longer blocked.


It sounds too easy, but if you simply clean up clutter, you will free up stagnant chi and you can see your luck change quickly. This is because bad luck is often caused by blocked chi energy. Any energy in life that becomes stagnant causes ill effects. Remove the clutter in your life, and your chi will flow smoothly.

Feng Shui Your Front Door

The front door can invite auspicious chi energy to enter your home, and a cluttered front door and porch can block or divert it. Any obstacles you have in the path of chi energy through your yard, sidewalk, and driveway will prevent the chi energy from entering your home.

Man cleaning front yard
  • Clean up debris.
  • Repair outside objects, such as burned out light bulbs, door knobs, and squeaky hinges.
  • Trim overgrown shrubbery and cut away dead flowers and limbs.
  • Rake leaves and mow overgrown grass.
  • Wash windows so good luck chi energy can enter freely.
  • Paint your door an auspicious color for feng shui good luck.

How to Get Good Luck With Money

There are many easy things to do to bring good luck with money. Small changes to your home, your car, and even your wallet can enhance your luck.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Money Luck

Bringing good luck into your life doesn't require big changes, and even the smallest actions can often bring the results you desire.

  • Remove paper clutter from your life. Unread mail, unopened bills, and junk mail should be handled immediately. Ignoring these items is detrimental to money luck.
  • Treat money with respect. Every currency that arrives in your life, including coins, should be accounted for and not discarded into a drawer or left on the floor.
  • Buy a new wallet. Your financial luck has a home in your wallet. Replace a worn or damaged wallet with one that is pleasant to use.
  • Donate unwanted possessions when possible instead of discarding. Wealth should flow in and out of your life. You can improve your money luck through generous energy.

Change Your Career Luck

Your career offers many opportunities to bring good luck with money. If you're looking for a job, these tips can be used in the fame sector of your home.

  • To improve your career luck, arrange your desk to be in the feng shui command position, which means you are sitting with the wall behind you, toward the door (but not directly across from the door if possible.)
  • End office gossip and politics surrounding you by placing a rooster figurine behind you. Place so the rooster can see the door into your office by placing it high enough to peer over your shoulder.
  • Placing an amethyst tree on your desk smooths over office relationships with coworkers, bosses, and even clients.
  • Improve your work production luck by placing six spheres on the north corner of your desk. These can be of varying sizes.
  • A crystal paperweight set on the southwest corner of your desk will ensure harmonious work relationships.

How to Get Good Car Luck

Applying feng shui to your car can improve your luck with money because it's often intertwined with career and status. There are easy ways to improve your luck through feng shui for your car.

Car going through a carwash machine
  • Clean out and wash your car for an instant change in luck. Clutter and dirt create stagnant chi energy that prevent good luck from finding you.
  • Hang a feng shui good luck charm using the double knot of happiness.
  • Replace your keyring with an amethyst crystal fob or your Chinese astrology animal.
  • Use your kua number and the colors associated with it as a guide for buying your next vehicle.

Instant Good Luck

If you feel like your good fortune has run out, and you're wondering how to get your luck back, don't despair--there's better luck ahead! Good luck is always attracted to auspicious chi energy. Anytime you change your home, work, personal, or car environment, you invite instant good luck into your life.

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How to Get Good Luck in Life (Fast)