24 Hello Kitty Party Ideas for a Cute Kitten Celebration

Celebrate your favorite kitten character with a Hello Kitty party that's as adorable and sweet as she is.

Published April 6, 2023

For your child's birthday bash or even your own exciting celebration, a Hello Kitty-themed party is cute, quirky, and nostalgic. These Hello Kitty party ideas are fun for kids and adults alike, and your guests will gush over the familiar character from childhood. A bit of creative planning gives you a party even Hello Kitty herself would love to attend.

Party in Pink


Make it pink! Pastel pink, to be specific. A Hello Kitty party must start with the character's signature color. Add a touch of soft sophistication by opting for a pretty pastel pink in your table settings, balloon displays, and general party decor. The lesson here: you just can't go wrong with pink.

Celebrate in Paris


So you don't need to go all the way to Paris to party, but you could bring Paris to your own home. Hello Kitty goes to Paris is a fun twist on the general party theme. Add a few Eiffel Tower motifs to your party plans, and your Hello Kitty party suddenly becomes a destination celebration. Hello Kitty French macarons are a must for this celebration!

Make Balloon Flowers


Cutesy and oh-so-adorable, just like Hello Kitty herself, a few balloon flowers will add a sweet touch to your celebration. Learn to make your own or purchase ready-made balloon daisies for simple assembly.

Bows, Bows, and More Bows


Hello Kitty would be unrecognizable without her signature bow. Whether red, pink, or covered in glitter, a few bows must be present at your Hello Kitty celebration. Use the motif for anything and everything, from your place settings and cups to your balloons and desserts. Kids can even play pin the bow on Hello Kitty!

Make Your Own Hello Kitty Cups


Making your own Hello Kitty party cups is unbelievably easy! Even if you have no artistic abilities, you can create your own Hello Kitty face on all your party cups with black and yellow markers. Starting with your paper cups of any color, use the black marker to draw simple whiskers and two vertical ovals as Hello Kitty's eyes. Draw one horizontal oval in the center for her nose and fill it in with the yellow marker. Voila! You have your very own Hello Kitty cups, and you can use this same technique on balloons, plates, and gift wrap.

Include All the Sanrio Characters


Hello Kitty is only one small part of a much bigger world. Sanrio is a Japanese company that produces and animates a long list of adorable characters. Include them in your Hello Kitty party celebration so that the whole Sanrio gang can party together. Hello Kitty loves to hang out with other popular Sanrio characters like Keroppi, Chococat, and My Melody.

Decorate With Tissue Paper Bows


Keep the bow theme going and add a few DIY decorations to the mix. These tissue paper bows look just like the one Hello Kitty wears, and since they are so easy to create, you can fill your party with the cute decoration.

Call It a Costume Party


For kids and adults alike, a Sanrio or Hello Kitty costume party is tons of fun. Encourage guests to dress as different versions of Hello Kitty - like Hello Kitty goes surfing or Hello Kitty becomes a cowgirl - or to just dress as their own take on the classic character. A Sanrio costume party would invite guests to dress as different characters from the adorable company and come together for one big cutesy party.

Go Big With Hello Kitty Decor


Make a big deal of your Hello Kitty party with bold and oversized party decorations. Large Hello Kitty lanterns, big balloon displays, and even a cutout of Hello Kitty herself will certainly capture the attention of your guests.

Hang Pink Streamer Tassels


Bring drama and glittering glamour to your Hello Kitty party. Bright, shiny streamer tassels set the stage for a bold and exciting celebration. You can even create the perfect photo backdrop for all the celebratory selfies your guests will take.

Use All the Girly Details


If you're celebrating a young girl or blossoming tween, break out all the glitter and bows. Sequins, tulle, and lace are simple party decorations that add a touch of feminine flair to your Hello Kitty party.

Designate a Dance Floor


Adults, teens, and even small kids love an opportunity to dance. Designate a dance floor area with your Hello Kitty decor, shine bright pink or red lights on the space, and choose a go-to play list that encourages guests to bust a move. If your guests are in costume, this party activity will be even more exciting.

