Our Fave Casual Clothes for Men Over 60

We have some great wardrobe recommendations. All you need to add is your own personal style.

Published June 10, 2024
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If you're a guy in his 60s and beyond, you've known how to dress for the office or a formal event for a long time. Chilling on the weekend or going out with friends in the evening is a whole different deal, though. Fortunately, when it comes to casual wear for men, you have a ton of options. These are the basics you need for your wardrobe, plus some of our favorite pieces for mixing, matching, and making exactly the style statement you want.

Good Old Classic Jeans and a T-Shirt


Regardless of your age, jeans and T-shirts are about as dependable a men's wardrobe staple as it gets. This outfit works for the most casual occasions. Pick a T-shirt in a favorite solid color or with a logo that shows who you are (your favorite band is a good bet). Then, concentrate on finding just the right jeans.

While an elastic waistband might be tempting, opt for jeans with some stretch in the fabric. They're just as comfy, and they look way more polished. We love prAna Men's Bridger Jeans, which have 2% lycra, are slim-fitting, and feel modern. 

Quick Tip

Jeans are perfect for many situations, but they're not for everything. If you need something casual and comfortable, but jeans and a T-shirts don't fit the bill, there are other outfits that are just as relaxed but a bit more polished. It's all about knowing your situation and the weather.

Casual Outfits for Older Men When It's Hot


Look, if it's 90°F and humid, you're not going to be sporting a sweater and slacks. Hot-weather casual wear needs to be comfortable and cool. That means shorts, linen shirts, polos, lightweight pants, or anything else you won't roast in.

For a casual summer outfit (or a great go-to look for a tropical vacation), we like to start with a great pair of shorts like Dockers Perfect Fit Classic Shorts in a neutral color like grey or khaki. Add a long-sleeved linen shirt like Tommy Hilfiger's Men's Long-Sleeved Linen Blend Shirt and roll the sleeves for a casual vibe.

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Quick Tip

If you want to give this outfit your own personal flair, you can layer the linen shirt over a T-shirt that shows off your personality.

Cold-Weather Fashion for Men Over 60


If it's chilly out or you're going to be in a cold restaurant or theater, it's time to break out the sweaters. There are lots of styles to choose from, and we love pairing them with your favorite jeans. This look is still casual, but it feels more put-together than the standard T-shirt (plus it's warmer).

These sweater tips can help you decide which style works for you:

  • Wear classic crew neck sweaters solo or layered over button-down shirts for an elegant look that flatters the mature male.
  • Transform button-down shirts from formal to informal by topping them with v-neck sweaters.
  • White button-down shirts are an easy way to dress up outfits in a hurry and always look classy. To keep the white from washing out the facial area, add a v-neck sweater in a flattering shade such as blue, beige, or brown.
  • Blue is also a great choice for button-downs and sweaters. Blue is a universally flattering color for mature men, especially those with grey or silver hair and light or medium skin tones.
  • Turtleneck sweaters look informal and are great for pairing with jeans or corduroy slacks.

We're big fans of a classic fisherman sweater like the Merino wool men's quarter zip from Irish Aran Knitwear. It comes in a really pretty blue, plus some versatile neutral options, and it looks classy with a nice pair of jeans.

Casual Date Night Looks for Older Guys


Whether it's a first date or your five thousandth, the right outfit is key. Unless you're hitting a really fancy restaurant or a show, chances are good you're going to need a casual look that's attractive and comfortable. Break out your favorite jeans and pair them with a button-down shirt that's slim fitting and casual.

We're all about a gingham or plaid for a casual date night shirt. The J. Crew Mercantile Slim Untucked Casual Button Down is a guaranteed winner because it looks chill but also put-together and has a modern slim fit.

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What to Wear to a Family Event


Family reunions, birthday dinners, and other get-togethers call for their own kind of casual. Here, we really like to go with jeans and comfy shirt. You can upgrade your T-shirt by choosing a polo or henley instead. The detail of the color helps make it look more polished without being at all stiff.

Our fave shirt for older guys at this kind of event is the Land's End Supima Henley, which has a super-soft texture and comes in a bunch of great colors. You can't go wrong with navy, but this is where you can also really show your personality by wearing your favorite shade.

Casual Wear for When You Need Layers


Anyone with a little life experience knows that layers are really the way to go if you're not sure what's happening with the weather or the climate control. You can toss a casual sports coat or even a leather jacket on over a T-shirt and be in great shape, but a heavier corduroy shirt or flannel shirt is also awesome as a top layer.

You have a lot of options here, but it's nice to pick something really versatile if you're going to invest. Our pick is the Cole Haan Men's Smooth Leather Moto Jacket because you can dress it up or down and use it for three seasons in most climates. Plus, a great leather jacket is a classic that just never goes out of style.

Shoes to Complete Any Casual Look


What you've always heard is totally true: the right accessories can make the outfit (especially when it comes to shoes). We are all about finding the perfect pair of shoes to go with any casual look. These tips can help:

  • Brown shoes are always more informal than black shoes, so brown shoes are a great option for older men who want to show off their laid-back style.
  • Slip-on shoes like loafers or boat shoes can be worn with or without socks and are the perfect accessory for most casual outfits.
  • Canvas sneakers are almost always a win for a casual outfit because they always look a little more put-together than your standard running or walking shoe.

You are never going to go wrong with Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers. They add an instant dose of youthful casual style (but they're definitely not too youthful for guys over 60). Plus you can get them in tons of colors. They're also comfy for around-town use.

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What Not to Wear if You're a Guy Over 60


We're not going to hit you with a bunch of rules, but there are a few things it's good to avoid if you're an older guy going for a casual look. Here's what you might want to skip:

  • Don't wear socks with ultra-casual footwear such as Crocs, sandals, clogs, or similar styles.
  • Steer clear of oversized clothing, like baggy pants. Baggy clothes are not flattering to most men, and they tend to look most age-appropriate on teenagers.
  • Do not, we repeat, do not, hike your pants up too high. This is a bad idea for anyone, and it can make you look older than you really are.
  • Don't wear something that's stained or super wrinkled. You don't have to be perfectly put together, but take a glance in the mirror on your way out the door.
Quick Tip

We have one important "Do" for you among these "Don'ts": Do express your personal style. It doesn't matter if it's against the rules that other people set. You've earned the right to wear whatever you like.

Make Your Own Style Statement at Any Age


When it comes to casual wear for men over 60, it's not about a formula or anyone's idea of what is and isn't okay for you. It's about what you like to wear and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. You've been dressing yourself for a few decades now, and you've got this. Add a few basic wardrobe pieces, and you're good to go.

Our Fave Casual Clothes for Men Over 60