10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Change in Behavior


If you are worried about your spouse's fidelity, you may begin looking for signs of a cheating spouse. It's important to remember that although these signs are associated with a spouse concealing a secret, you should not presume that demonstrating just one or two of these behaviors means your spouse is guilty. One of the first signs of cheating is usually unexplained changes in behavior, particularly unexplained deviations.

Lack of Interest in Sex


A second key sign that your spouse might be cheating is a lack of interest in sex. While married couples may only have sex once or twice a week, a sudden drop off in any sexual relations and a rejection of sexual overtures may indicate that your partner is finding satisfaction elsewhere.

Frequent Internet Use


Frequent time spent on the Internet particularly late into the night and/or when you and your spouse would typically spend time together is a warning sign that your spouse's focus is elsewhere. An emotional affair with someone online is as an affair in its own right. If your spouse is reluctant to let you see what they are doing or shuts down what they are doing when you are nearby, this is another red flag.

Emotional Distance


In addition to reduced sex drive and breaks in his or her routines, emotional distance is among the top 10 signs that your spouse may be cheating. If he or she expresses reduced to no interest in what you are doing or experiencing, it may be due to a preoccupation with someone else.

Happy Hour


If your partner is spending more time on his or her personal appearance and spending time away from home in the evening with "friends from work" this could be a sign that he or she is being unfaithful or seeking to spend time with someone else away from your normal hangouts.

Cell Phone Swap


Sign number six that your spouse may be committing adultery is the cellphone swap. If your spouse takes calls or is texting frequently, but keeps the contents of their cellphone locked by a password and doesn't share with you the contents of the calls persistently - this is a sign that he/she is hiding something.

Frequent Showering


No matter what time of day or evening, your partner goes straight to the shower when he or she comes home. Adulterous spouses may send their clothes to the cleaner and come home in their "gym" clothes rather than what they were originally wearing. Frequent, unneeded showering may be to remove the scent of another man or woman before getting too close to you.

Lipstick on Collar


Lipstick on his collar may be a cliche, but it is definitely among the top signs that a spouse may be cheating. Lipstick or makeup smears on his or her clothing can suggest illicit activity. Women are not excluded from this rule, because a woman may smear her own makeup if her clothing becomes disheveled.

Sudden Gift Giving


While remoteness and an dissipating interest in romantic relations is a sign of a cheating spouse, so are sudden surprises, romantic gifts and changes in behavior that may suggest guilt for the other relationship.

Broken Relationship


All of these signs together suggest a spouse might be cheating and lead to further breakdowns in communication. Ultimately, a marriage may be forever destroyed by infidelity because these are rifts that are not easily forgiven or repaired.

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10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse