Family Reunion T-Shirt Ideas

clip art shirt
Family clip art shirt

In addition to serving as a souvenir from your event, family reunion t-shirts give everyone a coordinated look when it's time for group photos. You can either make or purchase your family reunion shirts, depending upon what type of design you envision for the occasion.

DIY Family Reunion T-Shirts

The DIY approach is a good choice for smaller events or if you envision shirt making as part of your family reunion schedule of activities.

Family Clip Art T-Shirt

This family reunion shirt design is inspired by the popular stick family car decals. This shirt is easy to make before your family reunion, so everyone can have matching shirts for group photos.

family clip art
Click to download the clip art.


  • Clip art, at right, which is downloaded using Adobe
  • Image editing software
  • T-shirt transfer paper
  • Inkjet printer
  • Iron
  • Cotton t-shirt in a light color


  1. Use stick figure clip art to create a graphic that includes every member of your extended family. Make one row of your t-shirt design for each family.
  2. Add your family name and the year above or below your graphic.
  3. Print your graphic onto t-shirt transfer paper, such as Avery T-Shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers.
  4. Use an iron to transfer the design onto solid colored cotton t-shirts.

Handprint T-Shirt

A family handprint t-shirt is a fun group craft project that can be made at the reunion as well as a special keepsake.

hand print t-shirt



  1. Squirt a small amount of paint on each paper plate.
  2. Have family members stand in a line. Depending on the size of your family reunion, you can have everyone add their handprint to the shirt or make shirts with just certain family members represented.
  3. Ask each person to paint their hand with the color of their choice using the foam paint brush, then make a handprint on the t-shirt. You can make a random design or arrange the handprints in a shape such as a heart. Handprints can overlap slightly if needed.
  4. When the fabric paint is dry, use your fabric marker to write your family name and the date on your t-shirt.

Glue Resist Slogan T-Shirt

Use washable liquid school glue to create a resist design featuring a funny slogan. A resist design is made when the glue covers up part of the original fabric, thus creating a white spot where the dye would normally be. The glue washes out at the end of the project to reveal your slogan.

Resist shirts can be made before the family reunion or as part of the group activities, depending upon how much time you have available.


glue resist t-shirt


  1. Use the Elmer's glue to write "We put the FUN in Dysfunctional" or "Back 2Gether Again" on your shirt.
  2. Add your family name and the year below the saying.
  3. Use the blow dryer to dry your glue completely.
  4. Mix up your Rit Dye using room temperature water following the instructions on the package. Do not use hot water as this will melt the dried glue.
  5. Add your shirt to the bowl full of dye.
  6. Let shirt soak for 30 minutes to one hour, stirring regularly.
  7. Remove shirt from dye. Lay flat to dry.
  8. Wash your shirt in cool soapy water to remove the excess glue.

Purchasing Family Reunion T-Shirts

If you'd like to purchase your family reunion t-shirts instead of taking a DIY approach, here are some popular vendors to consider:

family reunion t-shirt
Family reunion t-shirt
  • Custom Ink: This site has different customizable family reunion t-shirt designs, including options for special events like a family cruise, chili cookoff, or sailing trip. Shirts come in sizes youth XS to adult 4XL.
  • Customized Girl: Visit this site to order customized "Keep Calm" and other themed shirts for your next family reunion. Shirts come in adult sizes S-3XL. To start qualifying for group discounts, you need to order just six identical shirts.
  • Class B: With over 289 different family reunion t-shirt designs for you to customize, this site has something for every type of celebration. They offer free shipping for orders over $50, a money-back guarantee, and a full range of sizes that includes infant, toddler, and baby t-shirts.
  • T-Shirt Cafe: Specializing in contemporary designs, this site features Christian inspirational designs, African-American designs, and designs paying tribute to your home state. Shirts start at just $6.99 and the selection includes both youth and adult sizes.

Celebrate In Style

If you're in charge of family reunion t-shirts, consider surveying family members ahead of time to find out what shirt sizes you need, what color preferences members have, and how much everyone is willing to spend. This will help you narrow down your t-shirt possibilities to find the design that is best suited for your needs.

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Family Reunion T-Shirt Ideas