8 Ways to Feng Shui Your Office Cubicle for Better Luck at Work

Want better vibes at work? We get it! Try our feng shui fast cures to make your office cubicle a sanctuary of positive energy.

Updated January 11, 2024
feng shui office cubicle

You spend almost a third of your day in your cubicle at work, so it's important to make it a space that fits your vibe. Rest easy, cube dwellers, we're here to help. With our quick feng shui tips for your office cubicle, you can turn your stagnant cube into a good-vibes-only zone that could even help you have more luck and success in your career. It's the perfect way to practice self-care while you're at work. 

1. Hang Faceted Crystal Balls From Cubicle & Desk Corners

faceted crystal ball

When you work in a cube farm, there are often lots of sharp edges pointed right at you. These sharp edges from desks and other cubes create little directed streams of negative energy called poison arrows, which can wreak all kinds of havoc on your workday. To fix them, hang multi-faceted crystal balls from any corners that point towards your workspace to turn those negative vibes into positive ones. 

2. Use a Fan to Fight Stagnant Energy

Because cubicles aren't completely enclosed, the energy can come into the space and stagnate. This slow-moving or stagnant energy can leave you feeling blah and unmotivated. Using a small fan in your cube gets the energy moving so you have more enthusiasm, creativity, and just more oomph while you work. 

3. Bring in More Energy With Task Lighting

Do you feel blah most of the time at work? It could be the lighting. The ambient light in most office spaces leaves something to be desired, leaving cubicles dimly lit and drab and you feeling lackluster and demotivated. So adding bright task lighting is a must. It will help the entire space feel more energized, which, in turn, will leave you feeling more focused, awake, and engaged. A small, bright lamp will make a huge difference. 

4. Add a Mirror to Remove Negative Energy From Coworkers or Clutter

Sometimes, you can do everything possible to make the energy in your workspace perfect for you, but a coworker's attitude or clutter brings the vibe down. We get it — we've all been there. Don't let somebody else's mojo get you down! All you need is a tiny mirror. Just mount it somewhere that faces the coworker and their space. It will reflect that energy back to them and out of your space.

Helpful Hack

You can also tape a tiny piece of black tourmaline or hematite to the bottom of the coworker's chair and underneath their desk (preferably without them noticing). It will absorb the negative energy before it leaves their workspace. 

5. Display a Red Bird for Career Success

In feng shui, red birds symbolize career success. So having one to display (it could be a mug, a photo, a sticker, or a small figurine) invites this energy into your space. Put it in the career sector of your cubicle, which you can locate by dividing the cube into nine equal squares. The career sector is the front center square from the entrance to the cube, which is often where you sit. Put your red bird here if it's possible to do so.

6. Put a Plant in the Back Left Corner of Your Space for Wealth

Think of that nine-space grid in your cube again. The back left square (from the cube entrance) is the wealth sector, so a small plant that represents money or luck is perfect for this spot. We love a jade plant for this.

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7. Add an Amethyst Cluster to Combat Office Politics

amethyst cluster on a desk with other crystals

We all know there's not a lot of privacy in Cubeville. And that can lead to some serious office politics and gossip. Keep that negative energy moving by placing a small amethyst cluster on your desk. All those crystal points will diffuse the energy and send it away from your space. 

8. Add a Rearview Mirror for Better Command of Every Situation

In feng shui, it's not great energy to sit with your back towards the entrance to your workspace (or to coworkers in a shared workspace), because it leaves you vulnerable to negative energy. To put yourself back in command of the situation, put a mirror on your office wall so you can see the entrance and notice what's happening behind you. 

Feng Shui Self-Care at the Office

We totally understand wanting to make your office environment more hospitable, especially given how much time we spend at work every week. Our feng shui tricks do just that, helping you create a vibe in your workspace that leaves you feeling energized, focused, creative, and productive. And when you feel better at work, you'll have more energy and enthusiasm in other areas of your life, too. So feng shui your cube. It's the ultimate form of self-care. 

8 Ways to Feng Shui Your Office Cubicle for Better Luck at Work