9 Graduation Nail Ideas With Cap & Gown Glam

You've worked hard and accomplished a lot. But before you put on that cap and gown, give yourself a trendy mani so your digits are diploma ready.

Published April 4, 2024

Your entire school career has come down to this. It's finally happening — you're graduating! And sure, you have all the right accessories... cap (check), gown (check), tassel (check), and a killer outfit underneath your gown (check). You're down to the finishing touches — like your nails. Our graduation nail ideas will make the hand that grasps your hard-earned diploma as put together as the rest of you. 

Business + Bling


A little business and a little party? That's about as graduation as it gets. You can do your nails in your school colors or use this rich burgundy, which we love.

Get the look:

Keep It Classy With Matte Black, White, & Burgundy


We love a matte nail, and this one means business. Part whimsy and part job hunter, these nails will look great with your grad gown. Of course, you can always change up the look to fit your school colors.

How to get the look:

Get Your Motor Running With Racing Stripes


Show the world you're revved up for your future and ready to hit the ground running with racing stripe nails. We love this high-gloss version of race-car red, but you can absolutely do them in your fave color.

Everything you need to get the look:

Vibrant Matte Purple Nails With Sedately Serious Pop


Want something simple and uncomplicated so the focus can be on your accomplishments while your nails still look fab? We totally love that for you, and there's just something so striking about these matte purple nails.

Get the look:

Say Hooray With Gold Lamé


Getting to graduation is a lot like winning a gold medal. Show the world you're crossing the finish line with a mostly neutral manicure and at least one dazzling gold nail.

Here's what you need to get the look:

Next Stop — Beach Vacay


You've worked so hard, and you deserve a break. Let the world know you're ready for a beach vacay with these adorable palm tree nails in sea green. Even if you can't head to the tropics after you walk across that stage, your nails will be vacation-worthy.

Get the look:

Racing Towards the Future


How cute are these subtle chrome stripes? With the light blue nails, the chrome polish reminds us of street-racing cars of yesteryear. These nails will give a nod to your past as you race towards your future.

Here's what you need to get the look:

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Bee-lieve in Yourself


With your eyes on your bright future, let everyone know you bee-lieve in yourself with these totally adorable nails. You can opt for a hand-painted bee or add an adorable bee decal.

What you need:

Understated Yet Embellished


What goes with everything, no matter what color your cap and gown are? Definitely white. But don't go straight white. Include a soft botanical embellishment on one or two nails for a pretty mani you'll love.

Get the look:

Diploma-Ready Digits


Whether you rock your school colors, go for a look that's part party and part business, or set your sights on taking a vacay for all your hard work, our graduation nail ideas can inspire you to the perfect grad look. So before you don that cap and gown and accept all your well-earned congrats, treat yourself to a mani that's worthy of all you've accomplished.

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9 Graduation Nail Ideas With Cap & Gown Glam