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Planning tools are great for everyday activities and chores or planning a large event. Make the most of your time and get organized with these versatile checklists. Click on each checklist image to download and print. For troubleshooting tips and tricks, use the Adobe guide.

Progressive Checklist

A progressive checklist allows you to keep track of your progress on tasks with a check box indicating you have started the task and another to check when you complete the task. With nearly twenty lines, this checklist includes a space for your task, the date and your two progress check boxes.

Blank Progressive Checklist
Progressive checklist

Suggestions for Use

This progressive checklist is perfect for home or work when you have multistep projects.

  • Keep track of email exchanges by writing the subject on the task line then checking the "in progress" box when you send the email. Once you receive a response you can mark off the "complete" box.
  • Monitor progress on thank you or holiday cards by writing each recipient on the task line and marking the boxes when you start writing, address the envelope or mail the card.
  • Use the checklist to make note of large home organization projects like cleaning the garage or your closet.
  • Keep track of progress on reports or research papers as a reminder of which have been started and which are finished.

Planning Checklist

Keep your long-term and short-term goals all in one place with this planning checklist. Four sections allow you to pencil in tasks or activities for the day, week, month, and year on the same page. Keep tabs on up to ten items for each of the four categories.

Blank Planning Checklist
Planning checklist

Suggestions for Use

As you plan your day or week, you may come across thoughts about things you'll need to remember in a few months. A planning checklist offers a place to write down all these reminders.

  • Keep track of group meetings or events and check off each one after it's over.
  • Monitor personal goals for the year in small steps to make them more approachable.
  • Plan out meals and snacks for today then jot down ideas for the future to ensure variety. Use the monthly and annual sections to keep track of dining out habits.
  • Track business goals for the year using these categories as a rough timeline.

Shopping Checklist

Make shopping trips efficient with this checklist designed to help you manage needs and wants. Each section includes 14 lines for you to track how many of each item you need.

Blank Shopping Checklist
Shopping checklist

Suggestions for Use

Start by writing your budget for the trip at the top of the checklist. Once you've checked off all your needs, you'll be able to see how much money you have left for wants.

  • Make school shopping a breeze when you write in the needs for your child and allow them to fill in their wants.
  • Organize your grocery list to make sure the basics are covered before other items.
  • Take inventory for events, crafts or business supplies.
  • Keep track of upcoming activities to see which you'll have time to attend.

Task Checklist With Steps

Keep large or multistep projects organized with this task checklist. You can manage up to six tasks on one page, each with up to five steps.

Blank Task Checklist
Task checklist with steps

Suggestions for Use

Projects or tasks that require several steps for completion are tough to organize. Keep track of your progress every step of the way for large or small activities like:

  • Home repair projects
  • Household chores
  • Party or event planning
  • Presentation preparations
  • Meal planning and prep
  • Craft projects

Agenda Checklist

This agenda-style checklist is set up to cover any five categories you choose. With over ten lines per category you can keep track of over 50 tasks on one sheet.

Blank Agenda Checklist
Agenda checklist

Suggestions for Use

The five blank spaces for categories in this checklist allow you to customize each page for a variety of subjects like:

  • Days of the week
  • Upcoming months
  • Five-year plan
  • Five senses
  • Each family member

The Tools For the Job

Organizational tools like checklists help you collect your thoughts and monitor progress on tasks and activities in your personal or professional life. These blank checklists fit a variety of needs and allow you to customize each one for specific occasions.

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Free Printable Checklist Templates