Adult Pool Party

Adults toasting in pool

An adult pool party may not be the same wet and wild time as younger pool parties, but it can still be a fun gathering for friends to enjoy during the hot summer months. Keep the party simple so that everyone involved can relax and enjoy the fun, sun, and company.

Adult vs. Kid Pool Parties

A children's or teen pool party is often filled with beach toys and aquatic games, but at an adult party there aren't any rousing games of Marco Polo, squirt gun fights, or melting popsicles. At the same time, however, a pool party can be just as much fun for adults who want to keep cool during a hot summer and are looking for a fun way to celebrate a summer holiday or special occasion during the summer months.

Adult Pool Party Ideas

Whether it is a casual get together or a more elaborate party, an adults-only pool party can be a fun event if it is planned appropriately.


The invitations to a pool party should clearly indicate that the pool is the focal point of the event. In addition to the regular details, a pool party invitation should note whether guests should bring their own towels or other pool accessories. To ensure the party is limited to adults, the invitation wording "adults only" or "no children please" should be clearly visible.

  • Adult Beverage - This printed invitation from Zazzle features a cocktail with beach gear and is fully customizable. It's about $2.50.
  • Simple Water Design - This simple 5 x7 inch flat card features a blue water design with a white font that says "Pool Party" on the top. It is also from Zazzle and can be customized. Pricing starts at about $2.00 per card.
  • Blue Tile Design - If you would rather send an email invitation, evites has several options including this virtual invitation that features a blue tile top along with the image of a beach ball. They are free to send.


Predictable party decorations are not necessary for a sophisticated pool party, but there are several ways to add festive touches to an adult pool party without drowning in crepe and bows.

  • Mow the lawn, trim hedges, and weed flower beds a few days before the party for a neat setting.
  • Decorate the refreshments area or buffet table with tropical flower centerpieces, a carved fruit bowl, scattered shells, or other festive but sophisticated items.
  • Be sure there is plenty of seating for everyone, including loungers, benches, and other seats.
  • Use luxurious white linens on the tables and seating to create a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
  • Bamboo room dividers can help separate areas of the party, especially if you have food out or a lounge area that you want to keep dry.
  • Add a few festive touches around the pool area, such as tiki torches bedecked with plumeria leis or a set of faux palms.
  • Use chalkboard signs throughout the areas to help direct guests to the changing rooms/bathrooms, food, and extra towels. Put them on a stake and use brightly colored chalk markers and some hibiscus stencils to add to the decor.
  • Consider choosing a swimming pool party theme such as a Hawaiian luau or beach party to direct your decorations. Themes aren't just for children's parties and can really help you when choosing decorations and a color scheme.
  • Don't forget to decorate the pool itself. For a sophisticated look, float these flowers in the pool or consider this pool fountain that can be installed in minutes.


Swimming pool fun

While a kids' pool party will involve any number of aquatic games, an adult party is generally more unstructured with plenty of opportunities for socializing freely. The pool - and a whirlpool, if available - will provide some distraction, and a loosely organized sexy swimsuit competition or belly flop contest can be fun diversions. Also consider providing some nice floaties for guests who just want to float and relax on the water.

Other fun activities to have available for your guests include:

  • Inflatable climbing wall - This 16-foot high inflatable climbing wall is a fun addition to a pool party, but at a cost of roughly $8000, it is not for everyone. Check with local rental companies to see if any are available in your area. For the safety of your guests, be sure to have a large enough pool to accommodate this item and follow all safety instructions.
  • Water-safe selfies - Plan to have phone covers and disposable water-safe cameras so guests can take plenty of selfies and photos in the pool without worrying about their electronics getting damaged. Set up a hashtag for your party and let guests post away on social media sites so all the guests can share their photos with one another.
  • Inflatable bull riding - This inflatable bull will bring hours of fun for you and your guests. Just inflate it, put it in the pool and allow your guests to take turns riding the bull as other guests try to dismount them.
  • Walking water ball - Your guests will look like hamsters in a ball in this inflatable walking water ball. For around $235 (includes shipping in the U.S.), you can delight your guests with this large ball that fits an adult and allows them to walk on water.

Games To Play

Just because the party is for adults, don't rule out playing games. Adults like to relax and be entertained. Volleyball and water basketball are easy games that can be available for interested guests without creating too competitive of an atmosphere. You can also adapt beach party games, like riffs on Survivor, to work at your backyard pool party, too.

If you're looking for games to play in the pool, consider picking up some fun yet unusual options to make things easy:

  • Inflatbable game table - Invite guests to play their favorite games, from poker to dominos, while relaxing in the pool with this floating game table (approx. $40).
  • Pool beer pong - Who can resist floating beer pong? This inflatable pool beer pong table (approx. $35) also includes a handy cooler to hold your drinks. It can be dangerous to mix alcohol with pools, so use a non-alcoholic drink with your beer pong game.
  • Pool joust set - Guests will love to compete against each other with this inflatable pool joust set. The set comes with two log rafts and two log bumpers for around $70.

Since the event is for adults only, consider having some wine tasting games set up near the food and drink area. The Aroma Game is especially easy to play at a laid back party by the pool. Award the winner with a wine bottle pool float to use the rest of the day!