Party With Pink Punch


Your guests will need some hydration after all that dancing, so be ready with a festive punch. Pink party punch is on point for your theme, and Hello Kitty herself would approve of the fancy beverage. Serve your punch with Hello Kitty shaped ice for an extra special nod to the famous character.

Appeal to Adults With Pink Cocktails


For parents of your tiny guests or for an all adult gathering, cocktails are a must. Serve pink-colored drinks to add a bit of extra fun to the celebration and help guests fully embrace the theme. Pink drinks served in Hello Kitty glasses would be even more exciting.

Pop Up Some Pink


Even simple party snack foods are extra fun and appetizing with a pop of color. Pop up some pink popcorn for your party guests, just don't be surprised when they devour every adorable bite. Serve your treat in Hello Kitty cups to stay on theme.

Make Hello Kitty-Approved Pizza


If you're whipping up some homemade pizzas for the party, take the extra step to craft simple Hello Kitty shapes with the dough. Whether you're prepping the pizza ahead of time or letting guests customize their toppings, this fun party detail will be a hit with partygoers of all ages.

Serve Adorable & Delectable Sandwiches


If you're keeping things light and just serving a few sandwich options for the party, there is a simple way to make the presentation fun for kids. Use a bow-shaped cookie cutter to create sandwiches that represent Hello Kitty. You can even use cookie cutters in the character's shape and add garnish on top of the sandwich to make the representation clear.

Treat Guests to Sushi


Hello Kitty would probably enjoy some quality sushi herself! A sushi party platter is a tasty way to celebrate the culture of Hello Kitty's origin while treating your guests to a party favorite. The Sanrio world even has its own lineup of Hello Kitty sushi recipes.

Stick to Classic Cupcakes


Cupcakes are a go-to for parties because everyone loves them and they are easy to serve to a crowd. You can customize even the most basic cupcakes with the right toppers to fit a party's theme. Add a few Hello Kitty toppers to your cupcakes and serve them on cute Hello Kitty plates to make a simple dessert feel extra special.

Create a Candy & Dessert Bar


A candy bar full of Hello Kitty inspired sweets or a dessert bar overflowing with treats that sport the character and her signature colors and motifs is the focal point of your party. Fill the table with pink desserts, Hello Kitty candies, and a selection of sweets that draw the attention of all your guests.

Shake Things Up


If your party is suited to an ice cream celebration, why not mix up some fun milkshakes? Serve pink milkshakes with fun toppings that kids, adults, and the entire Sanrio character lineup would love. Don't forget the pink sprinkles and a fun Hello Kitty treat on top of the shakes!

Make a Wish With Hello Kitty


You can't call it a Hello Kitty party if there isn't a Hello Kitty cake for the guest of honor. Try a simple piping technique to achieve the character's signature look. Use candy to create most of your Hello Kitty cake decorations. You can even make a classy layer cake that rivals the creations of a professional baker.

Send Guests Home With Sanrio Party Favors


After an adorable celebration and tons of yummy treats, send your guests home with a fun reminder of all the fun they had. Sweet Sanrio character plushies offer a fun keepsake for all the little ones on your guest list.

Give Guests a Parting Treat


Even with all the cake and fun at your celebration, partygoers might still need just a taste of something to satisfy their sweet tooth. Send them home with bakery style Hello Kitty cookies that are as yummy as they are adorable. Tuck your treats into a sweet party favor box featuring the beloved character.

Celebrate in Style With Hello Kitty


Bows, pink details, yummy desserts, and a few fun surprises make for an unforgettable Hello Kitt-themed celebration. Whether you're hoping to plan the perfect party for your child or just enjoy some nostalgia yourself, these Hello Kitty party tips will help you get there. Regardless of the number of candles on your cake, it's okay to invite Hello Kitty to help you celebrate.

24 Hello Kitty Party Ideas for a Cute Kitten Celebration