21 Gifts for Board Game Lovers That Are Both Fun and Useful

Anyone with a board game habit will tell you that such a hobby comes with a lot of extras! Here are our favorite board game gift ideas.

Updated September 7, 2023
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Gifts for Board Game Lovers

The wonderful thing about board games is that there is something for people of all ages, and with that comes different needs. This can be a kid's playing card holder or an adult's folding card table. It can also be a novelty item, such as a game-inspired journal or a unique dice set.

Whether serious enthusiasts or casual players, board game lovers will be delighted with these creative gift ideas designed to enhance their game play and time together. And these picks come in especially handy for those of us who can't ever seem to keep track of who has which games already!

Our Top Picks

Best Board Game Gift for Role Playing Games :
A Chic Dice Tray

Every Dungeons & Dragons lover will appreciate the chance to roll their D20 safely.
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Best Board Game Gift for Limited Space:
A Space Saving Table

If your recipient is short on room to play, look no further.
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Best Board Game Gift for Travelers :
A Handy Storing Solution

They have to carry all their favorites around somehow, right?
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Best Board Game Gift for Snack Time:
A Chip and Dip Set

What's a game night without something to nibble on while you play?
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Best Board Game Gift for Battle Games:
A Waterproof Game Mat

Warhammer players will love this protective mat.
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Best Board Game Gift for Families:
A 2-in-1 Game Set

You can't go wrong with a dual-use classic.
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Best Board Game Gift for Chess Lovers:
Foldable Magnetic Chess Set

We all loved 'The Queen's Gambit' for encouraging us to play.
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Best Board Game Gift for Trivia Lovers:
A Display-Worthy Trivia Card Set

These will keep the conversation flowing at every game night.
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Help your gaming friends keep their dice from rolling off the table with this set of two dice trays. These hexagon-shaped PU leather trays have a smooth velvet interior and metal snaps to keep game pieces and dice within the boundaries. Players won't have to worry anymore about scratching the surface of their game tables with these helpful dice trays.


A laminator might seem untraditional, but a regular gamer knows how many instruction sheets and paperwork can come with games. The more complicated a game, the more papers will be included.

This Scotch Thermal Laminator can help keep information sheets crisp and easy to wipe clean, despite how often these sheets are handled around by players. It also comes with a pack of 100 laminating sheets for your ultra-organized board game keeper.

Classic game lovers will be in awe of this maple wooden Monopoly game set. It has a built-in drawer to keep all the precious wooden pieces, a banker's tray, play money, and cards together in this set. The top displays a foil-pressed edition of the beloved game, making this a memorable and nostalgic gift.

This folding table is sure to please any board game enthusiast. It has a durable white heavy plastic border with a green felt playing surface. Four cup holders are on each corner to help prevent spills and a handy placeholder area for each player to keep cards and game pieces. This table also folds up flat for easy storage!


Most board games require the use of dice, and keeping your dice safe can be difficult if game pieces get moved around and misplaced. This well-weighted 12-piece set has a marble and ivory look that also serves as decor in any game room. The game night host can keep this set in that dice tray I mentioned earlier or the included clear display container.

If you want to gift an upgraded game table, but a custom piece is out of your budget, an affordable option is the Stakmore Scalloped Edge Folding Card Table. This table is a step above the regular folding card table with a lovely cherry wood finish and furniture-style edging. It's the perfect table for a group of four sitting together to enjoy a game.

Why not gift a dice set that stands out? This set of seven translucent resin rainbow dice can add some color to any gaming night. They'll also be easy to spot if they roll off the table with their bright rows of color. These dice can be used for games like Dungeons & Dragons, Math Games, and more!


A board game bag is a practical gift that will get a lot of use from your friends who transport their games to each other's homes for gaming nights. This bag is designed to fit several games in typical game box sizes. It's also padded inside to keep your games and accessories from getting jostled and damaged.

This board game bag can be carried by its handles, worn as a backpack, or placed on top of luggage with its trolley sleeve.

Game night isn't complete without chips and dip, of course! This wooden chip platter and ceramic dip bowl will help keep these items in one place. The organic bamboo platter is divided into three sections to hold different chips or other snacks like pretzels or veggies to dip. 

Along with snacks, gamers will be sure to enjoy a drink while playing. The TableCoaster can help keep drinks from being knocked over with its micro-suction base to smooth tabletop surfaces. These plastic cup holders keep drinks steady and work for most standard sizes of glasses, mugs, cups, aluminum cans, and bottles.


Using a game mat can protect the table surface from scratches and dents caused by miniatures or dice. This mat can also help reduce the noise from rolling dice and make the table more comfortable for players. This 48-inch square game mat is made from durable vinyl and is waterproof. It's excellent for war and battle-themed board games and is easy to store after play.

Can't forget about family game night! Gift a memorable family activity with this 2-in-1 set of the classic games, Ludo and Snakes and Ladders. A durable dual-sided wooden game board with vibrant colors that adults and children can enjoy together. Kids will have fun learning and playing these classic board games.

Gift the game party host this super sleek deck of playing cards. These cards are waterproof and washable, so the host won't need to worry about drinks or food spilling on top of them throughout game night. This flexible deck of cards is black with metallic text and images, making it a bold design to display on a table.


This truly standout chess set will excite any chess lover. The pieces are magnetic and can be kept in their storage slots within this foldable board. The board also has an anti-scratching coating, making this an excellent game set for travel and easy to store in a cabinet or closet at home.

A game that many people remember from childhood, four-in-a-row, also known as "four across," can be enjoyed by all ages. This set has a wooden frame with plastic blue and red coins. It even comes with a travel case so your game pals can take it on the road. 

This bowl and tray set for various snacks is an excellent gift for the game night host. It has five removable ceramic dishes that fit perfectly on a serving tray, so this set can remain on the tabletop or be easily passed and served among guests.

The dishes can hold fruit, nuts, and other small snacks that guests can enjoy while they're having fun playing a board game.


Help kids hold multiple cards during a game by gifting them this pack of four card holders by Regal Games. Kids can hold several cards in one place with these card-holding paddles during family game night. This way, the whole family can enjoy playing a game without worrying about cards falling out of small hands.

A memorable gift for the fantasy game lover, this bronze, dragon-embossed, faux leather journal has high-quality parchment and white-toned paper. The recipient can admire the art and texture of this journal's 3D front and back covers.

It comes with a smooth luxe pen so dragon board game enthusiasts can write their ideas and game plans in this journal. They can keep it with their novelty collection of dragons and mystic items.

A pocket compendium is perfect for the fantasy gamer who loves all things magic, spells, and battle. This creative card holder comes in the shape of a spellbook with individual card slots and 54 blank cards. With this handy spellbook, the gamer can feel like a warlock or sorcerer in their board game play.


Your board game lover can keep this card game on display in their game room or living space to play a complete game or use an interesting fact of the day. There are 600 trivia cards in this collection across six categories, including history, pop culture, science and tech, myths, legends and conspiracies, humans, and fun facts to know.

These helpful, standing card holders allow game players to relax their hands. The four holders each have a wide and smooth base, so players won't have to worry about cards falling over or scratching the table. Board game and card players can quickly organize and see their cards throughout the game.

21 Gifts for Board Game Lovers That Are Both Fun and Useful