Feng Shui Ideas for Improving Fertility

Updated May 5, 2019
Quan Yin, goddess grants children to childless couples.

Feng shui for fertility focuses on activating certain chi energies associated with birth and abundance. The following ideas may help you engage feng shui to create auspicious energy for fertility.

Follow Basic Feng Shui Rules

Feng shui can improve chi flow in your home to make the energy more auspicious for fertility. Once you're certain there aren't any health-related issues causing your infertility, you need to assess your home. Use a checklist to make sure the chi energy isn't stifled, blocked, or out of balance. You can do a quick checklist of your home's chi. These are basic and simple feng shui rules you should be following.

Maximize Chi Flow

  • Make sure doors or windows aren't blocked. Chi should move through your house without bumping into barriers or blockades such as misplaced objects, boxes, or furniture.
  • Poison arrows must be cured with multi-faceted crystals or plants (no plants in bedroom).
  • Remove all obstructions blocking the front door.
  • Make sure the main entrance to your home is well lit.

Clean and Declutter

  • All rooms free of clutter
  • House clean and regular cleaning schedule maintained
  • No dishes allowed to pile up in the sink
  • Windows clean inside and outside

Maintain Household Items in Good Condition

  • All sinks, tubs, toilets clean and in good working condition
  • All light bulbs work and those burned out replaced
  • All equipment works
  • Plants healthy and cared for regularly

Breaking a Feng Shui Rule to Help Fertility

Your bedroom needs to be given the utmost attention in preparation of conception. You need to first clear everything out from underneath your bed. Don't store anything there. It may surprise you to learn one of the feng shui rules now needs to be broken. Once you've done an initial cleaning underneath your bed, don't touch it until after the baby is born. If you sweep underneath your bed once you activate the fertility energy, then you'll be discarding all of the positive and helpful chi you've attracted. By breaking this standard feng shui rule, you ensure the lucky fertility energy remains to provide good health for you and your baby.

Activate Descendant's Luck

Descendant's luck is another term used for the fertility energy that resides in West. The husband is considered responsible for activating this energy. It may take some rearranging of your home in order to activate this lucky energy since the woman needs to sleep with her head pointed in the man's Nien Yen (love) direction. This is determined by the man's kua number.

Kua number and Nien Yen (love) direction:

  • 1 North
  • 2 Southwest
  • 3 East
  • 4 Southeast
  • 5 Southwest
  • 6 Northwest
  • 7 West
  • 8 Northeast
  • 9 South

Keep feng shui rules and principles about doorways and windows and apply necessary cures.

Use Pomegranates

Pomegranates symbolize fertility. You can use a pair of pictures of pomegranates in the bedroom to help draw the energy. A painting of the fruit sliced open to reveal the abundant red seeds is very auspicious. You can also place a bowl of ripe pomegranates in the bedroom. Be sure to exchange the fruit regularly so it stays fresh.

Pomegranate seeds in shell

Use Other Fruits

You can use other fruits instead of pomegranates. Hang a photo or painting of an apple orchard or orange grove over your bed. Since fruit is a symbol of fertility, an orchard depicts abundance.

Place Fertility Symbols

You can place some of these fertility symbols throughout your home to help draw beneficial chi inside. In addition to your bedroom, activate the west sector of your home by placing a few symbols in those rooms.

Three Most Recognized Fertility Symbols

These fertility symbols may make you smile because they seem cliché. The association with reproduction, babies and fertility serves to reinforce the energy each one attracts into your home and your life

  • Rabbit
  • Stork
  • Elephant

More Objects of Fertility

There are other symbols you can use to attract fertility energies.

Red Paper Lanterns

  • Suspended over bedside nightstands
  • Hang in West corner of bedroom

Rose quartz

  • Display a piece of rose quartz
  • Wear a strand of rose quartz beads
  • Carry a small polished rose quartz in your purse or pocket
  • Place a rose quartz crystal tree in your bedroom

Quan Yin

The Chinese goddess of mercy is also called mother goddess. She grants children to childless couples. (Don't place deities in bedrooms. It's considered disrespectful.)


  • Place bowls of fresh fruit in west sector of home and bedroom
  • Hang photos or paintings in the bedroom and west sector
  • Plant several fruit trees in West sector of yard


  • Place pair of statues on man's bedside table
  • Hang two dragon paintings over man's bedside table

Helpful Hints

There are many ways you can display various fertility symbols. Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Group symbols together in pairs to represent the union of man and woman with the ultimate creation of a new life. You can pair up the auspicious mandarin ducks that symbolize a happy marriage. Two pictures of fish or fruit trees will also activate fertility energies.
  • Place a pair of paintings of children on the west wall (direction of children).
  • Don't forget to include a pair of trumpeting elephants near the door opening into your bedroom. Hang a picture of a pair of elephants facing into the room with their trunks raised as though announcing the arrival of your child.

Enhance the Children's Sector of Your Home

This is an area to which you'll need to pay close attention. Emphasize and activate this area by using some of the same symbols already discussed. One great technique is to place nine metal frames of children on the west wall of the west sector of your home (also the west wall of your bedroom). These can be small frames on a table or larger ones hung on the wall. Once your child is born, replace the photos with those of your baby to draw the protective energies to assure good health and happiness for your child.

Be Selective - Don't Include Everything

While you may be tempted to use all of the suggestions mentioned, remember that balance is the key to proper feng shui application. You need to be very conscientious about achieving this balance when working with feng shui for fertility.

Feng Shui Ideas for Improving Fertility