Don't Forget The Music

Dancing At Pool Party

No party is complete without a mix of good party music. Keep the music in the background so guests can still talk and hear each other. Make a playlist in advance filled with your favorite summer tunes or just pick a station on the radio. Guests may want to bring some of their own music to play as well. If your party is themed, consider using music that fits the theme, like luau music or beach tunes from the 1970s.

Guests may want to dance and have cocktails poolside, so be sure to provide enough safe, dry space for these activities. Renting a dance floor from a local company is a great idea that will designate an area and keep guests away from the water.

Evening Festivities

Pool movie night party

When the sun starts to set, it's a good idea to have tiki torches, candles, and outdoor lighting around the pool area for safety. If you decide to hold an evening party, a bonfire (or fire in an outdoor fire pit) can be the perfect accompaniment to your festivities. Sitting around the fire telling stories can be a great way to end a fun-filled day. Another fun way to end the night is to set-up an outdoor movie that can be seen by guests while they are relaxing in the pool.

You might want to consider decorating your pool for an evening party as well. Here are some fun evening decorations and activities.

  • Floating LED glow balls - These remote controlled, LED lighted balls will create a festive look for your evening pool party.
  • Glow sticks - An easy way to create a fun atmosphere is to throw hand-fulls of glow sticks into the pool. Guests will enjoy the pretty glowing pool and can enjoy diving and swimming collecting the sticks.
  • Glowing fountain - Add this glowing fountain to your pool for a fun and festive look. This fountain projects light to the bottom and sides of the pool.

Fabulous Food Ideas

Great food makes a great party, and there are many options for fabulous pool party menu ideas.


Barbeques naturally accompany a pool party. There are many great food choices to consider. Some barbecuing essentials include:

  • barbeque
    Grilled vegetables - Slice up zucchini, peppers, onions, and eggplant and put them in a grilling basket for a delicious mix.
  • Shrimp kabobs - Grilled shrimp marry the water with the party.
  • Traditional meats - Bratwurst and burgers are easy and festive, while grilled steak works for a pool party with a more formal dinner.

Add some cold pasta salads, cut fresh fruit, and chips with easy dip to round out the menu.

Sweet Treats

When the weather is hot, cooling off with a refreshing dessert makes for the perfect party ending. Some sweet desserts to serve poolside include:

  • Pool party cake - Even adults enjoy a themed cake; plus it can double as decoration until you slice into it.
  • Ice candy - Make individual gourmet pops in flavors like strawberry, toffee, and avocado before the party and keep them cold in an ice-filled cooler.
  • Homemade gelato - Skip ice cream and enjoy homemade gelato in flavors like pistachio and hazelnut-chocolate.

Drinks and More

Summertime refreshment

Of course, drinks are a necessity for any summer party to keep guests hydrated. Alcoholic drinks can be delicious, particularly margaritas, pina coladas and other good party drinks.

Keep in mind that not all guests will be interested in alcohol. For those not wanting to partake in an alcoholic beverage serve options such as:

  • Fresh lemonade - You can purchase lemonade or consider squeezing your own so you can modify the amount of sugar that is added.
  • Punch - Punch is a party standard and can be an easy drink for the host or hostess to serve, as guests are able to refill their own glasses.
  • Iced tea - Iced tea is an inexpensive option that is also a popular party drink. You can also add sweetener to your iced tea to make the popular southern drink, Sweet Tea.
  • Tropical smoothies - Having a tropical theme party? These drinks will be the perfect addition to your celebration. Don't forget to include those cute, little umbrellas.
  • Chilled soda - Offer guests a nice mix of chilled soda options. Lemon-lime drinks are often popular, but also include cola and maybe some root beer.

What About the Kids?

While many adults will enjoy an adults-only party, parents may have difficulty attending if children are not invited. If the kids do come to a pool party, however, one or more adults will inevitably become the babysitter and lifeguard while the children monopolize the pool. To keep the event for adults only, the party host should be explicit in the invitations to ensure children do not tag along.

The party host could arrange for different kid-friendly entertainment while the adults enjoy the pool. Hiring a babysitter for several children is easy and economical, particularly if each party guest chips in for the payment.

Pool Party Safety

Adults can be injured in a pool just as easily as children, and all pool safety guidelines should be followed at an adult pool party.

  • Horseplay and reckless behavior should not be tolerated.
  • Alcohol intake should be carefully monitored and designated drivers assigned if necessary.
  • No glass dishes or bottles should be present in the pool area where guests will be in bare feet.
  • Always have first-aid kits and rescue equipment in the pool area.
  • Consider hiring a lifeguard or two to help protect guests. This is especially important if alcohol is being served.
  • Be sure to keep all electronics and electrical cords away from the pool to protect guests.
  • Remind guests to keep their cell phones away from the water and provide a safe, dry place for their personal items to be stored.

Adult Aquatic Fun

Pool parties a great way for friends to share a special occasion and cool off on a hot summer's day. With careful planning and coordination, an adults-only pool party will make a big splash on the social scene. And you can share the fun on your social media with these playful pool captions.

Adult Pool Party