Leo Woman Sun Sign Personality Traits

Woman with a lion

A woman with a Leo sun sign is easy to recognize in a crowd. She's the one that will appear to be holding court and have the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand, especially the men. Leo women have many typical traits associated with this sun sign.

Turn the Spotlight on a Leo Woman

A Leo woman sun sign is a natural stage queen. She is most at home when performing in front of an audience whether it's in the theater or at work. It doesn't matter which profession she pursues; she is always in center stage bowing to the applause and accolades. This is one woman who knows how to get what she wants, and she is never disappointed when she over reaches. Nothing is impossible to a Leo woman.

She's an Entertainer

The female Lion is sophisticated and has finely-tuned tastes. Anyone who knows a Leo will tell you that this is one sun sign that truly enjoys the good life and loves to entertain friends. Some people might view it as showing off, but to Leo, she's just in her element and playing out the dramatic role of her zodiac sign.

She's Stylish

Leo knows how to wear clothes and always selects the perfect outfit for the occasion. She may spend a little too much money on a pair of shoes, but once you see how donning those slippers transforms her into a regal siren, you'll agree it was worth the extra bucks.

She's Well Put Together

A Leo woman sun sign will never run out of the house without her hair and makeup being perfect. Of course, whatever she wears, jeans or dress, she'll look impeccable. It doesn't matter if she's going to the grocery store or attending a high-power meeting; she's ready for the paparazzi to snap her photo. Her motto is that she never knows who she might run into while out buying milk and eggs, so she must look her very best.

Bruising a Leo Woman's Ego

While Leo does have an ego, she's not like Aries demanding she is always number one. She may expect it, but she's never going to say it. Leo's ego is tender, and she wears her heart on her sleeve so be careful with her. She does bruise easily and rarely forgets who hurt her feelings.

She's Kind and Just

She'll forgive because it's the decent thing to do and only fair. Leo is always a fair queen of the jungle and knows how to treat her subjects with kindness and justice. Just don't expect her to take off her crown and join the party because she is the party.

But She's Quick to Show Her Displeasure

Don't forget that either, or you'll suffer her wrath. It's a subtle wrath, but you won't have any doubt that you have displeased the queen. If you want to make it up to her then grovel, but do so with finesse. Give her expensive chocolates and treat her to a day at her favorite spa where she can be pampered like the royalty she is.

Leo Is an Art Lover

Leo loves the arts and is quite knowledgeable about the technical aspects of most artforms. Even though she's an art connoisseur, Leo is more focused on how art moves her and how it makes her feel. Her appreciation for objects of beauty leads her to possess a nice collection of various art pieces from sculptures to canvas paintings. You won't find a print or a copy in her home; everything must be original and one-of-a-kind.

Leo Women Love Love

Leo enjoys being romanced. She has a keen appreciation for the art of love-making and sensual pleasures. She has spent a great deal of time learning all of the nuances and various techniques to heighten the experience for herself and her lover.

The Female Lion Has Passion and Fire

A Leo woman is all passion and fire. She can't help it; after all, Leo is a fire sign. This woman will keep you guessing as she comes up with a new way to turn up the romance in your relationship. That passion and fire can also mean a temper, so you may need to brush up on your ducking skills for that inevitable moment when a vase is hurled toward you. Leo will quickly get over her anger or outrage, and life will return to normal. You just need to learn to cope with the mood swings and understand the fiery nature of this sun. Some Leos have other aspects in their charts that prevent this type of angry display, while others may simply learn to master the natural tendency for drama.

Living With a Leo Woman Sun Sign

Learning to live with a Leo woman is a skill set all its own, but other fire signs such as Aries and Sagittarius are usually up for the challenge. Air signs, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra can make great matches for Leo since fire cannot exist without air. Gemini especially knows how to fan the flames of a fire and keep life interesting. One thing is for certain when it comes to a lifetime with a Leo woman, you'll never be bored.

Leo Woman Sun Sign Personality Traits