Where to Buy Civil War Replica Uniforms

Civil War Era Confederate Soldiers

If you participate in Civil War reenactments or plays, or you just have an affinity for the time period, you may want to invest in a Civil War replica uniform or costume. While not something that can be found at typical costume shops, there are places that specialize in uniforms for both the Union and the Confederates.

Where to Purchase

These shops specialize in either Civil War-era costumes and uniforms, or in military uniforms from all eras. Either way, they are sure to give you a quality product that looks authentic.

Fall Creek Suttlery

Fall Creek Suttlery of Whitestown, Indiana carries a wide assortment of different props, costumes, uniforms, tents and other Civil War replica memorabilia. They carry everything you need to reenact any Civil War scene, from boots, uniforms, gloves, muskets and props such as drums. They carry both Union and Confederate-style uniforms, as well as economy uniforms and uniforms for kids. Fall Creek Suttlery is also one of the places recommended by the reenactment group Company K for quality, period-authentic bayonets.

Shipping on all products is based on weight and distance; there is a minimum $11 dollar shipping charge on all items. Returns are accepted within 10 days, with prior authorization required. Custom uniforms and shoes are not returnable. Rush orders are on a case-by-case basis; call or email for availability of specific items before placing an order if you need it right away.

A couple items to check out include:

Economy Uniform
Economy Uniform
  • The Economy Uniforms for both Union and Confederate troops: These are lower cost uniforms made of wool and fully lined. They consist of a sack coat with trousers and hat and are available in sizes 30 to 56 for pants and 38R to 56T for jackets. Some sizes are in stock; check availability before ordering. Anything not in stock will take 2 to 3 weeks to ship. The uniforms retail starting at $235, with additional charges for the larger sizes and custom alternations.
  • The Boys Trousers, part of the kids' uniform sets: The trousers come in sizes 8 to 18 and come in several colors depending upon whether you purchase Union or Confederate. The trousers are made of wool and are unlined; it is recommended you purchase a pair of cotton drawers to wear beneath them. The trousers take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery and retail for $74.

C & D Jarnagin Co. Inc.

C & D Jarnagin Co. Inc. of Corinth, Missouri carries a wide selection of military uniforms and memorabilia from several historic wars, including the Civil War. They sell a full line of items for both the Federal and Confederate armies, including leather accouterments and uniforms, and tinware and civilian items for men and women. C & D Jarnagin Co. Inc. is one of the preferred Sutlers for the 44th Indiana Volunteer Infantry reenactment, with their sack and frock coats as well as their overcoats, suspenders, shirts and drawers.

Some items are in stock, although they recommend that you allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of most items, unless you call ahead to confirm availability. Items are shipped either UPS or Fed-Ex, and rates are quoted upon purchase. They will replace or repair any defective item returned within a year, provided a copy of the original invoice is included.

A couple of items to consider include:

Federal Fatigue Blouse (4 Button Sack Coat)
4 Button Sack Coat
  • The Federal Fatigue Blouse, also known as the 4 Button Sack Coat: This is a wool flannel coat based on information at the Smithsonian and comes in dark blue. The coat is available in sizes 36 to 50 and pricing starts at $145. It's item #800 and can be found by choosing the Federal option from the main page and selecting Coats & Vests under the Federal Enlisted options on the left side of the screen.
  • The Confederate Officer Uniforms, which are custom uniforms you can put together from a range of different options: Choose from shell jackets or frock coats, foot trousers or mounted trousers and either a forage cap or kepi. All officer uniforms are made to order; pricing is quoted based upon size and options selected. Call for a quote. Select Confederate from their main page and then Confederate Officer Uniforms from the options on the left side of the screen to learn more.

C&C Sutlery

C&C Sutlery of Emmett, Idaho specializes in Civil War uniforms, clothing and memorabilia. They carry uniforms, as well as civilian clothing for both men and women. They also carry props and accessories necessary to stage a realistic reenactment. The 1st New Mexico Volunteer Infantry Company A recommends C&C Sutlery as a place to purchase uniforms, praising their quality of work and historical accuracy.

Co-owner Ellen Knapp says, "We now have a line of budget friendly clothing in stock and ready to ship. This is high quality import clothing we have vetted and continue to improve with our manufacturer. We are one of the few sutlers with a full line of cavalry gear made in the USA. We are one of the few sutlers that ship international."

A couple of items to consider include:

General George Pickett Frock Coat
General George Pickett Frock Coat
  • The Uniforms of Famous Confederates, which include the uniform coats of Generals Lee and Pickett and officers Mosby and Keitt: The coats include insignia, decorations and other items personal to the officer after which they are modeled. The coats start at $225.
  • The Union Enlisted Shell Jackets, which include the various jackets of all enlisted men, including the Cavalry, Dragoon, Infantry, Militia and Mounted Services: The jackets are each embellished with specific colors and insignia to the class after which they are modeled. The jackets start at $70.

Military Uniform Supply

Military Uniform Supply carries military clothing and uniforms from several historical eras and wars, including the Civil War. They carry uniforms and accessories for both Union and Confederate in both mens and kids sizes. They also offer patches, insignias, buttons and authentic artifacts from the Civil War.

Most items are in stock and ship within 24 hours of purchase. Shipping charges begin at $5.95 for orders under $15 and are based upon the size of your order. Returns or exchanges can be done within 30 days with a copy of the original invoice. Reviews on their Facebook page recommend Military Uniform Supply for their excellent quality, pricing and customer service.

A couple of items to consider include:

Civil War C.S.A. Butternut Shell Jacket
Confederate Butternut Shell Jacket
  • The Federal Recruit Uniform Package, which includes all items needed to put together a Union uniform: Included in the package are, coat, trousers, shirt, suspenders, cap and belt. Each item is sized separately with coats ranging in size from 38 to 54 and pants ranging in size from 32 to 54. Each package retails for $195.
  • The Confederate Butternut Shell Jacket, which is a seven button wool jacket with a cotton lining: The jacket has a standup collar and a rich, golden brown color. It comes in sizes 32 to 54 and retails starting at $55.

Show Your Colors

With so many choices for realistic and authentic Civil War, you'll have no trouble finding the exact components you need to complete you reenactment. Shop for your Union or Confederate costume today and get ready to show your colors on the battlefield.

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Where to Buy Civil War Replica Uniforms