9 Things Your Car Says About You (and It's All in the Details)

Just like the pets you pick and hobbies you gravitate towards, your car says a lot about you. See what your car's features reveal about your personality.

Published December 21, 2023

When I upgraded my first sedan to a Volvo XC-40, the Twilight connection wasn’t lost on my young millennial soul. Yet, those supple leather seats and adjustable lumbar pressure hint at my penchant for splurging on the things I like.

Just like the pets you pick and the interior design you gravitate towards, your car can say a lot about you. So buckle your seatbelt because the reading's about to begin.

Mud Flaps & Rubber Floor Mats


Mud flaps and rubber floor mats can only mean one thing — you probably make a mess. Whether it's from roaring your way through some fresh mud or wrangling a handful of toddlers, you've probably got messes upon messes to clean up.

You rolled up to the dealership knowing that you'd pay just about anything not to have to fork over the cash for them to detail your car in a few years. You're practically minded and we admire that!

Heated Steering Wheel


If your car not only has heated seats, but a heated steering wheel as well, then you like to splurge on the good things in life. You're willing to pay just about any expense to have a comfortable drive.

Heated steering wheel people are the ones with beautiful lumbar pillows at their work desks and ergonomic grips on their knitting needles. If you're one of them, you’ve probably got the spine alignment chiropractors would cry over.

Or, you might just be one of those people who are perpetually cold. 

Turbo Engine in a Low-Cost Sedan


When I upgraded my old '03 Dodge Neon, I got a remarkable $1,000 in trade-in considering its high mileage and poor condition (who knew getting your car aligned actually matters?). Only later did I find out that these bad boys are hot commodities in the sleeper car community.

If you’ve got a sleeper car — an average stock model with a turbocharged engine — then you love mixed messages. There’s nothing that revs your engine harder than seeing the shocked looks on people's faces when you really let your Toyota Corolla loose.

All-Wheel Drive


When you've got a car with all-wheel drive, you're ready for just about any adventure that comes your way. You're street savvy, but you're one button away from scaling mountains and going off-roading. You're probably the friend who never says no to anything and has a bag full of every item you might need in a crisis.

If you were a zodiac sign, you'd be a Sagittarius for sure. You roll with the punches and nothing in life can keep you down for long. 

Wrapped Exterior


If you've gone through the trouble of getting your car custom-wrapped, then you might be afraid of commitment and always looking for a deal. What does coupon clipping have to do with car wraps you might ask? Well, wrapping cars is the cheap alternative to getting them repainted. You get basically the same effect for half the price.

And car wrapping is commitment-free. Don’t like it, and you can get it removed without having to pay for a whole new paint job. If you're a wrapped kind of person, then you probably have a box full of stickers you still can't commit to putting on a water bottle or laptop sleeve. And we bet that narrowing down a place to vacation probably gives you the hives. 

Electric Motor


It doesn't matter which brand you've sworn allegiance to. When you've got a fully electric car, you're a part of an eco-friendly club. Chances are you’ve been advocating for climate justice since Greta Thunberg was in diapers, and you've been waiting for the day you could hang your bike on the wall and cruise down the streets.

From composting in your backyard to working hard in your community garden, you probably like to give back in whatever ways you can. 

Custom Stereo System


Warped Tour veterans and Burning Man renegades are just some of the types of people who gravitate toward custom stereo systems. Even a busted suspension and broken air conditioner can be covered up by a good sound system. You're the best person to go to for new music recs, and you're always blowing through your savings on concert tickets.

You've got your finger on the pulse of the upcoming hits, and you're a whiz at music trivia. And when the lights go down, you love to really pump up the bass and imagine you're cruising in a music video. 

25% Tinted Windows


A lot of cars come with moderately tinted windows, but when you're pushing those blacked-out lower percentages, you’re probably a bit suspicious of the world around you. There's nothing wrong with some healthy skepticism and wanting to keep your private life private. 

You're also probably not afraid of breaking a rule or two. Depending on where you live, every time you turn out of your driveway might have you playing chicken with the cops. And a few extra hundred slipped into the backwoods' inspection agent should keep your blacked-out windows roadworthy for at least another year. 

Matching Vintage Vin Numbers


If your car has matching vintage vin numbers, then you appreciate the classics. Chances are you have a fondness for retro aesthetics, and you don’t mind giving up some of the modern comforts for the style of a classic car. You can take life slower than some, content to just enjoy the process instead of trying to rush to the finish line.

You like to buy things and stick with them. Repair is your middle name. You don't have to throw anything away if you know how to fix it, and you usually do. 

What You Drive Off the Lot Could Show People a Lot About Your Personality


If you're thinking about trading your car in or you're ready to buy one for the first time, it can be tricky. Not only do you have to sidestep pushy auto salesmen and high interest rates, but you could be signing your first impression profile away on the dotted line.

But, just like the different features of the cars we drive, our personalities all have their own interesting and unique quirks. And if life is a highway, there's nothing wrong with driving what you love. 

9 Things Your Car Says About You (and It's All in the Details)