12 Feng Shui Tips to Unlock Your Career Potential

Can you apply feng shui to your career? You absolutely can! Our feng shui career tips could help put you on the path to professional success.

Updated January 15, 2024
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We could all use a little career luck upgrade, and feng shui can help. That's right. Just like you can feng shui your house to have better energy in your life, you can feng shui your career, and we're all about anything that gives us a professional boost. Try one or some of our feng shui tips to boost your career and get ready for good things to come your way. 

Locate Your Feng Shui Career Area

feng shui bagua map

The bagua chart above shows you where the career area is in your home, every room of your home, office, and even your cubicle. Notice it's front and center from the entrance to any space looking into the space.

Why do you need to know this? Because when you work with feng shui career luck, this is the primary area you'll focus on. You may also want to focus on the fame and reputation area in the top center, the helpful people area on the bottom right, and the creativity area in the middle right. 

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Boost Your Reputation With a Water Feature

Whether it's an actual water feature like a fountain or fish tank or a photo of a waterfall, putting some moving water (waterfall or river/stream) in this sector of any space at home or office can help enhance your reputation at work and strengthen your career prospects. 

Attract a Mentor With Metal Windchimes

Hanging windchimes in the helpful people and travel sector at home or in your office will attract mentors and other people who can help you with your career. You can add a few other metal elements to the helpful people sector, such as a diploma or certificate displayed in a silver frame. 

Place Your Desk in the Command Position

If you have a say in the way your office furniture is arranged, then put your desk in the command position. Sit with a wall behind you so you're facing the door leading into your office or workspace. This way no one can surprise you from behind. If you don't have a say in the way your desk is placed and must sit with your back to a door, add a small round mirror so you have line-of-sight of what's behind you.

Use Plants to Buffer Energy in a Shared Work Space

If you share your office or cubicle, create a boundary by placing plants with rounded leaves between you and your officemate. This is especially important if you sit facing one another — the plant can help soften any energy and keep conflict from arising. 

Sit in the Right Place for Meetings & Interviews

Whether you're interviewing for a job or have a department meeting, try to sit in the career sector of the meeting space (check out the map above). If that seat is not available, try to sit in the fame & reputation or creativity areas instead. Avoid sitting at the corners of meeting tables. 

Attract Abundance With a Plant

Place a plant with round leaves on the back left corner of your desk, which is the wealth sector of your desk. This will attract abundance. Avoid plants with pointed leaves. 

Use a High-Backed Chair for Career Support

Sit in a chair with a high back at your desk. This will support your career and help you with your aspirations. You can also hang a picture of a mountain on the wall directly behind your chair for even more support for your work. 

Enhance Creativity With Something Handmade

A handmade object represents creativity, and when you put it in the center-right position of your workspace, it can help enhance your creativity. Bonus mojo if it's white or made from metal. Avoid triangles and anything colored red in this sector. 

Invite Luck With the Number 8

Whether you have something with the number 8 on it or you have a grouping of eight similar items (such as 8 crystals or 8 photos), you can invite luck into the workspace. 

Stimulate Career Success With a Cardinal

Carindals (the red bird) represent career success, so keep one in your workspace. At home, place a cardinal in your career sector. This can be a photograph, drawing, figurine, or another representation of a cardinal. 

Declutter Your Workspace

Keeping clutter at bay is feng shui energy hygiene 101. So it's essential that you regularly declutter your entire workspace — including drawers, files, computer files, and desktop. Even having too many feng shui items can be clutter, so choose the things you wish to display judiciously. 

Feng Shui Your Career

We all want to be successful in our careers. With one or more of our simple feng shui solutions, you just may notice that things at the office are on the upswing. 

12 Feng Shui Tips to Unlock Your Career Potential