What a Tree in Front of a House Means in Feng Shui

Published February 9, 2021
House with tree in front

A single tree in front of a house is a feng shui issue that needs to be resolved. There are several easy feng shui remedies for a tree in front of a house that will ensure auspicious chi energy can enter your home.

Tree in Front of House Creates Poison Arrow

In feng shui, a single tree in front of a house creates a poison arrow. The poison arrow becomes a deliverer of sha chi (negative) energy that is constantly bombarding the front of your house and your life.

Should I Remove Tree in Front of House?

The front door of your home is the vital portal for beneficial chi energy to your home. If the tree stands in front of your home, then you don't need to remove the tree. There are several feng shui remedies that will neutralize the negative energy. You need to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Feng Shui Wind Chime Remedy for Tree in Front of House

The easiest remedy for a tree in front of your home is to hang a metal hollow wind chime between the tree and your front door. This is one of the oldest feng shui cures for poison arrows to disperse the sha chi.

Feng Shui Light Remedy for Tree in Front of House

Another tried-and-true feng shui remedy is to install a light between the tree and your front door. The light attracts auspicious chi energy, especially the powerful positive yang energy that counters sha chi. You should keep the light on for a minimum of six hours each day or longer if possible.

Illuminated Lamps In Garden

Plant Group of Feng Shui Trees in Front of House

A cluster of trees in front of a house won't create poison arrows. Planting a grouping of trees that are bushy and full of leaves is an excellent feng shui cure to a single tree in front of a house. The action of the leaves moving about in the wind serve to disperse sha chi energy. To implement this cure, you will need to locate the new grouping of trees between the front of your home and the lone tree in the front yard. If there isn't enough growing space between the lone tree and your home, you'll need to explore other feng shui cures.

Feng Shui Cure With Trees Lining Entrance

Another excellent feng shui cure for a single tree in front of a house is to plant trees so that they line both sides of the front door entrance. This line of tree will redirect the chi energy so it can enter your home.

Create a Bright Hall

You want to create a bright hall in the yard at the front door. This is an open space or clearing that allows the chi energy to pool and accumulate before entering your home. A bright hall will slow down the tunnel effect of chi energy that the tree lines can create. You can design your bright home however you wish, as long as you leave an open area in front of the door. Some people create a semi-circle garden bordered by low shrubbery and flowers, while others simply leave an open green lawn.

Trees in Front of House too Close

If you have trees that are too close to your home and the branches hang over the roof, you need to either trim the limbs or completely remove the trees. There are several feng shui concerns with trees in front of a house that are too close.

Negative Feng Shui Effects on You

The first impact you will notice from tree limbs hanging over your house is an obstruction of auspicious chi energy. This can result in illnesses, loss of wealth, and overall bad luck. From a practical standpoint, the trees pose a danger of limbs falling onto the roof and damaging your home and possibly crashing through the roof into your home.

Initial Blast of Chi Energy Once Limbs Removed

You should be prepared for a blast of chi energy once the tree limbs are removed and no longer block your home. This can result in some very real mechanical issues. For example, the chi energy may overwhelm electrical appliances, like a power surge. The age of the trees and how long the chi energy has been blocked along with the age of your appliances will determine if any blast of chi energy causes harm. Your appliances may not be affected. Once the rush of chi energy settles, you'll enjoy the auspicious abundance that the clearing of these obstructions brings into your life.

Feng Shui Landscape Dragon and White Tiger

The left and right direction of the front door in feng shui are defined by standing inside your home and looking out the front door. In feng shui landscape principles, celestial animal metaphors are used to describe these landforms. The left side is the dragon landform, and the right side is the white tiger landform. The ideal feng shui landscape is for the left landform (dragon) to be a higher elevation than the right landform (white tiger).

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Single Tree to Right of Front Door

A single tree to the right of your front door (white tiger landform) creates inauspicious energy. This placement creates problems since it makes the right side of your property higher than the left side. To counter this inauspicious placement, you'll need to plant a tree that is taller and stronger than the right side tree. You should select a tree that is full of leaves.

Single Tree to Left of Front Door

In a feng shui landscape, a single tree to the left of your front door is located in the dragon landform. A lone tree placed here generates auspicious chi energy since it reinforces the landform as being higher than the right side (white tiger). The ideal tree for this placement is tall and full of leaves.

Tree in Front of House and Feng shui Cures

If you have a single tree in front of your home, don't panic. There are many feng shui remedies and cures that you can use to get rid of the poison arrow effect.

What a Tree in Front of a House Means in Feng Shui