9 Pride Party Ideas That Let Love Shine

Celebrate love in all of its beautiful forms with a Pride party that sparkles with fun.

Published May 30, 2023

Throw a Pride blowout that'll be the one to beat. Of course, you can throw up some rainbow streamers, add balloons, and sprinkle some confetti - but why not think outside the usual rainbow box for your party? And, not to make this even easier, but we have all the food, drink, decor, and activities you'll need to pull off the perfect Pride party.

Send Pride Party Invitations

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Fall right into the Pride theme for your party from the start, whether you buy invites to send out in the mail, whip up your own homemade invites, or send the necessary texts (with or without decorative digital flyers). However you let people know about the Pride soiree, jump right into the Pride festivities from the get-go.

Quick Tip

Keep it simple with rainbow patterned post cards for invites! You can stamp and mail or hand deliver, plus they become an excellent displayable keepsake for invitees.

Take Pride in Your Party Decorations


Leave no doubt about what kind of party your guests are enjoying when they walk through the door. Of course, you can make these pride party ideas as subtle or extravagant as you'd like.

  • Nothing symbolizes the LGBTQIA+ community like the rainbow flag. So turn the space into a rainbow room, celebrating all the joy and pride you have for you.
  • Use letter balloons to spell out a message: Happy Pride, Out and Proud, We're Coming Out, or Born This Way
  • Cover the floor or ceiling with a selection of colorful balloons - you know, all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Make a rainbow arch or twirl different colored streamers together.
  • Decorate using different LGBTQIA+ pride flag colors.
  • Don't just decorate with the flag colors, hang up the different sexual orientation flags.
  • Include color-appropriate plates, napkins, and cups.
  • Sprinkle confetti or glitter around the tables and surfaces - but with caution. We all know that decorating with glitter comes with a high price and won't go away for a very long time.

Choose Pride Party Attire


Encourage your guests to dress however they're most comfortable, but you can also request that their attire match the theme or speaks about who they are.

  • Color coordinate to the appropriate flags.
  • Ask guests to pick a rainbow color and wear clothes in only that color.
  • Get witty with it, with a cheeky shirt, jewelry, or socks.
  • Don't forget shoes, stockings, gloves, hats, or scarves either.
  • You're never fully dressed without a bit of makeup or body glitter!
  • Temporarily dye your hair (or go for it and make it a permanent change!)

Make Tasty Pride Party Food and Drink


From appetizers to entrees to dessert, you can have your Pride and eat it too with this Pride menu inspo.

Produce the Perfect Pride Party Playlist


No party, let alone a Pride party, is complete without the appropriate playlist.

  • Pop on the Pandora radio station: Pride Party
  • Pick out a Spotify playlist or two from the Spotify Pride page.
  • Spin records from LGBTQIA+ artist such as Elton John, Teddy Geiger, Queen, Hayley Kiyoko, Janelle Monáe, Adam Lambert, Tegan and Sara, Lady Gaga, Lance Bass, Demi Lovato, or Sam Smith.

Pride Party Games and Activities


No party is complete without some games, a dance party, or a little karaoke.

  • Honor those LGBTQIA+ artists with some Pride karaoke.
  • Show a movie, TV show, or document starring gay actors or with relevant Pride themes such as But I'm a Cheerleader, Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen, and Happiest Season. Of course, you can always watch the best of Will & Grace, Schitt's Creek, and Rosa's pivotal episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • Smash a piñata shaped like a rainbow, or whatever fits your Pride party vision - especially if the shindig is adults only. Fill with candy or continue the adult theme by filling the piñata with alcohol nips or other adult necessities.
  • Channel your inner child with some outdoor party games.
  • Have a dance party and see who brings the best moves onto the floor.

Make a Pride Photo Album


Grab some Polaroid cameras to make a photo album while the party is in full swing. There's just something about making a scrapbook in real-time (and with notes from your friends) to capture the memories. Better yet, have everyone bring their own mini-scrapbook or even autograph book to collect pictures and notes all Pride party long. Some pictures are just too good for the internet.

Build a Bouquet


Nothing says a party quite like flowers, and nothing says Pride party like a bouquet of flowers from the entire rainbow. Head to the store and grab several varieties of different colors - and don't forget the greenery or baby's breath - for you and your guests to make a little memento to take with you. Tie the bouquets with a rainbow ribbon, and don't forget to dry them out so you can hold on to them for a long time.

Let Everyone's Pride Flag Fly


Challenge all your guests to a pride flag design contest. Sure, the classics are great, but allow everyone to show their creativity and pride by designing their own flag. Set out drawing paper and colored pens/pencils, craft supplies, felt - or whatever you have to get everyone's creative juices flowing, and give people a certain amount of time to design their own flag. Then, vote on the favorite. Have someone create a full-sized version of the winning flag and fly it at next year's shindig.

Party With Pride, Guys, Gals, and Enbies


Live big this Pride month with a Pride party for the history books. Or at the very least, a party that's deserving of a spot on your Instagram grid. Pride is about history, progress, love, and freedom. Throw a fitting party.

9 Pride Party Ideas That Let Love Shine